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Funny limericks are a variation of the popular five line rhyming poem, these limerick poems incorporate a funny story or funny rhymes to make you laugh. This list of funny limericks contains a large collection of these popular five line poems that everyone will find hilarious.

A fellow jumped off a high wall,And had a most terrible fall. He went back to bed, With a bump on his head, That"s why you don"t jump off a wall.
Limericks I cannot compose,With noxious smells in my nose.But this one was easy,I only felt queasy,Because I was sniffing my toes.There was an odd fellow named Gus,When travelling he made such a fuss.He was banned from the train,Not allowed on a plane,And now travels only by bus.There once was a farmer from Leeds,Who swallowed a packet of seeds.It soon came to pass,He was covered with grass,But has all the tomatoes he needs.A canner, exceedingly canny,One morning remarked to his granny.A canner can can,Anything that he can,But a canner can"t can a can, can he?.There was a young woman named Bright,Whose speed was much faster than light.She set out one day,In a relative way,And returned on the previous night.There once was a man from Tibet,Who couldn"t find a cigarette.So he smoked all his socks,and got chicken-pocks,and had to go to the vet.There once was a man named Brice,Who had a nasty head full lice.He said, If I eat them,Then I"ll have beat them!And besides they taste very nice.There once was a child in Spain,Who loved to play in the rain.One day he tripped,And broke his hip,Now he is in serious pain.My neighbor came over to say,Although not in a neighborly way,That he"d knock me around,If I didn"t stop the sound,Of the classical music I play.There once was a man stuck in a stall,He tried to get out but would fall. One day a man flushed,The fat man just blushed,And quickly ran out of the mall.There was a young lady of Cork,Whose Pa made a fortune in pork.He bought for his daughter,A tutor who taught her,To balance green peas on her fork.I"d rather have Fingers than Toes,I"d rather have Ears than a Nose.And as for my Hair,I"m glad it"s all there,I"ll be awfully said, when it goes.A newspaper man named Fling,Could make "copy" from any old thing.But the copy he wrote,Of a five dollar note,Was so good he is now wears so much bling.A man and his lady-love, Min,Skated out where the ice was quite thin.Had a quarrel, no doubt,For I hear they fell out,What a blessing they didn"t fall in!There was a young lady of Lynn,Who was so excessively thin.That when she assayed,To drink lemonade,She slipped through the straw and fell in.There was an enchanting young bride, Who ate many green apples and died. The apples fermented, inside the lamented, and made cider inside her inside.There once was a man from kanass,Who"s nuts were made out of stormy weather,he"d clack them together,and lightning shot out of his ass.There once was a boy named Dan, who wanted to fry in a pan.He tried and he tried, and eventually died, that weird little boy named Dan.I need a front door for my hall,The replacement I bought was too tall.So I hacked it and chopped it,And carefully lopped it,And now the dumb thing is too small. I know an old owl named Boo, Every night he yelled Hoo,Once a kid walked by, And started to cry, And yelled I don"t have a clue!One Saturday morning at three,A cheese monger"s shop in Paree.Collapsed to the ground,With a thunderous sound,Leaving only a pile of de brie.I once fell in love with a blonde,But found that she wasn"t so fond.Of my pet turtle named Odle,whom I"d taught how to Yodel,So she dumped him outside in the pond.I"m really determined and keen,To start giving this house a spring clean.I will do it I say,Yes, I"ll do it today,Well, I"ll do it tomorrow, I mean. There was a young fellow named Weir,Who hadn"t an inch of fear.He indulged a desire,To touch a live wire,And he celebrated by drinking beer.There was a young lady named Perkins,Who just simply lived on gherkins.In spite of advice,She ate so much spice,That she ruined her internal working"s.A painter, who lived in Great Britain,Interrupted two girls with their knitting,He said, with a sigh,That park bench--well I,Just painted it, right where you"re sitting.My dog is quite hip,Except when he takes a dip.He looks like a fool,when he jumps in the pool,and reminds me of a sinking ship.
There was a young schoolboy of Rye, Who was baked by mistake in a pie. To his mother’s disgust,He emerged through the crust, And exclaimed, with a yawn, Where am I? As for beauty I am not a star,There are others much more handsome by far.But my face -- I don"t mind it,For I am behind it,It"s the people in front that I jar.There was a young fellow named Hall,who died in the spring in the fall. "Twould have been a bad thing,had he died in the spring,but he didn"t — he died in the fall.There once was a girl called Jane,who thought she had a really big brain.She thought she was cool, standing in a puddle of drool,but really she was just insane.A young schoolgirl named Rose,Is rather ashamed of her nose.She distracts people"s stares,With the mice that she wears,Hanging down from her clothes.There is a young schoolboy named Mason,Whose mom cuts his hair with a basin.When he stands in one place,With a scarf round his face,It"s a mystery which way he’s facing.I once had a gerbil named Bobby,Who had an unusual hobby.He chewed on a cord,and now -- oh my lord, now all that"s left is a blobby.There was a young dentist who thrilled,To the sound of a tooth being filled.He would practise, they said,Every night in his shed,With the old drill he"s skilled.An ambitious young fellow named Matt,Tried to parachute using his hat.Folks below looked so small,As he