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 Nov 02, 2021 2020-2021 Graduate 
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Contact Information

College: behavior & ar SciencesContact Information:

The Ph.D. In behavioral & ar Sciences is an interdisciplinary major focusing ~ above research and policy in the area of behavior health and also community sciences. Behavioral and Community Sciences describes the breakthrough and review of services and interventions the promote resiliency and also social well-being for at-risk populations and addresses these problems within the context of ar settings.

Major research study Areas: problem Abuse & Co-Occurring Disorders; neighborhood Based behavioral Health equipment & Services; kid & Adolescent behavioral Health; behavioral Health, Law, and also the justice System; behavioral Health Disparities;Positive behavior Intervention & Support.; disability & Rehabilitation research & POlicy; and also Language and also Literacy Assessment and also Intervention.

Admission Information

Must satisfy University Admission and also English capability requirements and requirements for admission to the major, detailed below. 

To be given full consideration for gaue won assistance, students should apply by December 15 for admission for the loss semester. 

A bachelor’s GPA of 3.50 or greater based top top a 4.00 grading scale.  The completed level must it is in in a field related come behavioral and community sciences, e.g., behavior healthcare, person services, human development, psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, public health, society work, counseling education, education.GRE with a desired  minimum of verbal - 150 (50th percentile), Quantitative- 147 (30th percentile), and Analytical composing - 4.0 (50th percentile). Return students who have completed a master’s level are not required to submit GRE scores, every students are encouraged to send GRE scores due to the fact that they are thought about in applications for fellowship, scholarship, and assistantship opportunities.Students who perform not satisfy the minimum criteria might be admitted based on solid records reflect by other aspects of your applications (GPA, letter of Recommendation, writing Samples, and also prior study experiences).Evidence that written/analytical skills which will certainly take two-forms:A writing sample, such as a major paper, thesis, or research paper of i m sorry the student is the sole author, andA personal goal statement of 2-3 pages that defines why you desire to attain the Ph.D. In behavioral & community Sciences. Applicants are expected to interact with potential advisors to find a good match for one’s research study training. The personal statement should cover: exactly how the degree will help you in achieve your professional goals; unique qualities, life experiences, and also knowledge regarded the field; obstacles overcome to accomplish your educational goals hence far; obstacles the may an obstacle you in pursuing a graduate degree; her research and also teaching goals; and the professor you would choose to job-related with and also why. Two formal letter of reference from faculty members or other expert personnel who have knowledge the the applicant’s scholastic background, potential because that success in graduate school, and/or commitment come a research career. Applicants with a master’s degree: Transcripts native the master’s degree will be evaluate to recognize coursework that will certainly be applicable toward the 90 hrs of credit forced for the doctoral major

Prior to applying for the major, applicants are urged to call faculty through whom they would choose to study and discuss the fit between the student’s area of research study interest and also the faculty member’s study focus.

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Curriculum Requirements

Total Minimum hrs - 90 (Post-Bachelor’s)

Core requirements - 9 credit hoursAdditional forced courses - 6 credit transaction hoursResearch/statistics structure courses - 6 credit transaction hoursAdvanced research courses - 12 credit hoursDidactic process in behavior & community sciences - 18 credit hoursSpecialization process - 9 credit hoursDirected research study - 18 credit transaction hoursDissertation - 12 credit transaction hours