“You can fool several of the people all of the time, and every one of the human being some of the time, yet you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” — Falsely attributed come Abraham Lincoln as soon as I …

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“You deserve to fool some of the people all of the time, and every one of the world some that the time, however you can’t fool every one of the people every one of the time.” — Falsely attributed to Abraham Lincoln

When i researched this renowned quote, I discovered some interesting facts, great insights around its origin, and also who may have uttered some version of this for the very very first time. Up until this week, i had always attributed this quote to our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.

With enhanced frequency, it appears that countless of us these days room finding out that us may have actually been fooled or misinformed around lots of points over the years. Maybe also in really recent history. Perhaps also today. If we check out it, it must be true. If we review it, it need to be fact. If us hear that from a trusted source, it need to be indisputable. If it appears on society media, there have to be no doubt about its authenticity.

“Never allow the truth get in the way of a an excellent story” — Falsely attributed to mark Twain

Sadly, plenty of of us now filter every little thing we see, hear, read, or experience through the lens of perhaps being duped. Our trusted resources are no longer trustworthy. Opinions have come to be facts. And also no much longer is it simply the reputed famously necessary politicians, celebrities, athletes, and others who previously organized the title of influencer, the is anyone and also everyone propagating misinformation or disinformation to more an agenda or activity whether the agenda or action is great or evil.

It supplied to be the we might easily discern the difference between the great guys and also the bad guys. Books, TV shows, comic books, movies, and also plays all clearly depicted good versus evil, best versus wrong, up matches down, and nighttime versus daytime. Today we count on posts, memes, ads, apps, and ads on apps to administer that same guidance. The legitimacy the what is being said and also received has every little thing to execute with priority and agenda propagation and also nothing to carry out with reality. The validity that what us see, hear, read, or experience is identified by ours threshold of expect or fear in that really moment.

Somewhere along the method I heard this one, “The difficulty with quotes on the internet is the it is tough to validate their authenticity.” — Abraham Lincoln (Anonymous). Think about that one for a minute. As a society, just how funny have we become? and it’s not just ha-ha funny, as there space some tremendously amazing comedians amongst us, but it is likewise strange funny through stories for this reason outrageous that we just could be led to believe that Abraham Lincoln yes, really did make a quote around the internet.

The point is this, the horse has actually left the barn, the train has left the station, and also there is a good chance the neither equine nor train is ever coming earlier to the barn or the station. Because that those of you acquainted with my column you may be questioning yourself, “What pessimist composed this trash and what walk you carry out with my forever optimist?” Well, remain with me because here the comes.

You already know everything you should know around right and also wrong, an excellent and evil, up and also down, and night and day. No one must tell girlfriend the sun rises in the east and also sets in the west. Girlfriend don’t have to “log in” come “be in” the know, you currently know. The only two things you really need are currently within you, and they are roughly 18 customs apart. The is the distance between your heart and your head. All you should do is connect the dots.

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Are girlfriend letting other’s truths get in the means of her real-world story? Is your desire come live in hope higher than your tolerance for fear? I would certainly love to hear her story at mnorton
tramazing.com. And when we deserve to learn come discern the truth, connecting the last few inches in between our heart and also our head, that really will certainly be a better than great year.

Michael Norton is the grateful CEO that Tramazing.com, a personal and professional coach, and a consultant, trainer, encourager, and also motivator come businesses of all sizes.