This time, the above brand is teaming v Macy\"s to open up toy shops in more than 400 department stores nationwide starting in 2022, the two service providers announced Thursday.

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Starting Thursday, customers have the right to shop for toys R Us playthings at and

“As a Toys“R”Us kid, I might not be more excited to carry this beloved brand the so countless of our customers know and also love right into Macy’s online and also to ours stores throughout America,” said Nata Dvir, Macy’s chef merchandising officer, in a statement. “Our toy service grew greatly in the previous year, with plenty of families looking to accumulate their children imagination and create meaningful moments together.\"

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Toys R united state mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe will welcome shoppers to the new shops, which will be built inside Macy’s stores. Information about how big the shops will certainly be and also a list of the Macy\"s stores that will get the brand-new toy departments room not however available.

Toys R us filed because that bankruptcy in march 2018 and also closed every stores nationwide by late June 2018. In 2019, the company said it was making a comeback under new ownership and also opened 2 stores.

The pop-up mall place stores closed earlier this year, and WHP Global, a brand management company, also announced the it obtained a regulating interest in Tru Kids, the parent firm of toys R Us, Babies R Us and also Geoffrey the Giraffe brands.

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“Our partnership v Macy’s marks the greatly anticipated return that Toys”R”Us in the U.S.A. and alters the sleeve landscape by combining two beloved retail brands with each other for consumers throughout the nation in a completely innovative way,” Yehuda Shmidman, chairman and also CEO that WHP an international and toys R Us, claimed in a statement.

Macy\"s Inc. Chairman and also CEO Jeff Gennette said the toy classification is a development area, and with the partnership, the expects it’ll “quintuple” the size of the department keep chain\"s toy business.

Gennette stated Macy\"s will certainly have access to the toy company\"s private brands and also plans come expand. 

“We will certainly do numerous marketing together. Girlfriend will watch them in the parade as an example,\" he said during Macy\"s quarterly earnings call.

In January, Macy\"s Inc., which also runs Bloomingdale\"s and Bluemercury, announced its critical round of save closures and also identified 36 namesake stores and one Bloomingdale\"s that shuttered early on this year.

The string of closures was part of Macy\"s three-year setup to near one-fifth that its stores, or approximately 125 locations, i beg your pardon was an initial announced in February 2020 prior to the pandemic. Around 30 shop closed in 2020 as part of the plan.

As that July 31, Macy’s Inc. Had actually 726 complete locations, including 512 Macy’s locations, 54 Bloomingdale\"s locations, consisting of outlet stores, and 160 Bluemercury stores.

Neil Saunders, managing director the consultancy GlobalData Retail, told USA now he thought the enhancement of playthings R us would give families an ext of a factor to visit Macy’s. However he stated the department store needs to make certain the principle looks good.

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“Macy’s included their own small toy room to a the majority of stores critical year, and also many of them are very messy and also hard come shop,” Saunders said. “Standards need to be stepped increase if they’re to do a success that the playthings R us partnership.”

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