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I wish we might just see an ext of badass Naofumi, prefer we go in this week’s episode. I want come buy his number so I have the right to stare in ~ his badassery all day.

The episode had actually a great mix of intense action and plot development. The all simply keeps getting far better and better as we room upon the 2nd cour the this amazing series (that’s right. Don’t forget to song in for our spring 2019 reviews. Naofumi will certainly be there).Japanese initial Title: 漆黒の異邦者


Disregarding the other heroes, Glass is only interested in Naofumi. They have a heated clash however she is too powerful for Naofumi to take on. Happy is ~ above the group’s side as the second wave ends and Glass disappears. King Melromarc all of sudden summons Naofumi which he isn’t thrilled about. Everyone plans to take trip to Shieldfreeden in the hope of getting class upgrades, however Naofumi runs right into Melty who pleas for Naofumi to try to reconcile through her father. Unknown come her, just Naofumi notices that someone wants Melty dead.

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Episode Highlights

Battle too Short: The clash in between Glass and also Naofumi was also short; I want more. This is a direct an unfavorable for this episode and also quite unjust that we gained such a quick period. However this portion showed off just how much stronger Naofumi has actually become. Offer me much more scenes favor Glass shoot fire down and also Naofumi riding on Filo’s back using his shield to protect it. I’ll be a happy girl.

We Servants No: It was a hysterical moment, Glass’s fixation with Naofumi. She just assumed the rest of the heroes were his servants. That shows how insignificant the rest of the heroes are right currently for the plot as Naofumi and also the rather are dominating it.

Elhart San: Naofumi has end up being a bit more trusting towards others prefer shop owner Elhart San. The other wasn’t very keen towards Naofumi, but due to the fact that the first couple of episodes, Elhart has come to be a an excellent supporting character. This episode proved just how much Elhart has a soft spot because that Naofumi, gifting him through extra tools for his journey. Truly, a sort man.

Ending: Malty and also Melty, if it wasn’t clear, space on the opposites of great and bad. THAT ending just had Malty’s doing written anywhere it. Ns loved exactly how Naofumi was able to notice the odor of a setup. Naofumi shielding Melty to be such a great cliffhanger ending. This will carry her and Naofumi closer now.

Protect This Party: Karma is a bitch when it comes around and also King Melromarc outraged expression was worth it. The wished to know exactly how Naofumi obtained such power; that’s exactly how bad-ass Naofumi is. The watch of rage on Naofumi suits the well; all his emotions simply pierced with the it s too dirty atmosphere. His little defiant speech was perfect; he defended his party in the best means possible and also showed how much they have come to mean come him. It to be the finest scene the this entirety episode.

Trivia and also Themes

Impossible to Ignore: The weird woman that heeded Naofumi to be mindful of the king and the church who are versus him. All Naofumi has actually been through and also his rebellious nature come not provide in has actually earned him the watchful eye of his enemies and the world who begrudge him. In spite of those that look under on Naofumi, he is proven self to no be trifled with. He challenged every hardship head on. Naofumi has made self a pressure to be reckoned with and has currently a strong presence that would certainly be an humiliation to ignore from those the wish to remove him.

Berserker Filo: i am still wonder why Filo went crazy when Naofumi used the cursed shield. It was clarified because that me by a on facebook comment since it was due to something ns had fully forgotten about: that was because of a item of the zombie dragon crystal Naofumi had Filo save inside that her.

Glass and The Waves: due to the fact that Glass’s introduction one begins to wonder: what space the waves? Is Glass regulating them? So many questions.

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Family: throughout a conversation in between Melty and the king, the mumbles under his breath of no wishing to lose any an ext family. Hopefully, us will find out what family members the king has actually lost. Were there vault heroes 보다 the persons now?


Epic ring of Shield Hero this week, my only an unfavorable for this illustration was that Naofumi and also Glass’s complement was as well short. Ns needed much more and ns wish come see an ext of the upset Naofumi. I was laughing the totality time the king gained butchered comment after comment together he to be being insulted top top his very own throne. It to be indeed a glorious moment for Naofumi.

Insulted Throne

The collection is steering into the 2nd cour and I’m hyped together anything. Specifically that cliffhanger, an excellent execution on that one. Will Naofumi ultimately trust Melty in the following episode?

Leave a talk about your thoughts for episode 12 and also check out our other Winter 2019 evaluation coverage!!

See you following for an ext Shield Hero!!


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