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Sirius – called after the star, Sirius, additionally known together the Dog Star or good Dog (Canis Major). That is the brightest star in the sky, often dubbed “scorching,” which rather suits his personality. According to The Magical people of harry Potter: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts by David Colbert, in Egyptian mythology, the star Sirius is wherein it was thought the souls of people traveled after ~ death. The star had such prominence that every the temples were built to align with its path across the sky. Excavators have uncovered that long tunnels or airshafts in the good Pyramid make the stars visible in daytime, and that the check out is the part of the skies where Sirius appears. The is assumed that the shafts were supposed to guide one’s heart to Sirius. This is very interesting considering the path in i beg your pardon Sirius died.

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Toujours Pur – The Black family members motto. The is French for “Always Pure.” psychic that many of the black color family think about Half-Bloods to be below them.


Oh, Sirius, i love you. Even though you have actually your really childish moments and sort of litter hissy-fits, i love you. His past is so…murky and yet, he have the right to still be together a good figure (at times) because that Harry. I provided to dislike Jo for killing Sirius and taking far Harry’s opportunity for a family, however I know it to be necessary. I sometimes get angry at every the blame that Sirius took because that Pettigrew’s actions, however I’ll talk around that later.

Okay, so obviously, Sirius = great Dog which defines his animagus form. Sirius certainly is a shining star, as in he’s famous (not for good usually) and he’s noticeable (at the very least in his youth when he was described to be very attractive). Ns think Sirius was additionally a overview for bother temporarily, mainly a overview to brotherhood and a method to see into his parents’ lives. I likewise agree with MuggleNet that all of the Egyptian mythology and Sirius’ death. I dislike that harry didn’t obtain to have actually a funeral for Sirius. And I dislike that the critical time Harry and Sirius “talked” was throughout battle. It’s virtually like it was a harbinger because that what to be to come. I contained the Black household motto because there’s no really any type of explanation for the lock of Black.


So, let’s start with Sirius’ animagus form. The death Omen – can you get any creepier? Harry’s death is clearly surrounded with fatality (which renders the Hallows story even an ext awesome). Therefore the omen was sort of a predictor of Remus’ fatality of career, Sirius’ own death, and also the war to come. I don’t know, these are simply speculations of mine.

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I recognize Sirius was a jerk once he to be a kid, yet in his defense, he had an horrible childhood. Ns mean, did friend hear his mother’s wailings? ns pretty sure we need to all be surprised that he didn’t finish up much more messed up. Plus, i love the he rebelled versus his parents so much with every one of the Gryffindor ingredient in his room and also the permanent Sticking Charms. Classic Sirius. And also then, after 12 years in Azkaban, he needs to return to the jail of his childhood home…and not be able to see anyone. The one point that always bothered me about the timing of Sirius’ fatality is that he never acquired to have a family with Harry. Not really entirely for harry sake, however for Sirius’. That never had actually a genuine family, and the the next he obtained was as soon as he visited the porter house, but it no the same.

Okay, therefore in bespeak to save the feels to a minimum, ns going to talk about Sirius’ “crime.” This angers me for so countless reasons. Okay, why didn’t they perform Priori Incantatem ~ above his wand to watch what the last spell cast was? In the books, pretty sure it tells you a lot around it. Also, why didn’t they questioning him come retrieve his memories of that day and also what happened? Clearly, the Wizarding court system is nice messed up and needs to it is in reformed seriously. (Hopefully Hermione accomplishes this throughout her time in the ministry.) I could not even imagine spending prefer a day in Azkaban, let alone years. Sirius is stronger than I can ever be, especially after just losing his best friend. (I wonder if that’s why Sirius didn’t shot to prove himself really – he had just lost two of his best friends and didn’t know if he would obtain to watch the third ever again)

I have to short article these since I have to have part feels, sorry – don’t dislike me!

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