Sometimes a weed eater will certainly start, and also idle simply fine, however when you give it gas, it dies. This is often a sign that the engine is struggling to acquire enough quantities of either fuel or air. This short article will provide you some basic locations to inspect and also explain the reasons why your little engine may be having actually trouble.

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Why does my weed eater die once offering it gas? The many prevalent causes of a weed eater dying when throttled are fuel concerns, inadequate air intake, or difficulties with the exhaust. You need to follow the route that the fuel travels to determine the problem.

Keep in mind that if your weed eater isn’t founding at all, that could be a various set of problems so be sure to read Gas Weed Eater Won’t Start: Causes and Steps to Troubleshoot.

Let’s get started through the troubleshooting process so that you can get back to your yard work.

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Fuel Issues


When it pertains to gas-powered weed eaters, the problem regularly lies via the high quality and also flow of fuel.

Let’s address the noticeable initially and also obtain it out of the method.

First, make certain you have enough gas in the tank. I understand, I know… it seems ridiculous. But we’ve all had that minute of frustration just to realize the tank had actually nothing but fumes. So examine this.

If the tank has actually plenty of fuel, be sure the primer bulb is filling correctly before you begin the engine. Sometimes we forgain to perform this in the midst of functioning. Blame it on the heat!

And those primer bulbs tfinish to dry-rot and also crack over time so make certain it’s not sucking in air once you depress it.

It’s additionally possible that the form or mixture of fuel you are making use of has actually led to an worry. Kcurrently this: Bad gas will certainly periodically enable a weed eater to start but when you try to rev the throttle, it dies.

As a dominion, I strongly recommfinish utilizing ethanol-complimentary gas in your weed eater. Many manufacturers permit for approximately 10% ethanol however it’s not worth the danger. Ethanol have the right to really mess up a tiny engine.

Your finest bet is to opt for a pre-mixed fuel favor Husqvarna XP (connect to Amazon). It’s ethanol-complimentary, has a high octane rating, and also has a much much longer shelf life than a homemade fuel mix.

Commercial pre-blended fuel additionally has actually the correct levels of fuel stabilizers and assures an exact gas-to-oil proportion for optimal small engine performance.

Fuel Filter

If you have actually been making use of a less-optimal fuel, it’s worth checking your fuel filter.

When a weed eater starts okay but dies once throttled, it regularly suggests that tright here is restricted fuel flow. A fuel filter have the right to gain clogged via impurities to a allude that it allows a small amount of fuel with (enough for beginning and also even idling) however won’t let it via at a rate adequate to rev up.

It’s worth checking this and cleaning the filter (or replacing it given that they are so inexpensive). And if you carry out mix your very own, make sure your two-stroke oil hasn’t gone poor. It doesn’t last forever before prefer human being think it does.

Air Filter

When the fuel has actually passed through the fuel filter, it enters the carburetor wbelow it’s mixed through air. If your air filter is clogged, it will literally suffocate the engine once you rev the throttle.

Depfinishing on your design, it’s typically simply a matter of turning a plastic knob or unscrewing a solitary screw to rerelocate the air filter cover and also get accessibility. Clean it or relocation it depending on the kind of filter it is. They are pretty cheap.

Checking the Carburetor

A carburetor is a component in gasoline engines. It ensures air and also fuel work together to begin a burning engine. It is likewise one of the the majority of frustrating parts of a tiny engine and also a big reason that I’ve been seriously considering the benefits of moving to electric yard devices.

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Although it’s a reasonably basic system, tbelow are a number of things that deserve to go wrong via a carburetor. However before, considering that your weed eater is founding and only dies as soon as giving it gas, that does help us to slim dvery own the potential worries a tiny.


Now, the evident problem that you should inspect prior to we gain technical is whether or not your carburetor is clogged. I’ve had excellent success with SeaFoam motor treatment (attach to Amazon).