started to fall,Then got bigger and bigger and SPLAT! There was a young person called Smarty,Who sent out his cards for a party.So exclusive and few,Were the friends that he knew,That no one was present but Smarty.I"ve done it -- I"ve done mown the lawn,But my muscles are aching and torn.I could swear there are some,In my legs and my bum,I"ve not used since the year I was born.There was a young girl from Rabat Who had triplets: Nan, Pat, and Tat. It was fun in the breeding, but hell in the feeding, as she found she had no tit for Tat.There once was a fly on the wall,I wonder why didn"t it fall.Because its feet stuck,Or was it just luck,Or does gravity miss things so small?A young gourmet dining at Crewe,Found a rather large mouse in his stew.Said the waiter, Don"t shout,And wave it about,Or the rest will be wanting one, too.An elderly man called Keith,Mislaid his set of false teeth.They"d been laid on a chair,He"d forgot they were there,Sat down, and was bitten beneath.There once was a girl named Zoe,She went out in her yard which was quite snowy. She ate her brother, Asked her parents for another,So they had another named Joey.There was a young lady of Kent,Whose nose was most awfully bent.She followed her nose,One day, I suppose,And no one knows which way she went.There was a young lady named Rose,Who had a large wart on her nose. When she had it removed,Her appearance improved, But her glasses slipped down to her toes. There once was a girl from Dubai, who desperately wanted to fly. But whenever she flapped, that girl got so chapped, that poor littl girl from Dubai.A circus performer named Brian,Once smiled as he rode on a lion.They came back from the ride,But with Brian inside,And the smile on the face of the lion.An elephant slept in his bunk, And in slumber his chest rose and sunk.But he snored -- how he snored! All the other beasts roared,So his wife tied a knot in his trunk.There was an old man of Peru,Who dreamt he was eating his shoe.He woke in the night,With a terrible fright,And found it was perfectly true.My ambition, said old Mr. King,Is to live as a bird on the wing.Then he climbed up a steeple,Which scared all the people,So they caged him and taught him to sing.There was a young fellow named Clyde, who fell in an outhouse and died. Along came his brother, and fell in another, and now they"re interred side by side.If you’re lacking a little good cheer, Go and tickle a bull in the rear.For I’m sure that the rumor,That they’ve no sense of humor,Is a product of ignorant fear.An intrepid explorer named Petty,Intended to capture a yeti.But the yeti yelled, Freeze! I’ve a gun—on your knees,While my Dad gets the ring and confetti.There was a Young Lady whose eyes, Were unique as to colour and size; When she opened them wide, People all turned aside, And started away in surprise.There was a young lady from Niger,Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.They came back from the ride,With the lady inside,And the smile on the face of the tiger.There was an Old Man in a boat, Who said, I"m afloat, I"m afloat!When they said, No! you ain"t!He was ready to faint, That unhappy Old Man in a boat.There was an Old Man with a gong, Who bumped at it all day long.But they called out, no more, You"re a horrid old bore,So they smashed that Old Man with a gong.There once was a wonderful star,Who thought she would go very far.Until she fell down,And looked like a clown,She knew she would never go far.I"m papering walls in the loo,And quite frankly I haven"t a clue.For the pattern"s all wrong,Or the paper"s too long,And I"m stuck to the toilet with glue.A crossword compiler named Moss,Who found himself quite at a loss.When asked, Why so blue?Said, I haven’t a clue,I’m 2 Down to put 1 Across.There was a Young Lady whose chin, Resembled the point of a pin.So she had it made sharp, And purchased a harp, And played several tunes with her chin.An extremely slim model, Miss Slater, Was attacked by a croc and it ate "er. Said her trainer, Tough deal, What a horrible meal,We should throw it some greens and potater.There once was a young boy named Nick,Who by chance was always being kicked.He tried not to fight,For he was smart, kind and bright,So he learned how to run really quick.There once was a man from York,who picked his nose with a fork.He went for a pluck,when it got stuck,and walked around looking like a dork.

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Is it me or the nature of money,That"s odd and particularly funny.But when I have dough,It goes quickly, you know,And seeps out of my pockets like honey.Amazingly, antelope stew,Is supposedly better for you.Than a goulash of rat,Or Hungarian cat,But I guess that something you knew.There was an Old Man with a beard, Who said, It is just as I feared!Two Owls and a Hen,Four Larks and a Wren,Have all built their nests in my beard!Remember when nearly sixteen,On your very first date as a teen.At the movies? If yes,Then I bet you can"t guess,What was shown on the cinema screen. The incredible Wizard of Oz,Retired from his business becoz.Due to up-to-date science,To most of his clients,He wasn"t the Wizard he woz.I met her in chat, she was neat,her photo was pretty, petite.we met for a meal,I saw her for real,I screamed and then ran down the street!There once was a young man called Kyle,who worked at the circus a while.He flew through the air,with hardly a care,and that"s why his body"s in a pile.Once I visited France, And learned a new, awesome dance.I twirled, And I swirled, And then I lost my pants.There once was a man from Peru,Who had a lot of growing up to do.He"d ring a doorbell,then run like hell,Until the owner shot him with a .22

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