Two explorers take it an incredible exploration into the blistering Arabian Desert and also turn increase what countless scholars believe to be one of the greatest explorations in history...the genuine Mount Sinai, the holy mountain on which Moses got the Ten Commandments. This is their remarkable story as discover over a dozen significant remnants still continuing to be at the site.

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DirectorsSteve GreisenStarringJohn Rhys Davies, Larry Williams, Bob CornukeGenresDocumentary, special InterestSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
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Ivan David LippensReviewed in the United states on December 6, 2020
It"s interesting how there"s so much "gnashing-of-teeth" against this, and also other comparable Christian productions.You have the right to take a snapshot of something, i m sorry demonstrates incredible evidence, and you"ve got civilization saying it"s unscientific, or suspicious, etc.It"s like civilization say "give me evidence, but as lengthy as it"s not too good, and only if it"s just enough for me come say it"s no convincing". LoLPlease "Report Abuse" on all the 1-star and 2-star reviews.People dive-bombing productions, for stupid and unintelligent reasons, right here on, is acquiring really, yes, really old.This documentary consists of tons of documented evidence, and it"s something precious watching.It"s as simple as that.

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* CustomerReviewed in the United states on October 10, 2018
The subject issue was interesting sufficient to keep my fist to the end yet this to be an awful item of work. First off, it"s not a documentary at all. There room no videos, photos, or any kind of evidence of your journey which leader one to concern whether it also occurred. What we gain instead of actual footage are an extremely poor reenactments with voice over. The filmmakers case to be following the path they believe is defined in Exodus. Each location they are in search of magically appears without any type of effort. They were in search of where Moses parted the Red Sea and they nonchalantly explain finding a land leg leading right into Saudi Arabia yet offer no actual evidence of this other than for an aerial photograph that to be obviously no taken by them. It goes on and also on from there. They to be next in search of the bitter Springs of Marah and also sure enough there"s a spring and also the water is still bitter. Again no actual evidence of gift there. Exodus says there to be Acacia hardwood at the site. Wouldn"t friend know, there"s some Acacia timber over there. No image or evidence again. They acquire to the supposed mountain and there simply happens to it is in an altar with a petroglyph of a calf. No proof they were there again. Then they evade armed guards and climb the hill at night and also discover the the optimal is scorched black together if there were a great fire. No picture or video clip of them being on the mountain either. Basically this was a pretty fairy story of two males pretending to walk on a trip, transforming their lie into a fictional movie, and also then dishonestly offering it. Add in a whole lot of proselytizing and there you have it. Don"t waste her time, there room much far better films ~ above the subject.