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OK, first of all this is my 1st review and is only because i felt like is unfair that it only contain 1 review and that leave Darkness 2nd as a fail when to me was the opposite.I'm not sure what's allowed and what isn't but this review is intended to be read by those who already saw the 3 Ovas and why not the entire content of the franchise/series called To Love Ru, so i'll warn u this review may contain big SPOILERS, so if u haven't watched what i've already mentioned i recommend not to continue reading and go watch them and cons back once u have done it to avoid unnecessary/unwanted SPOILERS.**************************************************************WARNING THIS CONTENT MAY HAVE A LOT OF SPOILER READ AT UR OWN RISK!!**************************************************************Let start saying that to me this season along with ovas did have some sort of progress, maybe not the one we expected but still something. I won't speak about Darkness 2nd since this isn't the place for that one, but i do gonna say that yami evolution was incredible and at the end she's now closer to Rito than before so that's a progress at least for me.Now lets talk about this ovas, we finally meet Lala's mom, the queen of Deviluke and we found out she is from a specie called Charmian that has some sort of ability that make beasts anybody who see them because of how beautiful they are, and we learn that Gid Lucion Lala's dad (King of Deviluke) was unaffected by this ability but most important because of this when the queen meets Yuuki Rito she soon realize that he is a peson why a strong determination just like Gid meaning he doesn't get affected by that ability either, so Rito is kinda same as the actual King of Deviluke therefore this is telling us how strong he is after all. In the other ova we see Haruna and Rito get their first kiss (AT LAST) even when it was by accident a kiss is a kiss so great job Rito! Haruna! gambate! too bad in the last ova they were not able to confess their feelings to each other (AGAIN -.-), but we now this isn't over and we gonna have a sequel soon so... it's ok!Now i'm gonna rate this ovasStory : This are ovas so even when they are part of the original material not just filler stuff, there is pretty much no story in them, only those 2 moments already detailed above (we meet Lala's mother and the first kiss between Haruna and Rito). To me was more then enough for just 3 ovas so is a 9.5 (only because they didn't confess their feelings again).Art: As usual Xebec deleite us with his beautiful art, this ovas looks amazing, i didn't saw any visual problem at all, and ofc a lot of oppai, lingerie and ecchiness all over the places. If u don't like this u probably should not be watching it in the first place. So for me art is a perfect 10!Sound: The op is not that great as predecessors but still a great song, Ed the same. I'm not really that much into sounds but i did enjoy it so i'll give it an 8.5Character: This is the richest thing of To Love Ru series, the incredible and extend amount of amazing characters, Rito, Lala, Haruna, Nana, Momo, Run, Kotegawa, Tear, Yami, Mea, etc, etc... each and everyone has some time on screen, maybe not as much as i would like but enough to show us even a small progress on how they get inlove with Rito and sometimes even we get to know them a bit more. For instance now Kujou Rin is show a lot more interested in Rito and is a great addition to the Harem. So character for me was a 12 :PEnjoyment : If u have read everything above is obvious that i really enjoyed every second of this ovas (serie in general), so is a 10.Overall : It was pretty much perfect since they were ovas and still we got some progress, and not the always beach ovas, something i can thank for once. Design was impressive, sound were enjoyable, and we learn a lot more. So ofc is a 10!Hope u liked my 1st review :)