July 1 is jointly known together Bobby Bonilla job in major league baseball, the day once the new York Mets reduced a examine to Bobby Bonilla for $1.19 million, component of a 25-year deferred payment schedule. Bonilla is the most famous of countless high-profile athletes that signed strange and elaborate contracts through payments shoved far into the future — the Orioles and also Nationals are at this time dominating this ar — but the exercise goes ago decades, which is appropriate, since these payments extend for decades. Whether it"s clever financial planning, readjustments as result of bankruptcies or a sports owner falling for a Ponzi scheme, there space crazy long contracts and also inexplicable deferrals in every sport. Let"s look at 32 of these deals — one for every year the Mets will write a post-retirement check to Bobby Bo.

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Bobby Bonilla


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When Bruce Sutter signed through the Braves before the 1985 season, that agreed to a transaction for six years and $9.1 million. Each year, his Braves “salary” of $750,000 was simply an interest payment on the money, roughly 8 percent interest, which means he still gained paid in 1989 and 1990 despite being retired. Then because that 30 years, the Braves have actually been ~ above the hook for $1.12 million every year, and also in 2022, once Sutter is 69 years old, they owe him a balloon payment of the $9.1 million. All in all, it’s over $47 million because that a pitcher who ceded just 40 conserves for a team that average 96 losses every season.

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Ichiro Suzuki


Not just is the a wizard with the bat, but Ichiro Suzuki additionally is a wizard through finances. He deferred $7 million indigenous his original deal with the Mariners and $5 million per year native his 2008-12 contract, at 5.5 percent interest, until 2020. It’s the financial planning equivalent of choking increase on the bat. That means that until the season restarted, Ichiro to be poised to be the highest-paid player in baseball, he’ll still it is in the Mariners’ highest-paid outfielder and also receive the fourth-highest salary on the team this year, and Seattle will be paying him through 2032.

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Mario Lemieux


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The Pittsburgh Penguins of the 1990s were a dominant, star-filled hockey team but lacked the financial sources to pay all those stars. So they deferred a most player salaries, many notably that of star Mario Lemieux, who was owed $32.5 million at the moment the owners declared bankruptcy — the team’s biggest individual creditor. He convert $20 million of the owed money right into team equity and included $5 million to end up being the team’s controlling owner, acting as chairman, president and CEO. Lemieux likewise returned come the ice cream in 2000, help the team flagging attendance. At some point the Penguins paid back all your creditors, and Lemieux won 3 Stanley cups as one owner come go through his 2 as a player.

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Ken Griffey, Jr.


Ken Griffey, Jr. Really want to pat in his hometown that Cincinnati, so much so that he took much less money 보다 the Seattle Mariners offered and deferred $12 million of his salary till after his nine-year transaction ended. Together a result, Griffey is still making simply over $3 million each year through 2024 (payments started in 2009), much more than five times what dissident slugger Pete Alonso to be to earn in 2020. Through the quick season and also Alonso’s pro-rated salary, it’s an ext like 14 times together much.

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Chris Davis

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When the Orioles offered Chris Davis a seven-year transaction for $161 million in 2016, they deferred $42 million over 15 years, definition Davis will be gaining checks until he’s 51. Regrettably for Baltimore, Davis practically immediately cratered in ~ the plate, hitting .168 and .179 in the last 2 seasons. The Orioles now owe him end $54 million until 2022, then $3.5 million from 2023-2032 and also finally $1.4 million every year 2033-37. It can be the worst contract in baseball history, and also it still has 17 year to go.

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Josh Smith

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Josh blacksmith signed through the Detroit Pistons in 2013, and let’s simply say it really didn’t work-related out. He got $54 million for 4 years however lasted only 105 games, just over a year. And then the Pistons cut him outright, an interpretation they fan him the balance that his contract while he played elsewhere. To compound the issue, the Pistons offered the large provision, lowering the yearly cost but ensuring the Smith was still getting an yearly $5.3 million v this season — 3 years ~ his last NBA game and also six years after he critical played because that Detroit.

