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average Rating 40

This location is madness prefer Christine J. Wrote!The keep is constantly a mess and also theres so numerous workers around and also they seem to simply be doing there cardio instead of simply helping the end the customers...

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post by Alexis A. On January 13, 2015. carried to friend by yahoolocal.

average Rating 40

This store is madness any kind of day and time of the year. The trouble is the price check scanners are always broken, the save isn\"t organized, over there aren\"t sufficient workers top top the floor to assist or at...

post by Christine J. On January 02, 2015. carried to you by yahoolocal.

median Rating 20

I\"m going preface this evaluation with a couple of things:I am the employee discussed underneath this review, yes. Or ns was. Ns no longer work because that Toys, and happily so. I was terminated due to a...

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typical Rating 40

What in the people happened come toysrus? ThIs place use to be awesome, currently it\"s simply awful. Certain the save is clean, and well lit and also that\"s around it. I came throughout a weekday and the save was quite empty, no i don\"t mean with customers, the shelves. Lock were the end of stock on a many toys, and also were …

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mean Rating 100

We were aided by an employee named Andrew and he to be so helpful. That searched high and low for what us wanted and was really nice about It. We will for certain be back just since of him

post by Princess S. At Yelp User review on November 26, 2013. lugged to you by binglocal.

Toys R US can be found at Richmond Ave 2845. The complying with is offered: various other Arts & Crafts. The entry is current with us because Sep 8, 2010 and was last updated top top Nov 14, 2013. In Staten Island there space 5 various other Other arts & Crafts. Summary can be discovered here.

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