We’re being asked whichspeciesis themost stable. Because that this, we require to determine the shortcut order because that each species. Thebond ordertells us thestability of a bond:a greater bond order means the link is more stable.

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Step 1:Calculate the total variety of valence electrons present.

Step 2:Draw the molecular orbit diagram.

Step 3:Calculate the shortcut order of the molecule/ion. Recall that the formula forbond orderis:

Bond Order=12<# of e- in MO-# of e- in antibonding MO>

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Use molecular orbital theory to complete this table BY filling FLANKS, 0,1,2,3, or 4

NF = (δ1s) ___(δ1s*) ___(δ2s) ___(δ2s*) ___(π2p)___ (δ2p) ___(π2p*) Bonding order=

NF+ = (δ1s) ___(δ1s*) ___(δ2s) ___(δ2s*) ___(π2p)___ (δ2p) ___(π2p*) Bonding order=

NF- = (δ1s) ___(δ1s*) ___(δ2s) ___(δ2s*) ___(π2p)___ (δ2p) ___(π2p*) Bonding order=

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