The Night Is Dark & complete Of Terrors: 10 things You Didn't Know about Melisandre Melisandre, the Red mrs of Asshai, is concurrently a renowned but likewise still fairly mysterious character in the human being of A song Of Fire & Ice.

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stannis baratheon and melisandre indigenous a video game of thrones
for this reason far, there room over one million, seven hundred thousands words in the collection A track of Ice and Fire, written by George RR Martin. Not only that, but there room prequels, sequels, tv shows, and a seemingly unending amount of lore about each and every personality in the universe.

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Like the human being of Star Wars, the sprawling universe of A tune of Ice and Fire/Game the Thrones features for this reason many characters with in-depth backstories that casual fans find it difficult to understand everything. Even diehard fans, though, have the right to miss small details, when trying to absorb all the information Martin gives them to read and watch. Melisandre, the Red woman of Asshai, is fairly well-known, but there are some details of her life and also character that plenty of fans completely missed.

Melisandre on game of Thrones
Melisandre is known by countless names, which isn’t surprising, as she cut an exceptionally mysterious number for both in-universe characters and audiences spend the material. She is a red priestess that R’hllor, and also she look at the part. In thing 17 of A Dance through Dragons, she is even referred to together “the king red shadow,” together she is constantly at Stannis Baratheon’s side.

More than being a red priestess, she has actually red hair— specifically “deep burnished copper”— and red eyes, and always dresses in red, together a red priest of R’hllor must. She’s constantly wearing part variant the red, she is constantly radiating heat, and she supplies flames to watch her prophecies. Melisandre is the king red shadow in much more ways than simply being a red priestess.

readers of A tune of Ice and also Fire and also viewers the A video game of Thrones know Melisandre nearly exclusively as Melisandre. Otherwise, they recognize her as the red priestess, the red witch, the red woman, or the king red shadow— any variation of these names is frequently referring come Melisandre.

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However, Melisandre indicates in thing 31 the A Dance through Dragons the this was not constantly the case. Boy name writes that Melisandre doesn’t choose to sleep for very long due to the fact that she has actually memories in her sleep of she past. In her past, she remembers her very own name— Melony— of “Lot Seven,” the group she was marketed with together a slave to a red temple as soon as she was a child.

when Melisandre’s first official figure in the collection A song of Ice and also Fire is in A Clash of Kings, fans speculate that she was actually mentioned previously than that: In the very very first book in the series. In A game of Thrones chapter 69, Tyrion receive intel that seems to allude to Melisandre.

Varys has lugged news come Tywin Lannister that Stannis is not only structure his fleet and also his army, but additionally bringing in a shadowbinder indigenous Asshai to Dragonstone to be his counselor. Despite Melisandre should already be on Dragonstone, it appears that this is a reference to Melisandre, making her an initial appearance in the books earlier 보다 it previously seemed to be.

7 Melisandre’s Voice Reminds Jon eye Of Spices

Melisandre is deeply beautiful and also alluring come everyone that sees her and also describes her in the books. Her looks, she personality, and her aura are compelling, and also people feeling incredibly drawn to her. Not only is she explained in the prologue A Clash of emperors as having actually a deep voice, and also in A Dance with Dragons together sounding melodic once she speaks, however there’s much more to she vocal tone.

In chapter 10 the A Dance v Dragons, Jon establish something unusual around Melisandre’s voice, or at least the means he perceives her voice. He explains it together reminding him of anise, nutmeg, and also cloves, a variety of plants, seeds, and also spices through a particular kick come them.

While that true that Melisandre is the king red shadow, not everyone watch Melisandre’s place at Stannis Baratheon’s side together a hopeful thing. In fact, many see her together a threat, and also her religion— and also her status as a red priestess that R’hllor— is doubly concerning to them. In fact, Stannis’ detractors usage Melisandre’s beliefs and position against Stannis on lot of occasions.

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In chapter 15 of A Clash the Kings, then the tiny council is make the efforts to invalid Stannis v rumors, several of those rumors involve Melisandre. Since of the rumors made up around Shireen and spread around Melisandre, Petyr Baelish— Littlefinger— is able to discredit Stannis come a certain extent.

5 over there Are fact To every one of Her Visions

Melisandre acknowledges the her visions have the right to not just be vague, yet that she herself can misinterpret them. She does have actually a an excellent deal of trust in she own capability to analysis her vision, yet still, she typically misreads the exact messages of she visions. Over there is tho a hints of truth to every little thing she sees, though, also when she gets things wrong.

For example, she has a vision in A Clash of kings that Renly will destroy Stannis’ forces. However, since Renly dies, Stannis believes he is prevented this outcome. In the end, though, Ser Garlan Tyrell attract Renly’s armor and also defeats Stannis’ forces, just as Melisandre saw in she vision. Later, in chapter 28 of A Dance through Dragons, Jon acknowledges that, if Melisandre’s prophecies room slightly skewed, her predictions come him do start to come true.

when Melisandre does see visions and also seeks to completely analyze them, she doesn’t distance herself from these prophecies. In fact, once she sees visions in the flames, she’ll often attempt come thwart your outcomes if she doesn’t donate them, or come ensure lock if she does.

At one point, for example, Melisandre speak Stannis (who then tells Davos Seaworth) the Ser Cortnay Penrose will certainly die within a day. In fact, it is the shadow assassin the Melisandre births that really night the ends up slaying Cortnay, presented in chapters 42 and also 44 that A Clash of Kings. Melisandre is, in a way, she own type of self-fulfilling prophecy.

3 Stannis will Only have Melisandre at His Side

The truth that the king’s red shadow is always by his side shows not only on that shadow, but on the king himself, as well. Stannis Baratheon, in some ways, considers Melisandre his many trusted confidant, and can just truly trust her. She watch him together the Azor Ahai, the prince the was promised, and also so will execute anything to check out this vision realized.

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In A Clash of Kings, once Renly dies and also Stannis continuously has actually horrible nightmares, only Melisandre can get him to sleep; in A Storm of Swords, as soon as Davos finds Stannis after ~ the fight of the Blackwater, Stannis will see nobody other than Melisandre. He seems to be as loyal come her together she is come him.

it’s true the Melisandre refuses to think that Stannis no Azor Ahai. For one, his sword can’t be the true burn sword, Lightbringer, since it doesn’t have actually the aura that magic that the sword must have. In chapter 78 the A Storm that Swords, Melisandre speak Maester Aemon that Stannis is Azor Ahai, and also that she saw the prophecy the declares this to be so.

However, in A Dance through Dragons, Maester Aemon tells Sam that he to trust Melisandre was wrong and also misread she prophecy— the thinks the Daenerys Targaryen is Azor Ahai. However, the television present A game of Thrones verified that the prophecy rather points to Jon as Azor Ahai.

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1 Melisandre Feels bad For Davos

if a an excellent deal the Davos Seaworth’s motivation for the latter half of his story is the ns of his sons, he eventually does pull back on seek revenge. As four of Davos’ sons died at the battle of the Blackwater, a fight that Davos believes Melisandre can have prevented, Davos blames Melisandre because that the ns of his children. Despite this, however, Melisandre feels bad for Davos.

In chapter 31 the A Dance through Dragons, Melisandre provides a one-of-a-kind request come Stannis the Devan Seaworth remain at Castle black so that he would certainly not be placed in danger, and also so Davos would certainly not lose yet one more son because of her.

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