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That’s right, Murderinos, we’ve included a brand-new scent to our My favorite Murder line! influenced by the cold hard truth that toxic masculinity ruins, well, everything, we knew this to be the perfect addition to the rest of our MFM-inspired scents. Stop be clear: yes nothing wrong through masculinity in and also of itself. But when it’s taken to a heightened place, whereby men need to prove themselves as “real men” through doing points like, say, murdering a woman who rejects his advances, or walk on a spree due to the fact that nobody has ever before dated him, climate those are clear indications that toxic masculinity has, in fact, destroyed the party yet again. Due to the fact that it does, indeed, destroy everything. Attract this perfume will certainly remind you not to let toxicity masculinity right into your life and also wreck her day, your week, your month, or even your year. Remain sexy, buy your very own shit, and don’t let anyone ruin your party.

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Scent notes: A delightfully feminine blend of lavender, vanilla, honey nectar, and also a light floral aldehyde.

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