Tiger Wrench is a tool that combines 16 wrenches ~ above a swiveling head. Does that work? check out my Tiger Wrench review.

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About Tiger Wrench

Tiger Wrench is an flexible tool that attributes 16 wrench size which deserve to be quickly accessed with a an easy rotation. The product website is tigerwrench.com, i m sorry was very first registered in November 2016. The display screen shot listed below shows just how the product website looked in march 2017.


Claims & Features

Combination of 16 wrenchesQuickly discover the best size through rotating adjustments & swiveling headSave time by removed guessworkReplaces kits & cumbersome socketsWorks v a selection of bolts (damaged, spline, 6-point, 12-point, Torx, and square)


Tiger Wrench expenses $19.95 + $9.95 shipping because that a full of $29.90. I uncovered Tiger Wrench in ~ a local As watched on TV save in ras Vegas for about $21.

Tiger Wrench Review

Tiger Wrench is promoted as a revolutionary tool that have the right to replace 16 wrenches at once. This is accomplished by a swiveling and also rotating head that deserve to be readjusted to various sizes on the fly. Can you in reality replace whole socket and also wrench set with this one tool?

The first thing that crossed my mind when I witnessed the ad for Tiger Wrench was that I have seen this form of tool before, as I will comment on below.

Although the marketing would have actually you believe that the multi-head style of this wrench sets the apart from various other tools, I think that it’s the ergonomic rubber grip handle that offers it a slim edge over few of the others. Most of this “dog bone” wrenches don’t sell a rubber handle, so ns think the is the primary attribute that sets the apart from comparable tools. That might not it is in a compelling factor to choose this one over the others, however it might be to part people.

To readjust sizes, you just spin the rotating head to choose which size you want. As long as friend don’t move the wrench in a direction that might spin the head, it will remain in ar as you readjust bolts.

When I discovered Tiger Wrench at a regional As seen on TV save in ras Vegas in January 2018, I chose to take it it under to Santa Ana, California to have actually my cousin assist me offer it a ideal evaluation at his standard auto human body shop.

The first thing us both noticed was that the shallow sockets popped off easily when attempting to loosen a chop bolt in ~ a 45-degree angle – together the declaring claims. In fact, due to the fact that the sockets room so shallow, the tool is almost flush through the surface, and also this creates interferences indigenous the other sockets ~ above the tool.

We liked the feel of the rubberized handle, and we agreed the this is a quite handy device to have actually in part circumstances. After several hrs of testing, I come away feeling choose it should have actually been better. In mine opinion, the shallowness that the sockets appeared to it is in a style flaw. And also that’s where things came to be interesting.

Upon return to Nevada, ns fired increase the Tiger Wrench advertising again and also noticed the the sockets appeared much depths in the commercial 보다 they go on my tool. My theory is that a prototype to be advertised, however the architecture was transformed for manufacturing reasons (costs?), which resulted in a more shallow collection of sockets. I believe that if they had actually kept the depth the the sockets true to the unit lock advertised top top television, the difficulties I had actually with the product would certainly be lessened.


Compare the socket depth in the advertising vs the depth that the sockets uncovered in the packaging.

This isn’t the very first wrench to it is in hyped in As watched on TV advertising, yet not all such tools are an instant hit. I remember critical year see a comparable item dubbed Crocodile Wrench the looked same impressive, however it easily disappeared. Can Tiger Wrench impress sufficient consumers to end up being a contender? just time will certainly tell.

In the end, Tiger Wrench is a disappointment. Minor transforms to the architecture made a significant impact on how well this tool functions.

Be sure to inspect out mine full video clip review that Tiger Wrench below.


If Tiger Wrench watch compelling come you, but you don’t desire to wait for expanded shipping times, you might be interested in one of many dog bone wrenches ~ above the market, which variety from $8 – $30. The Craftsman Dogbone Metric Wrench, i m sorry functions and also looks about the very same as Tiger Wrench, costs about $10. There is also the Sears brand Dog Bone wrench that runs about $25.

In year past, I’ve seen a product called the black color & Decker ReadyWrench, although that one isn’t as basic to discover these days. The looks virtually similar to Tiger Wrench – the deeper socket version.

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