One in this collection of man science-fiction programs around shape-shifting alien robots and their endless struggle because that power and peace, based in the multimedia universe developed by Hasbro Toys. In this episode, Ratchet senses trouble via his "war wound" and warns his friends, despite Bumblebee urges him to "forget the past." once they pursue a dangerously speeding car, Ratchet experience a flashback and also recalls a minute in the great War in which he attempted to rescue an knowledge officer, Arcee, but was captured by a bounty hunter, Lockdown, who chosen to take various other bots" changes as "hunting trophies." Ratchet shakes it off and also denies "freezing up" throughout the chase, though Optimus urges him to talk v his painful battle memories. Finding out of another car chase, Ratchet is shocked to find that the perpetrator is none various other than Lockdown himself, and Lockdown soon records Optimus and also vanishes. Distressed, Ratchet tells Bumblebee and also the others of his past encounter v the villain, while elsewhere Lockdown educates Optimus that there is a bounty ~ above his head, unconcerned through his protests that he did not actually death Megatron.The Autobots find that Lockdown is using a holographic cloak to disguise his location, and Blitzwing, who issued the bounty, eagerly motivates Lockdown to finish Optimus off. Ratchet and the various other Autobots arrive to free their leader, and also Lockdown is angered to discover that the cannot use Ratchet"s very own EMP device, which the stole during the war, against him. Ratchet frees Optimus, despite Lockdown records them again, and also Ratchet painfully remembers exactly how he was required to wipe Arcee"s entire memory to conserve her life and the an essential codes stored within her mind. In the present, Ratchet uses a magnetic blast against Lockdown, defeating him "for Arcee," and also Lockdown"s ship crashes right into the river. Back at your base, Ratchet decides that he should remember the hardships of the war "for those that can"t," and he lastly opens as much as his girlfriend Optimus around his past. Commercials deleted.


NETWORK: DATE: RUNNING TIME: 0:22:57 COLOR/B&W: color CATALOG ID: 130014 GENRE: Drama, fantasy/science fiction SUBJECT HEADING: Animation; Drama, fantasy/science fiction; Robots SERIES RUN: Cartoon Network - TV series, 2007-2009 COMMERCIALS:


Brian A. Miller … executive, management Producer Sam it is registered … executive, management Producer Jennifer Pelphrey … Supervising Producer Matt Youngberg … Supervising Producer Vincent Aniceto … Producer Steve Drucker … Producer Joshua Izzo … Producer Takaaki Matsudaira … combine Producer Ben Jones … manager Shunji Oga … manager Andrew Robinson … Writer Sebastian Evans II … Music by Andy Sturmer … theme Music by David Kaye … Cast, Voice, Optimus element Bumper Robinson … Cast, Voice, Bumblebee / Blitzwing / News Reporter invoice Fagerbakke … Cast, Voice, Bulkhead Jeff glen Bennett … Cast, Voice, Prowl / Ultra Magnus Corey Burton … Cast, Voice, Ratchet / Megatron / man Sue Blu … Cast, Voice, Arcee Lance Henriksen … Cast, Voice, Lockdown proceed searching the arsenal ➾

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