If you take it The Muppet Show, The electric Company, H.R. Pufnstuf, and also Fraggle Rock and mixed lock all with each other in an 80s blender, it could look a tiny something like this (see the video clip below).

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Do you still understand all the words come that template song? ns do. The great Space Coaster ran in syndication from 1981 through 1986. It to be a children’s display featuring both puppets and people — the main character that the display was a giant puppet, or a guy in a puppet suit? ns don’t understand what it was — it to be a big-kind-of-freaky-clown called Baxter.



Baxter drive the room Coaster and also as you saw in the opened credit, he would swing by and pick up the 3 people-stars of the show, Danny, Roy and also Francine and also take them to Coasterville. In Coasterville, the group would cave out through a talking woodpecker v a pink feather fan that tells knock-knock joke on a loop, a robot-like elephant that enjoys gardening, and also probably the most memorable news anchor gnu in history, Gary Gnu.


No gnus is great gnus through Gary Gnu

Like The Muppet Show, The good Space Coaster featured guest stars like note Hammill, Sugar beam Leonard, and Marvin Hamlisch.

Danny, Roy and also Francine had a band and also would do hit songs of the job on the present – ns remember a rousing rendition of ‘Flashdance (What a Feeling)’ with Francine belting her small heart out.


Danny, Roy & Francine with Baxter

The present often concentrated on worries or problems that children would generally face. Because that instance, I will certainly never gain this number out of my head: ‘Yes ns can.’ Predictably, ‘Yes ns Can’ to be all around having confidence in yourself; when you didn’t think you could do something, simply say three small words . . .

I additionally still song this one today; football good “Mean” Joe Greene to be serenaded through the entire cast glorifying him.

Joe loved it, and also I loved his response, “I’m no mean!”

The an excellent Space Coaster was a good show; it to be educational, yet silly. It had music and also puppets. That was sort of like a little variety present with all of the various cartoons, segments, songs, and also endless laugh tracks.

It must have actually done miscellaneous right; sometimes, once I feel nervous around something, i still sing that “Yes ns Can” tune to myself in mine head.

That’s a an excellent show. The a place where dreams fly fast and also free, after all.

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Off we go!


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April 15, 2015

Yes Jake ns remember that — also, the small cartoon referee who had actually the signs. “TIME OUT! The an excellent Space Coaster will return after these messages!”

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