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Alex Cobb

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The Orioles space on the hook for a ton that future obligations beyond Davis. Alex Cobb deferred $20 million native his four-year, $57 million deal, and he’ll be getting $1.8 million every Nov. 30 native 2023-32. And since he’s extremely unlikely to pitch 130 innings in 2020, he’ll also have $5.5 million an ext deferred until 2033-35. The Orioles additionally will be payment Andrew Cashner till 2021, mark Trumbo through 2022, and Darren O’Day through 2023. They’re additionally still paying Ubaldo Jimenez, J.J. Hardy, and Yovani Gallardo this year. Perhaps that’s a factor why the Orioles shed 108 gamings last year.

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Rick DiPietro

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The brand-new York Islanders signed goalie rick DiPietro come a document 15-year contract back in 2006, just prior to his 25th birthday. Uneven a most long-term NHL deals of that time, it wasn’t also cap circumvention — he got $4.5 million every season because that the 15 years. Regrettably DiPietro experienced a collection of injuries, to his hips, to his knees, and even a broken jaw in one ultra-rare goalkeeper fight. By 2013, the Islanders made decision on a compliance buyout – two-thirds of his continuing to be salary for double the remaining length, definition they’ll be paying DiPietro for 23years: $1.5 million per year until 2029, once he’s 48.

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Bret Saberhagen

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While Bobby Bonilla is the more famous permanent Mets salary obligation, pitcher Bret Saberhagen to be the original. When he negotiated an extension in 1993, he insisted on 2 things: a signing bonus that $2.5 million and then payment of $250,000 a year for 25 years. They began in 2004 and last until 2028 as soon as Saberhagen will be 63. Pretty good deal because that Saberhagen, who gained 25 year of payments from a contract where he winner 21 games.

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Kevin Garnett

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“Uncut Gems” star Kevin Garnett have the right to afford come experiment with acting, because he’s gaining $5 million every year in deferred value from the Celtics. His deal gave him $35 million over the 7 years ~ his retirement in 2016, so Boston will certainly be payment him with 2024. Oh, and also he also built up $8 million for the 2016-17 season once he play zero games for Minnesota.

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Johan Santana

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When Johan Santana pitched the first no-hitter in Mets history, in 2012, it additionally may have finished his career. After lacking all of the 2011 season, the threw 134 pitches in his no-no and also then pitched to an 8.27 ERA in the last 10 starts of the season (and his career). The Mets payment him $37.3 million after ~ the injury, including a buyout, but they likewise owed him $5 million, at 1.25 percent link interest, 7 years after yearly of the deal. For this reason at least 2020 is the critical year for one of the Mets’ long deals.

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Zach Randolph

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Zach Randolph has actually deferred significant portions of his contract two different times, starting with his six-year, $84 million Blazers deal in 2004. Z-Bo deferred 30 percent ($25 million) until 2012-17 as soon as he was starring for the Memphis Grizzlies. He likewise signed a four-year transaction for $66 million in 2011 and deferred almost $10 million, approximately 25 percent. If that wasn’t sufficient belated compensation, he collected his $12 million salary because that 2018-19 without playing in a solitary game.

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Wayne Gretzky

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Wayne Gretzky’s time as coach the the Phoenix Coyotes wasn’t an especially successful, however the administration of the club’s holding agency was also worse. The society filed because that bankruptcy in 2009, the NHL took over operations and also Gretzky was compelled to wait because that the remainder the his coaching contract. It take it him four years, but eventually the NHL settled for $8 million. The great One might have hosted out because that more, yet you miss out on 100 percent of the negotiations you nothing take.

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Alex Rodriguez

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When Alex Rodriguez signed his massive free agent resolve Texas in 2001, that deferred $45 million until 2011-20 at 3 percent annual interest. He likewise let Texas break-up his $10 million dissension signing bonus right into $2 million per year increments — however then that was deferred again ~ his profession to the Yankees, for this reason he gained it (with interest) from 2016-25. It’s not a surprise that A-Rod is at this time trying to buy the new York Mets, because both parties are quite acquainted with irreversible salary deferrals.

