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Our local Craigslist had actually a listing number of months ago, in which the lister had easily accessible a huge number that 12\" x 70\" mobile residences which he was willing to drop off for free.....but a nominal distribution fee would be charged. It sound intriguing, but at the time, i didn\"t have the \"nominal fee\", or the time, nor the inclination. Fast front to the present. Brand-new ad states that he\"ll now lug them out to friend FOR totally free period!!! No delivery fee either!!! So, quiet don\"t have actually the money, (which is now, no much longer a problem), and also the time.....well, there is never enough of that either, and also the inclination.....well, that just became a little stronger as he finally phoned me yesterday morning and also let me understand that he has actually one coming out today!!!The main reason I\"m interested is the the house that we\"ve been structure for the previous 12 yrs., is needing a mix covered carport/balcony porch the comes turn off the east side of the house and also goes down an lean graveled pathway come the road. A girlfriend who has actually helped job-related on this house and also knows it well and also my financial situation, has suggested that the best/cheapest way to help accomplish this task, would be to gain an old trailer frame and also use the to form the basic support structure for the decking. So that is whereby that idea sprang from. There is one 8\" stole I-beam the extends throughout the 24\" width of the house and is flush and also visible come the outside. Over it, rests a 2\" x 12\" plank that forms the box ends because that the joists. And above that extends a complete two story house. My question is: Is this a an excellent idea? will certainly it administer the essential support for a porch/covered deck? If so, then what suggestions/equipment would certainly I require to gain it up and fastened come the house? There space two glass sliders the look the end from this next of the house and also would be offered for entrance/egress to this deck. What other modifications/bracing should be done to stop structural collaspe or failure must a large party that merrymakers be assembled upon it, at some point in the future? The broad of the house, as already mentioned is 24\", however swings approximately to a spanned porch area that the residence that would be one more 12\" in the exact same plane; in various other words from point A to point B, the complete distance would certainly be 36\". Because the trailer is 70\" long, cutting it down to size shouldn\"t it is in a problem, yet will the 12\" broad be sufficient to make a carport/deck or need to I get an additional trailer and also attach it together the first? any type of ideas would certainly be appreciated. The it is provided of trailers at this point, shows up inexhaustible and also I\"m currently also pondering if they could be offered as possible bridges to get across portions of my wet/marshy land. Again, suggestions/ideas? there is one ar that would certainly be very helpful to have actually a leg to, however I\"m at a loss regarding how to also get it into that location brief of acquisition a dozer to reduced a course with and also then dragging that there with it! practically forgot to mention, that these are complete mobile homes that the owners have either walked away from and the trailer park owners want them out, or are simply older than the park permits on the grounds. The sides/roof, ect. Need to be removed and also disposed of by the \"new\" owners. No problem there, however anyone v previous experience that can provide me some an useful pointers or time savers in this area; it would definitely be appreciated.Also, we might not be able to get the undamaged trailer increase this driveway, as the entrance is quite narrow and the roadway does not really wide shoulders and if that did somehow manage to gain it in the drive, he could not have the ability to get the unhooked and also have sufficient room to get back out. The edges on the main roadway, extend just sufficient on either side, prior to going into a swamp or creek. Therefore, us may have to park the trailer somewhere else on my building or a neighbors and also work there is no power tools as there is no adjacent electricity. After it is stripped down and also cut come size, we need to then have the ability to get it ago up the key driveway.

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