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Plot Summary

Having addressed the earthquakes in Zeiss, Estelle and team now find their method to Grancel, the capital of the Liberl Kingdom. Here, after finding a lost child (Renne), the team help the army investigate a collection of threatening letter being circulated.

Renne it s okay herself lost (again) and also after detect her, she hand Estelle a letter indigenous ... Joshua?? Estelle heads to Gurune Gate just to find Kevin. Finding out it"s a trap, they rush back to Grancel to discover (almost) anyone unconscious. They find an invitation letter come a "tea party", wherein they discover the next member the the Ouroboros, .....

As a slight aside, this thing is a bit slower? much less intense? 보다 the other ones. There are fewer side quests, and you basically spend half the chapter running around. And yet this thing takes increase as much time together the various other ones...



following stop: Grancel

talk to Zin to uncover out an ext about his past

Olivier finds the end the hard way not to hit top top Kloe

Just choose the various other chapters, talk to everyone to finish the airship part.


At the Grancel Bracer Guild, the team finds out that the Bracers have made decision to assist out the military. Yet all discussions space to be handled in person, to protect against the Ouroboros native eavesdropping over the phone call system. Elnan to trust the armed forces needs the Bracers" aid because there is a signing ceremony because that the common Non-aggression Treaty next weekend and also if the Ouroboros has actually something planned....


Mutual Non-aggression Treaty

Estelle: common non-aggression contract ... What"s that?

Kloe: It"s one agreement between Liberl, the Erebonian Empire, and also the Republic the Calvard. It"s score is to not usage war, but dialogue to settle issues.

The phone rings and the team is sent out off to the Erbe royal Villa to discover a lacking child, but before then ...

Check out the project board for 2 sidequestsExit the Bracer Guild and head north to the Sunnybell Inn to buy some food:Hot Seafood Soup (熱海鮮湯) $1200, Imitation Handmade Pie (仿手工派) $400(If you have actually the extra cash, it"s also a good idea to stock up top top a few more bitter Tomato Sandwich)Feel totally free to upgrade your weapon and also armour in ~ the store throughout the street indigenous the Bracer GuildFrom the weapon store, head southern to the popcorn stand for High Mobility Popcorn (高機動爆米花) $250Then head throughout the street again to the crepe stand for Agility Crepe (敏捷可麗餅) $350, and also Mysterious Crepe (神秘可麗餅) $750Finally, take the Grancel southern exit.

Garden route (i.e. External Grancel)

Head for Erbe imperial Villa by walk east. The an initial sidequest is nice much unpreventable as the monster stand in prior of the entrance.

Sidequest: Erbe course Monster

Erbe imperial Villa

With the monster the end of the way, go into Erbe imperial Villa. The butler Raymond will certainly ask girlfriend to help him discover this lacking child. Indigenous the enntrance gate hall, take the left exit. You acquire some interesting dialogue if friend search around :P

Enter the very first door and Estelle gets to meet fight it out Dunan, who is under house arrest because that what that did in Trails in the skies FC. Climate go as much as the third room come the conference room whereby Raymond is and also find the absent child behind the counter near the wine bottles.

Return to the Grancel Bracer Build.

Choices affecting BPWhen searching for the absent child
Give up-
Ask Raymond for helpBP+1
Find the boy yourselfBP+3


Investigating the benches

Estelle: Ah, maybe she"s in the bushes!

Agate: Hay hay, we"re not searching for a real cat

The video is an extremely picky whereby you have to stand to find Renne
Olivier getting shot under by Renne

Olivier: huhu~ here small girl, host my hand, let Olivier escort you to the Bracer Guild

Renne: give thanks to you for your offer, yet Renne would certainly rather have that huge sister guide the way

Olivier: five D:

Grancel Bracer Guild

Back in Grancel, the other teammates have gathered up and also Commander Sid. Sid asks the Bracer Guild to help investigate something. Apparently, 9 areas in Grancel has actually received a threaten letter concerning the mutual Non-aggression Treaty. The team decides to split up come cover much more ground.

Your team is currently Estelle, Olivier, Zin, and Kloe (since every of castle can go into their respective government"s building). Head back into the Bracer Guild to expropriate a new sidequest. Leave and also then take it the north leave to the Grancel phibìc Block. Here, enter the northwest house and talk come Roki upstairs for a Bamboo Rod.

threatening Letter
Advice get the Bamboo Pole to make completing a sidequest in the next chapter easier.

Grancel eastern Block

Sidequest: The missing Exhibit

The embassies room at the east block, so take it the eastern exit. If you go into the purchase mall in the middle, you can discover Renne and Tita, as well as buy a copy that the Liberl times #4.

The embassies are located to the north and also south of the mall. Start with the embassy for the Erebonian empire at the north. Head upstairs and also talk come the ambassador. Once you"re done, Mueller will follow the team. DO no LEAVE THE EMBASSY YET. Departure the room and also enter the library at the left side. Speak to the butler to gain a copy the Gambler Jack #4. Departure the embassy.

Next, go into the embassy at the south (unless you currently completed the sidequest, climate skip this paragraph). Again, head maximum floor to speak to the ambassador.

Now, go as much as Grancel phibìc Block and also take the north departure to the castle. Walk up the couple of steps in the center stairs and also enter the maid"s room ~ above the right. The maid states that Hilda is in the info room. Go upstairs, take it a left, and also enter the room at the finish of the hall. Hilda is standing at the bookshelf at the bottom of the stairs.

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Now go visit the queen. Leave the room and also head right, then ideal again, then up the staircase in ~ the end of the hallway. In the garden, the queen"s building is at the optimal of the stairs, and you have to go up an additional flight the stairs come the queen"s room.