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Todd Helton

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The Rockies reworked the final years of Todd Helton’s huge contract, offering him $9.9 million because that his age-39 and also -40 seasons, while the deferred $13.1 million over 10 years. So till 2023, Helton’s gaining $1.31 million every year, to add 3 percent annual interest. Not poor for Peyton Manning’s old backup quarterback

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Steve Young

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Out that college, Steve Young signed a contract v the Los Angeles Express that would have paid him $40 million end 43 years. He got $6.2 million in signing bonus and also actual salary and also then would have actually been paid roughly $32 v an annuity native 1990-2027. Unfortunately, the owner the the Express was going broke by 1985, so lot so the Young had actually to personally salary a bus driver to take them to one game and also line up in ~ tailback since the Express had no money to replace injured players. Young eventually resolved the annuity because that $1.4 million, presumably figuring it was much better than what he’d gain after bankruptcy proceedings.

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Darryl Strawberry

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The an initial of the Mets’ plenty of salary deferrals come in 1985, when they deferred 40 percent of Darryl Strawberry’s 1990 contract because that a retirement annuity paid the end at a 5.1 percent attention rate. The initial $700,00 turned right into $1.64 million, spread out out native 2004 come 2033. Unfortunately, Strawberry’s tax problems meant the annuity was eventually seized by the IRS and also auctioned turn off in 2014.

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Jacob deGrom

Steve Mitchell-USA this particular day Sports

Look, the new York Mets are merely in love through belated payments. Jacob deGrom’s five-year extension signed in 2019 deferred $52.5 million until 2035-39. He didn’t defer the Cy Young compensation though, winning his 2nd straight in 2019. And the upcoming 60-game season provides the deferral look also smarter since the 2020 money deGrom it s okay at period 51 i will not ~ be prorated one bit.

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St. Luigi Spirits

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The Silna brothers owned the St. Louis soul at the time of the ABA-NBA merger, as soon as the NBA absorbed the Nets, Spurs, Pacers and Nuggets. That the continuing to be franchises, the Virginia Squires folded and the Kentucky Colonels take it a $3M buyout, yet the Silnas hosted out.In return for permitting the merger, they acquired paid $2.2 million, to add one-seventh of the transfer TV revenues from every of the 4 teams joining the NBA. That worked out to 57 percent of a regular share, and also they obtained it in perpetuity. They racked up over $300 million prior to the NBA lastly bought them out in 2014, for something favor $500 million more. That course, prefer the Mets, they lost a huge chunk of that money investing through Bernie Madoff. The finest deal come for your lawyer, Donald Schupak, who got 10 percent — about $1.45 million — every year, simply for placing the transaction together.

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Babe Ruth

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The Babe was infamous for security his money as rapid as the earned it, however his organization manager, Christy Walsh, stepped in v a compromise early in his career. The Babe might spend his baseball salary as he wished, yet the money from endorsements, barnstorming games and the Babe’s an individual appearances saw Walsh’s office for saving. Ruth ended up to buy an annuity through an additional Hall the Famer, take care of Heilmann, who functioned as an insurance certified dealer in the offseason, and also ended up riding the end the Depression together the Sultan the Savings, the Rajah the Retirement Planning.

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Matt Holliday

Kiel Maddox-USA now Sports

When Matt Holliday re-signed v the St. Louis Cardinals in 2010, his transaction was for 7 years and also $120 million - v $2 million of that money deferred every season without interest. It led Holliday and also his agent, Scott Boras, to insurance claim he was getting $17 million per year, and it offered the Cardinals extra salary flexibility. Together a result, starting this year, Holliday will obtain $1.4 million each year through 2029 — 13 years after he played his last video game for St. Louis.

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Max Scherzer

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The Nationals love deferring salary, which they did v Scherzer’s seven-year, $210 million deal he signed in 2015. It turned out to be a bargain, as Scherzer won 2 Cy Youngs and also a world Series, finishing second, 3rd and fifth, respectively, in the Cy vote in the various other three years. It’s also a bargain because the earnings from 2019-21 were every deferred, dividing his $105 million into seven $15 million installments to be paid in between 2022-28.

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Stephen Strasburg

Troy Taormina-USA this day Sports

The 2017 Astros’ location was developed on spy cameras and also garbage deserve to banging, however the Nationals’ 2019 title was constructed on deferred money. World series MVPStephen Strasburg is deferring $11.4 million of his annual $35 million salary at 1 percent interest from 2027-29, an interpretation Washington will pay the Scherzer-Strasburg duo end $42 million no to key in 2027 and also 2028. The Nationals are also paying Daniel Murphy $3 million this year and also will give former catcher Matt Wieters $5 million in 2021.

