War changes a person, and also it’s absolutely had an effect on Tom Chandler and also the remainder of ours crew.

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The critical Ship Season 5 episode 5, “Warriors,” switches between timelines to show the Nathan James crew in the thick of their fight and giving a glimpse the their an individual lives in ~ home.

For Chandler, the darkness he’s to be fighting end the past several periods is other he proceeds to battle with, and his children have picked up on. He’s make the efforts to leave the navy on an ext than one occasion. He had plans come retire and also stay house with his children, yet when he was needed, his own family motivated him to return.


Now, after ~ retiring and also even seeing his own confront as a museum exhibit, he’s earlier in the middle of the all. Part of it is loyalty, however there’s more to it. He doesn’t quite understand what to execute with himself as soon as he’s no a part of that ship.

Ashley gives him hell for it — he’s been an absent father because that a lengthy time now, and there’s blame because that him no being there as soon as their mom died. Yet she also understands the on part level, and she constantly has.

It’s nice to view this deep dive right into his character and also the relationship that’s formed with Sasha as well. She’s also part of his home life now.

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It’s in reality pretty uncomfortable come watch.

The will is good, though. I’m constantly much an ext interested in these characters and the effects of every little thing they’ve unable to do through an ext than the actual war they face, and also this is a possibility to check out that.

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What’s addressed far too tiny is the death of Alisha Granderson. While it’s pointed out a couple of times, the doesn’t have practically the effect you’d think the would. That’s a sample on this show, however.

It moves too quickly to spend sufficient time ~ above those moments. Also with Dr. Scott’s fatality early in the series, it didn’t feeling like sufficient time was devoted to it, and that’s absolutely the instance here, i beg your pardon is a disappointment.

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The good news is that a close call on this episode is just that — a near call, and not one more casualty. Say thanks to goodness Burk have the right to survive a cartridge to the neck!

Wolf and also Azima room such an adorable power couple. Ns love the two of them together.Speaking that romance, miscellaneous is impending for Miller! and also I don’t mean his love because that the small mouse (which is likewise really sweet).We additionally get a possibility to see Burk’s brothers (LaMonica Garrett) ~ above this episode, i beg your pardon is a really nice surprise.

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