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Buck searches because that the small Girl after he makes contact with her and she vanishes. While the remainder of the intends team sneaks into a cabin searching for answers around the other team's intentions, Buck winds up confront to challenge with the mrs of the Woods.


Hot top top the trace of Alaska’s Tiger, the terrain becomes an additional adversary ~ above the Midnight Hunt once the Alaskan permafrost begins to melt.

The Ghost Brothers check out tweets native fans. What have the right to be claimed in only 140 personalities is nearly as unbelievable together ghosts.


She gets the feeling that she's not alone together she showers and there's a article left behind together evidence.
Discover the most terrifying monsters that showed up to the males throughout the collection Mountain Monsters.
The Tennessee Wraith Chasers investigate legend Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, website of the bloodiest battle of the civil War. If making contact with the restless souls of this fallen American soldiers, do they get more than castle bargained for?
A funeral home’s dark previous comes earlier to haunt an investigator. An additional team investigates a crumbling mansion & is terrorized by the angry soul of a scorned wife. And also in Ohio, the soul of a former owner has returned to threaten the new homeowner.
The Magnolia Plantation in Derry, Louisiana, i m sorry dates earlier to the early 1800’s, entices the Ghost Brothers to investigate insurance claims of deceased slaves still practicing voodoo in the afterlife.
The Ghost Brothers take trip to Monticello, Arkansas to inspection the Allen House, i beg your pardon has insurance claims of doppelgangers and apparitions connected to a love triangle and a jilted woman’s suicide that took place in the home in 1949.
Prospect Place, in Trinway, Ohio, was when a avoid on the secret Railroad. This historical mansion lures the Ghost brother to uncover out if an angry entity and also other unsettled spirits the date earlier to the civil war era, quiet reside on the property
Bonus Edition: An aggressive ghost scratches a person and breaks objects in ~ a desolate cabin. Amy and Adam head deep into the Pennsylvania woods to i found it answers because that the family, and also find the soul stalking them.
Bonus Edition: A enemy spirit strikes a homeowner and smashes objects. This sinister ghost preys ~ above Amy and Adam’s are afraid to get them to leaving the house. A stunning breakthrough leader the examination toward an infamous unsolved murder.

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Bonus Edition: one investigation into a shadow figure takes one emotional revolve for Amy as soon as a psychic renders a shocking discovery. And, a growling voice provides the team fear the ghost is an ext negative than they were resulted in believe.
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