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Chris Sale

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The Red Sox offered Chris sale a big-money extension in 2019, maintaining him out of the totally free agent market with a five-year, $145 million deal. Considering revenue is out for 2020 and also most of 2021 through Tommy man surgery, the deal would sting a lot much more for Boston if the hadn’t deferred $50 million. Sale gets $10 million that the transaction 15 year after it was earned, therefore from 2035-39. Sale’s contract resulted in luxury tax pertains to that encourage Boston’s profession of David Price and Mookie Betts, however some of the money will be haunting castle financially until Sale is 50 years old. The Sox will also be giving former MVP Dustin Pedroia $2.25 million yearly from 2021-28.

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Manny Ramirez

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The Sox will additionally be payment Manny Ramirez until he’s 54, many thanks to $32 million in deferred money lock paying the end over 16 years. They started paying $2 million per year in 2011 and will continue until 2026, 18 years after they traded him to the Dodgers. The Dodgers additionally paid Manny lengthy after he to be released ~ above waivers in 2010. Many thanks to deferred money, he collected $3,333,333 in 2011 and also 2012, add to $8,333,333 in 2013, with those payments enduring the bankruptcy the parking many king frank McCourt. That way Manny made over $10 million in salary 2 years after his career had actually officially ended.

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Andruw Jones

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Speaking of negative McCourt era signings, the Dodgers provided Andruw Jones $9 million come sign and also $12 million to play in 2008, as soon as he proved up overweight, tore his meniscus and hit .158 in simply 75 games. It is $7 million per residence run! They released him after the season however paid the $3.2 million every year through 2014. Jones bounced earlier enough come play decently through 2012 and even made second $3.5 million native the Yankees his last two years.

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Spencer Haywood

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Spencer Haywood signed v the ABA’s Denver Rockets after one year that college, yet his $1.5 million contract was severely deferred: He obtained $75,000 every year for 20 years, starting at period 40. Haywood couldn’t get a insurance on what would occur if the Rockets folded, therefore he jumped come the Supersonics because that a $1.5 million contract the paid the end over 15 years. After a lawsuit, the court threw out the NBA’s “four year rule” (you couldn’t be drafted till your college course graduated), so Haywood changed the entirety league together the very first one-and-done player. Haywood additionally reportedly rotate down readily available 10 percent stake in Nike in favor of an endorsement contract that 100K, i m sorry would have actually been the ultimate deferred payment.

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Rafael Soriano

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Soriano join the Washington Nationals ~ a 42-save season v the Yankees in 2012. The signed for two years and also $28 million — but half of the money to be paid out in $2 million increments native 2018-2024. The would have been $3 million per year, yet despite racking increase saves, Soriano dropped just brief of finishing sufficient games to instantly vest his 2015 option.

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Albert Pujols

Orlando Ramirez-USA now Sports

When Albert Pujols jumped native the St. Luigi Cardinals to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, part of the deal was a ten-year, $10 million personal services contract through the team the kicks in ~ his retirement, or the expiration the his deal. Let’s guess the retirement; even though he is been negative for 3 years, it’s doubtful he’ll walk far from the $30 million fan him in 2021.

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Ryan Zimmerman

Thomas B. Shea-USA this particular day Sports

Though he is less famous than Pujols, Ryan Zimmerman has an even sweeter attend to Washington, a $10 million post-retirement personal services contract the pays the end over five years. We’re guessing that many of those services involve smiling and waving come fans.

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Ryan Braun

Roy Dabner, Milwaukee journal Sentinel, Milwaukee newspaper Sentinel via Imagn content Services, LLC

Ryan Braun’s possibility at permanent success appeared in grave doubt once in 2013, that admitted to taking PEDs during his MVP season that 2011. However due to $18 million in deferred money native an expansion signed in 2011, Braun will certainly be acquiring $1.8 million every year from 2022-31. As soon as doctor warn about the permanent side impacts of steroids, they’re commonly not talking around a retirement plan, yet that appears to it is in the situation for Braun.

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