However, tright here are plenty of carburetor cleaning alternatives on the industry. The essential point to remember is to make certain the carb isn’t clogged prior to proceeding right into the next, even more technical actions.

Let’s look at these areas of your carburetor:

The Idle SpeedThe DiaphragmThe Metering Diaphragm

These are the the majority of widespread culprits of a carburetor as soon as a weed eater starts but stalls when throttling.

If you want to check out this visually, Home Garage has an terrific walk-via video on YouTube that takes you with a lot of what we are going to cover:

1. The Idle Speed

Taking apart a carburetor on a weed eater deserve to feel a small intimidating but it’s actually really simple; you will only require a screwdriver. The problem is through the gaskets. It’s generally finest to purchase a carburetor reconstruct kit prior to starting.

The first point to perform is to test the current idle rate of the weed eater. Due to the fact that the engine transforms off soon after beginning your weed eater, the idle rate might simply be as well sluggish.Find the screw to readjust the idle speed. This is commonly behind the air filter, but if you have trouble locating it, consult your user hands-on.Adsimply the screw making use of only ¼ turns prior to trying to start the trimmer aobtain. This will certainly ensure thostormy troubleshooting.

If the weed eater starts up without concern and stays on once you rev the throttle, you have actually solved the difficulty.

On the other hand, if your trimmer starts up, however the engine sounds erratic, you need to take acomponent the carburetor to investigate even more. Be certain you drainpipe any kind of fuel from the tank to proccasion leaking in later on steps!

2. The Diaphragm

Inside one side of the carburetor, tbelow is a diaphragm–a little plastic item with tiny flaps–which is what we will emphasis on in the time of this component of the troubleshooting procedure.

If the flaps of the diaphragm are bent or worn out, you have the right to rearea these conveniently. You have the right to find the specifications for the diaphragm repair kit in the user hand-operated. Remember you deserve to additionally uncover user manuals on the manufacturer’s website in many type of cases!

You have the right to uncover carburetor repair kits (connect to Amazon) that encompass diaphragms in hardware stores or dealer business centers as well as online marketplaces. Just search for the make and also design you need.

These diaphragms are basic to relocation yourself. Sindicate location the diaphragm level in the little recess of the carburetor and also reassemble the device through the screws you took out previously.

If this doesn’t remedy your problem, be certain to check out the various other side of the carburetor, which we will certainly cover following.

3. The Metering Diaphragm

On the opposite side of the carburetor, tbelow is an additional collection of screws. Unscrew them to assess the problem of the metering diaphragm. This component helps control engine speed and also must be the consistency of a cotton T-shirt.

This video from The Repair Specialist is an excellent illustration of the attribute of the metering diaphragm:

If you discover the metering diaphragm is worn out–or even worn via entirely–it will certainly have to be replaced. Once you are done, reassemble the carburetor and also test your weed eater.

Clogged Exhaust

This is one of those overlooked locations that make you slap your forehead once you think of it. We tfinish to emphasis so a lot on the fuel and also air coming in that we forget the opportunity that the trouble may be through the air gaining out.

I ran across this YouTube video on clogged exhaust problems last fall once a friend and also I were functioning on his weed eater and also couldn’t uncover the concern. Take a few minutes to watch this:

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for any piece of lawn treatment equipment. Maintaining the weed eater will ensure it lasts for years to come and also won’t break dvery own once you need it most—or in the middle of functioning.

Make sure you clean the unit carefully after each task. You deserve to usage a damp towel to acquire any type of excess grass or debris off. This will proccasion rust and also problems through buildup.

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In enhancement to wiping the trimmer, an excellent ascendancy of thumb is to inspect each of these components at the end of the season:

The fuel tank need to be totally free of leaks and also filled through high quality ethanol-cost-free fuel.The fuel filter must be free of impurities.The air filter must be clean and porous.The carburetor components need to be in working order.The exhaust should be cost-free of debris.

Checking these components at the finish of the seachild ensures you deserve to jump best right into lawncare come springtime!