Underbelly Walkthrough & Map - Torment | Numenera Map, Walkthrough and also Game Guide. It includes Points of attention (PoI), search starters, pursuits walkthrough, different ways of fixing quests. Location and also conversation variants with crucial NPC including Companions. The location and description that the vital items in the game as Artifacts, Cyphers and Oddities. Location of places to sleep and shopkeepers.

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Foreman"s Brood

Circles in Red

Shaky Foundations


01 come Circus Minor


Varrenoth She can help you kill Nychthemeron because that Beleazar and also the Beast Quest.

03 come Cliff"s Edge



You can learn language of Sticha in Cliff"s leaf 06

Hidden Enemy questioning Ch"kekt because that help.

I found a stichus in Cliff"s Edge. It"s hiding in a refuse heap, and also the humans want to kill it. Have the right to you help?

Weak or not, the doesn"t deserve to die at the hand of a mob. It"s her *kin*.

Shaky Foundations through Ch"kekt you deserve to negotiate an agreement with Sticha.


Outcast Stichus you will satisfy him below after help him in Hidden adversary Quest

Hidden Enemy go to Cliff"s leaf 05 and also talk to mr Vuntgen to complete quest.

06 Aligern

Aligern will certainly wait for you here if girlfriend tell him to separate from your team.

07 To federal government Square


Crippled Foreman

These tiny things room your children?

Let me research them. Ns might have the ability to help

Foreman"s Brood help the Crippled Foreman transfer its life force into the children

The Crippled Foreman desires to transport its life pressure into small metallic children that it has built. Therefore far, it"s to be unable come transfer enough power, so that asked because that my help. If the power transfer succeeds, the kids will live, however the Crippled Foreman will die

I"ll must bypass the safety steps that avoid the Crippled Foreman from transporting energy above a particular threshold. It said that i speak come its assistant, Tarnish, who can have part ideas.

Alternatively, there can be some other way to settle this situation.

Before girlfriend will resolve this quest:

Tarnish Talk v him around Crippled Foreman. Tarnish doesn"t want the Foremen to offer its life.

Talk with Sn"erf in stimulate of reality 03 around Foremen and also children. Purchase Procreative Surge generator from him.

You have the right to solve Foreman"s Brood quest in 3 ways:

A. Encouraged the Foreman no to sacrifice that life. Talk with Tarnish first.

her assistant Tarnish doesn"t want you come die. If you"re gone, he"ll have actually no one. Can"t you uncover some other way to have actually children? +25 EXP

(suggested) B. Usage the Procreative rise Turbine speak to Sn"erf first.

usage the Procreative Surge wind turbine to deliver the Foreman"s life come its children. +25 EXP

C. Effort to bypass the Foreman"s mind

effort to bypass the Foreman"s mind and pass that life to its children

If you succeed, you have a selection of three methods of managing children.

A. store them all. Perhaps they have the right to be offered as cyphers and also power resources Its really unfair, however will provide you items:

The Foreman"s Children Conserve following cypher used. Usable worth 250 shins

Hyperkinetic Child Cypher +attackm +damage

The north Child Cypher, area damege

Stillborn Construct Oddity value 114 shins.

(suggested) B.Take the dead one, and also let the rather go cost-free Its same solution. The will offer you:

Stillborn Construct Oddity worth 114 shins.

C. leaving the dead one, and also let the others go complimentary Its same solution.


Master Foreman

I"m trying to find an albino woman called Matkina. Have you watched her? +2 EXP

Show the crystal shard to the master Foreman +2 EXP

Circles in Red ask him around Dendra O"Hur

Have friend seen any kind of Dendra O"Hur in the manufactory lately?

Master Foreman observed Mallet around the time that murder.

Shaky Foundations can produce digging construct for reaching sticha lair

The Cold, Calculating Jack can develop digging build for getting to sticha lair


Master Artisan

Can you present me something your workers have created?

Globe the Zhrul oddity worth 178 shins

11Meat Shop


Buy some meat +2 EXP


Manth Pa He have the right to tell you much more about Underbelly.


Crooked Qeek

Can I try fishing v your gear?

fishing rod usage it

Sparkle Cypher deals damage.

14 Shop




I"m in search of someone

Circles in Red Track down the murderer

A murderer is loosened in Underbelly, the poorest and foulest ward in Sagus Cliffs. If the culprit isn"t caught soon, much more people are likely to die...

Fulsome asked me to carry him any information I can find, but he didn"t provide much in the method of leads...

I desire to study the murder scene behind you

The murderer may have left behind evidence. Ns won"t understand unless friend let me look

Examine murder step behind.

Inspect the hand in the swimming pool of blood

Examine the blood one on the wall +2 EXP

Surrender come the memory, no matter just how much the hurts. +2 EXP

You uncovered symbol of the children of the limitless Gate. Tell Fulsome about it. That will straight you to Imbitu.

Go come Underbelly 16 Dendra O"Hur Chapel

16 Dendra O"Hur Chapel

First point you need to do is check your corpse lie on the bench.

Touch the tattoo +2 EXP


Let the touch her forehead

(Lie) The transforming God.

The Sorrow"s Prey Talk v Imbitu about man killed by a strange creature.

A sculptor told me the your civilization may have uncovered a man eliminated by a weird creature. Imbitu will straight you to Cliff"s edge 22

Circles in Red Talk through Imbitu about Fulsome

I"m help Fulsome investigate some trouble in the Underbelly. Deserve to I questioning you part questions?

Tell me around the youngsters of the limitless Gate

I have proof that the Dendra O"Hur space involved. Deserve to I speak through your acolytes?

Do you think any type of of the other Dendra O"Hur could be qualified of murder?

