At Oklahoma University, one deserve to only hope the the tainted gentlemen that were to sing on the bus will discover their means and a new tune worth chanting.

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“There will never ever be a n***** SAE”, those to be the words therefore cheerfully sung by members that Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s college of Oklahoma chapter on their means to “date night.” that hateful and also scripted chant come from SAE, a fraternity who creed is the True Gentleman created by john Walter Wayland in 1899:

The True Gentleman is the guy whose conduct proceeds from good will and also an acute feeling of propriety, and also whose discipline is equal to all emergencies; that does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man that his inferiority or deformity…

Yet, there these guys are top top a bus, singing a song about lynching, to the song of “If you’re Happy and You know It.” the wasn’t just one person singing it, but whole bus of people, as if it to be a dress rehearsal for a KKK retreat.

Contrary come what the can be fried Court might think by gutting the voting civil liberties act -- ‘cause girlfriend know, we don’t really need it anymore -- post-racial we room not. Nope, racism is alive and well and thanks to society media no much longer hidden. In simply nine-seconds we got that reminder and also William Bruce James II, a black color member of the fraternity, a sucker punch.

There may not have actually been a n***** at SAE, but there was without doubt at the very least one black man.

Having grown increase in a small town in Oklahoma, will was provided to being the “only one.” the may have been offered to it however it wasn’t something that he wanted. So, then exactly how did he finish up pledging SAE?

“A friend of mine had a grand that pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon and he wanted me to go to the home with that to examine it out, so i went. Ns may have actually been the just black human being in the room, however they didn’t make me feel that way. There was a emotion of inclusion.”

... In ~ one suggest or another black human being are put in the duty of “ambassador” to the community... Being the “only one” often means having come disrupt stereotypes and also use racially insensitive remarks together “teachable moments.”

That feeling of consists faded away yesterday as he watched his fellow SAE brothers sing around lynching. The sadness in his voice to be palpable together he talked about the great times he had actually being track Chair that the fraternity. “I never ever heard that song before yesterday. We supplied to song songs about symbolism and also drinking, it to be corny and spirited, this to be something else.”

He had hoped that his presence would have adjusted something. Do his brothers think around diversity and also stereotypes. “I wouldn’t say i was one ambassador, yet I go think my presence would transition something, clearly I to be wrong.”

It’s unfortunate, but at one suggest or another black people are placed in the duty of “ambassador” to the community. If like me, your parents moved to one area where they want “good schools” and “safe neighborhoods,” many thanks to distinction by zip code and tax brackets, that means moving to mainly white areas, where you may be the just black family members on the block. Being the “only one” often means having to disrupt stereotypes and use racially insensitive remarks together “teachable moments.”

Will, had actually these moments v SAE yet he says they were few and far between. “Not anyone was happy as soon as I obtained signed, however they to be happy by the time I graduated because by climate they knew me and we were brothers.”

What’s frustrating is that these males on the bus knew Will, not due to the fact that they had actually met him, but since his picture like other alumni hang on the walls. Will required to his blog to air his frustration writing, “there will never ever be another black SAE… i wish there had actually been one less.”

What’s worse is that not just does Will’s snapshot hang top top the wall, but the chef that had been feeding these guys for years was a black man named Howard Dixon. Howard, who has actually now in spite of having had actually this task for decades, has lost it through the closeup of the door of the frat house, due to the fact that of a busload of racists who plainly thought very tiny of him. Thankfully, few of the SAE alumni space trying to settle a damaging wrong by raising money to help him land on his feet.

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One have the right to only hope that the tainted gentlemen the were to sing on the bus will discover their means and a new tune precious chanting.

Naome Kadira, co-director the Unheard, one alliance of black students organized for change on the campus, released the video. In an interview through NBC Nightly News she stated she no shocked through the video clip but instead “more hurt and just astonished.”