There’s miscellaneous lurking top top the Bebop and it’s gradually taking out the crew, one by one. Cowboy Bebop has actually flirted v horrific aspects in the past (see: “Sympathy for the Devil”), however in this one, Watanabe and crew give a full-on tilt of your hats come the an are monster movie v “Toys in Attic.” Remember, there’ll be spoilers not only for this session, but also potentially the ones that proceeded it.

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1. An evil Alien Creature, Whoooooo

We’ve spoken at good length throughout this columns how Cowboy Bebop takes and also mixes genres. Overall, we’re given a an are western however Watanabe and his Sunrise crew aren’t afraid to take various approaches. Sometimes, this doesn’t occupational out; various other times, it creates few of the many memorable sessions. “Toys in the Attic” borrows heavily from Alien and Steven Spielberg, mix it through its very own humor and a sense of bathos. Quick review: bathos is once creators purposefully upset the tone or mood of a piece, usually to make it seem trivial or ridiculous. Therefore, with this session, we obtain a solid, typically terrifying story, ultimately upset by a well-delivered punchline.

2. This Isn’t Hide and Seek, Dammit

Here’s the thing “Toys in the Attic” straddles perfectly: the balance in between terror and also humor. The people at Sunrise spend as lot time showing Spike, Jet, and also Faye’s different reactions to the instances as they do creating these point-of-view shots the the monster crawling with the vents. The lingering shots of characters alone in the Bebop, with perhaps a strange sound echoing out roughly them bring the same weight as very early scene wherein Spike operation Jet through a list of viruses. What’s more, the show is distinctly mindful of as soon as to draw out the tension to the snapping suggest and when it’s appropriate to interrupt it v a joke.

Take the revelation of the an are monster, because that instance. Watanabe reveals about 2/3 the the means through that it’s this sentient blob, zipping and also sweeping v the wait ducts. The question then moves from, what is it? to where did it come from? Is that an evil space monster, favor Ed suggests? A mutant rat v a distinct poison per Spike? No. Transforms out it’s a leftover lunch that mutated into this gelatinous creature.

Again, this speaks to how well Watanabe and the crew at Sunrise execute this story. In various other narratives, the last revelation would completely stop the momentum. Here, however, we’re provided a small more, take away a small further, together Spike tries come jettison the source. Everything exists just for that final punchline.

3. Captain’s Log

Oddly enough, this session starts choose a Star Trek episode. Jet offers a captain’s log kind of update, and the narrative it s okay passed from character to personality as much more of them acquire bumped off. It’s an amazing subversion, a machine giving this characters agency and presence before stripping it away after being struck by an evil force. You can even review it as part of Cowboy Bebop‘s ongoing efforts to take it the glamour and shine the end of space. I might see something like this likewise going towards the arguments around the present being nihilistic, but the present does make an initiative to display the personalities continuing ~ above in the face of it.

4. Empty Time

“Toys in the Attic” almost fully shucks off a score. The doesn’t even rely lot on diegetic music. I understand I talk around the editing and enhancing a lot of on this series, so let’s take a moment to hand it over to the sound designers for this session. There’s the squishy dart the the blob. The solitary drop that water dripping in the background. The firing up of the warmth detector, sounding prefer a Polaroid camera. Ein’s yelps throughout the ship. Footsteps, down lengthy corridors, up ladders, over grating. The dull electrical hum constantly saying the poisoned refrigerator. The sound the the jet engines surging forward there is no concern.

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5. Well, I choose to Think of It as Enterprising

I think Cowboy Bebop is in ~ its best with these weird digressive sessions. Watanabe and also crew remain true to the characters’ reactions and also personalities, making their options believable and consistent. This makes the story all the an ext effective. Through a few pieces of shorthand — such together Faye cheating Jet the end of his thing or Spike attempting a skishkabob through a flamethrower — you’re able to know them enough to invest in their plight. Without gift tethered to that as whole plot with Spike’s old life, we’re provided a solid and also engaging session.

What did girlfriend think? how well does Cowboy Bebop juggle horror facets in relationship to whatever else that’s going on in the story? What other references walk you pick up on? allow us know in the comments and stick approximately next time, space cowboys, together we dual down ~ above the past in “Jupiter Jazz.”

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