Now you recognize that Devourer of Wrongs in not a killer.

Where were you when Fulsome"s protege to be killed?

Imbitu tell girlfriend he was v Fulsome this time, you have actually to examine it later on talking v Fulsome

Devourer of Wrongs you deserve to talk to him yet he is innocent and also does not add any brand-new leads.

Gh"zei talk to him, yet he will certainly not give you any brand-new clues

Mallet talk to him. He cases that that was getting drunk in a edge of the manufactory when Wheedle to be killed

Go to understand Foreman Underbelly 09 and also ask him around Dendra O"Hur.

Master Foreman experienced Mallet about the time of murder. Therefore Mallet is innocent

Mallet seen Kiyatawa eating a corpse in an alley.


Ashen Imitation She is just one of the impacted women because that Ashen Imitation simply look in ~ her.

Circles in Red

Ask her about murder of Fulsome"s protege. Ns ask more, check out the different variants that the conversation.

Mallet states he recorded you eating a corpse on your very own +2 EXP

Kiyatawa seemed favor she was hiding other else about her visit to Circus Minor. I have to speak come the sellers there and also see if any type of of them experienced what she was doing.

Go to Prata Circus young 16 and also ask that about

Prata, a vendor in Circus Minor, told me the she observed Kiyatawa staggering around the area, muttering about "hollow red circles". This sound very similar to the symbols the murderer has actually been leaving on wall surfaces in the Underbelly. Kiyatawa is guilty.

Circles in Red

Return to Fulsome examine Imbitu"s alibiand suggest the killer, Kiyatawa +40 EXP

Promise Fulsome to discover Kiyatawa.


Peliai talk to him.

Maybe i can assist you negotiate

I think ns can help you

Panoramic catch Ball Cypher removes the fog of battle in the current area.

Shaky Foundations Sneak into the sticha lair and also steal their eggs

Peliai, a varjellen agent of the slave Families, is do the efforts to prevent the sticha native digging underneath the city. Apparently, the creatures room destabilizing Sagus Cliffs and causing structures to collapse. She negotiations have actually gone nowhere, for this reason she"s rotate to much less honorable tactics

Peliai wants me to steal all the sticha eggs from their lair so the the city can use them as a bargaining chip. She"ll also accept a negotiated negotiation with the sticha - if I have the right to somehow carry one about - however she doesn"t believe that together a negotiation is possible

There are two main ways to deal with Shaky foundations Quest.

A. (I execute NOT introduce this solution). Aggressive Solution. This include: steal or ruin the eggs. The conflict and also the fight against Ch"kekt, the conflict and the fight through Peliai

B. Serene solution (recommended). Speak to Ch"kekt Underbelly 04 and negotiate an agreement.

Go to 04 talk to Ch"kekt

I have come to ask friend to protect against digging under the city

execute you want your world to have actually a future? execute you desire war with the humans above? They will collapse your tunnels. Castle will ruin you.

Return come Peliai

I have actually news about the sticha

I"ve taken on the negotiation v the sticha already

I encouraged Ch"kekt that digging deeper would certainly be a advantage to both the sticha and also the humans. There"s no should steal their eggs. +40 EXP, +150 shins and also reward:

Ebon Eyes Artifact +1 cultivate level in tardy Skill



I"m looking for a woman named Matkina. Do you know where i can find her?

The Cold, Calculating Jack find the location of the an altering God"s sanctuary because that Mapper

A mutant named Mapper cases to understand where Matkina is hiding. He"ll only reveal what he to know if i can find a concealed sanctuary the was established long back by the transforming God. Supposedly it"s the one important site in Sagus Cliffs the Mapper hasn"t however located. Every he to know is the it"s secret - somewhere an extremely close come the sticha lair.

I negotiated a settlement in between the sticha and also Sagus Cliffs. Ch"kekt can be willing to take me come the sticha lair now, if ns ask.

When ns asked about an alternative way to with the sticha lair, Peliai suggested that ns look for some sort of digging construct... Or uncover someone professional in manufacturing who have the right to fabricate one

Changing God"s sanctuary is in buried Crossroads

I can ask Ch"kekt if he deserve to take me to sticha lair, but much far better is come create digging construct.

To develop digging construct you have actually to discover intact corpse that a stichus 19 and talk to grasp Foreman 09.

To go further in The Cold, Calculating Jack Quest you have go to hidden Crossroads 05 and return come Mapper.

To reach hidden Crossroads usage Stichus Automaton (description below).

After return from buried Crossroads talk to Mapper.

Have you been to the sticha lair? I deserve to tell friend what"s in there +3 EXP

I found the place of the an altering God"s sanctuary

The Cold, Calculating Jack Quest Mapper revealed the Matkina is hiding out in a place called the cave of critical Words. I can only get there by traveling underground.

To reach Cave of last Words walk to 20 and talk come Stichus Automaton.

19 collapsed Passage

Pick up part shins.

move the rocks to uncover the corpse. +2 EXP

Examine the uncovered corpse.

Go come 09 and talk come Master Foreman about digging construct.

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Let"s talk service again

I"m trying to with the lair the the sticha. Can you build me a digging construct?

I uncovered a stichus corpse in a dead-end tunnel on the far side the the Underbelly. Will certainly that work-related for a digging construct? +3 EXP

Your digging build is in 20


Stichus Automaton You deserve to use the to destruction tunnels to different locations.

Take me to the ledge in Cliff"s Edge will certainly take you to Cliff"s leaf 23

Take me come the sticha lair will certainly take you to Sticha Lair 01

After addressing task fo Mapper take me to cave of critical Words will take you come Matkina