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The first couple of minutes the this week’s episode could have set off viewers together Naofumi, in order to survive, buys a slave. Us are introduced to Raphtalia, a racoon demi-human and this week’s delves right into the beginning of this pair’s relationship and also the backstory on Raphtalia and also how she acquired to the point of coming to be a slave. The setup the this episode was bloody fantastic, and also I loved Raphtalia’s character.Japanese initial Title: 奴隷の女の子


With nobody to assist him, Naofumi will to make some hard decisions. One of those is the slave trader’s offer for Naofumi to buy a servant to serve him. Slaves deserve to never disobey or betray their master when a contract is made. Naofumi absorbs a young Racoon girl Raphtalia, in order to advanced both their skill levels. Naofumi teaches Raphtalia just how to hit – together all Naofumi is qualified of is defending. Naofumi and also Raphtalia undertaking to a small town to try to make some money and where Raphtalia relives a past nightmare.

Episode Highlights

Cutie Racoon: Establishing the obvious fact, Raphtalia is the cutest thing and also her reaction to acquiring to eat a proper meal she obtained a gif to be so precious. She has stolen my heart already. Treated Equal: Naofumi’s treatment in the direction of Raphtalia at the start would have actually annoyed viewers, as Naofumi forced high demands on Raphtalia, particularly considering the position Naofumi has actually been placed in and how society works in the world. Naofumi to be going need to make some tough decisions and also buying a slave may seem poor but ns don’t think it is. It looks poor at very first but through the food of the episode, he displays his kinder side. Naofumi makes sure Raphtalia is cared for, slowly obtaining Raphtalia trust. Raphtalia Demons: It was a tough pill come swallow the moment as Naofumi and also Raphtalia challenge a dog monster, the same creature that killed Raphtalia’s parents. The trauma Raphtalia has gone through: to have actually to confront her demons. In the series the saying rings true – ‘it’s death or it is in killed’- and this episode shown this well.

Themes and Trivia

Opening Theme: The Rising Of The Shield Hero opening layout ‘RISE’ performed by MADKID is a killer beat the gets grounding in her head; I LOVE IT. The tape MADKID debuted in 2014 and also are well-known for your fast-paced hip hop, rap format of music. Naofumi’s Position: Goblin Slayer from the autumn 2018 season led to a many of debate over 2 disturbing graphic scenes involving rape and also gory kid massacre. The Rising of The Shield Hero is this season’s conflict over its very first episode since it involves Naofumi falsely accused the rape. Human being assumed there was some strong prejudice against women. Over there is no proof i’ve come across to say otherwise. ~ Naofumi is falsely accused, he transforms rogue and this placed him in a poor light come viewers. Naofumi is upset at the human being who summoned the to save their world and the unjust, unfair system that this civilization has in place. Naofumi can have been a true asshole and also decide not to conserve this world from the wave, yet he didn’t, which makes him an exciting protagonist because that this collection and just how he will get back at the unjust system.


The increasing Of The Shield Hero has me hooked guys. This illustration was fantastic and it focused on Raphtalia and also Naofumi beginning out their relationships. It couldn’t have been excellent better. First, the looks negative when Naofumi forces Raphtaila to take up a sword and also kill because she can not refuse one order. Slowly as the episode unfolded we acquired to watch Naofumi’s softer side due to the fact that the dude is really not bad. He is simply in a sucka-ass place right now and also has to do some challenging decisions. I never ever doubted the Naofumi would certainly treat Raphtalia fairly. Naofumi is balancing a lot on his shoulders trying to survive by leveling up his skills, and as the shield hero, every he can do is defend. Naofumi knows he won’t last 5 minutes, so this is the sole factor he takes in Naofumi and maybe others follow me the way. Ahh, ns am so cursed excited to see where whatever goes since this collection has set itself increase so bloody well.

Racoons space Cute

Another brilliant illustration this main as Raphtalia and Naofumi begin out your relationship. Ns wonder what other members he’ll pick up along the way, ns excited to see and also where Naofumi will certainly go from there. Leave a comment listed below on your thoughts for episode 2? inspect out our various other Winter 2019 evaluation coverage!! watch you next for much more Shield Hero!! next Time: wave Of disastrous (破局の波)

The climbing of the Shield Hero

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