I have actually a map because that the town of Maycomb in To kill a Mockingbird, but require page number of whereby the locations are. Can anyone help?
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The city of Maycomb, modeled after ~ Harper Lee "s hometown of Monroeville, Alabama, resembles countless "tired old southerly towns" with its courthouse in the facility of town. The main streets circle approximately this square on i beg your pardon the courthouse has actually been built. If this square is typical, over there are most likely sidewalks...

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The city of Maycomb, modeled after ~ Harper Lee"s hometown that Monroeville, Alabama, resembles countless "tired old southern towns" v its courthouse in the facility of town. The key streets circle around this square on i beg your pardon the courthouse has been built. If this square is typical, there are probably sidewalks leading up to the doors on each side that the courthouse and also park benches on i beg your pardon the Idlers" club members probably sit and gossip. Inside the courthouse Atticus Finch has his office, as perform others connected with the law. The article office is nearby, too, together are few of the developed businesses.

--Chapter 1 (pages are from the Warner publications 1982 edition)

Located in this chapter is the cite of Finch"s Landing (p.9), Old Sarum, the Cunninghams, (p.24-25 and also p. 167, p.225, and p.229 also). and the DewDrop Inn & Fishing Camp (all ~ above p. 14). Also, the an initial mention that Mrs. Dubose"s house and also Miss Rachel"s house (p.11) come in this chapter.

--Chapter 2

The Maycomb county High School (pp.8-9) is discussed as component of the institution grounds. They are southern of the Finch home and slightly west that the Radley home.

--Chapter 4

Cecil Jacobs lives at the far end of the street (p.39); Mrs. Dubose resides "two doors up the street" indigenous the Finches. (p.39)

--Chapter 5

Miss Maudie is a close neighbor that the Finches whose home is on the other side that the street from them. (p.46)

--Chapter 6

Mr. Avery is a boarder in a home that is across the street from Mrs. Dubose. (p.55)The Deer Pasture is behind the Finch home. (p.58)

--Chapters 8 and 23

--Miss Stephanie"s house is following to miss Maudie"s and also directly across from the Finch home. (p.75 and p.219)

--Chapter 9

Tom Robinson is alluded to once Atticus confers v his brother Jack around the upcoming psychological (p. 93). That is later mentioned in chapter 19, the course, as soon as he is ~ above the evil stand.

--Chapter 11

Referring come the OK Cafe (p.106), Mrs. DuBose says Scout will finish up waiting tables over there if she go not readjust her ways.V.J. Elmore"s (p.105) range store is whereby Scout buys she baton the Jem uses later on to knock off the blooms that Mrs. Dubose"s camellias. The is located on the square in town.

--Chapter 12

The Quarters is the area "outside the southern town limits" (p.120) where the blacks live.Calpurnia takes the youngsters to the First acquisition Church through her top top a Sunday that Atticus should be in Montgomery. (p.120)

--Chapter 15

Newspaper Office, post Office, Tyndal"s Hardware, Courthouse, Courthouse square (p. 152) space all in the facility of Maycomb.

--Chapter 16

Dolphus Raymond sits v the "Negroes" in ~ the far edge of the courthouse square (p.162); he shows up to drink liquor indigenous a container in a file bag.

Jitney jungle (p.162) miss Maudie walk not believe that miss out on Stephanie is informing the truth when she says she is on her means to Jitney Jungle quite than the courthouse.

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Drug Store (p.162) The pharmacy is on the northeast corner of the square. Human being attend a "gala occasion" with the trial and the "more rich chased your food through drugstore Coca-Cola in bulb-shaped soda glasses."

--Chapter 17

Dump, the Ewells  once Bob Ewell is dubbed to testify, Scout defines the area whereby they live near the dump. "...the Ewells provided the recording a thorough gleaning every day, and also the fruits of your industry...." (p.173)

--Chapter 25

Barker"s Eddy (p. 242) is "at the finish of a dirt roadway off the Meridian highway about a mile native town." This is "a swim hole."

i am using an old paperback copy of To kill a Mockingbird, so the page numbers will probably not be the same as your own. I have listed the chapter for each location, however.