In the situation of crystal Rogers' disappearance, a mother-of-five vanishes and is never ever heard from again.

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Her vehicle is found abandoned with her purse and also keys still inside. Yet no one knows whereby she is.

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Crystal Rogers to be a mother of five before she disappeared. (9Now)

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Did decision Rogers die, or just disappear? was she murdered, or kidnapped, or walk she up and also go, leave her entire life behind her?

The true crime documentary The loss of crystal Rogers, available to present for free on 9Now, lays out the facts, and also interviews friends and family close to her to obtain at the truth.

Crystal Rogers disappeared in 2015. (9Now)

What perform we know about Crystal Rogers? The 35-year-old mommy of 5 was living through her boyfriend, Brooks Houck, your two-year-old son, and also her four other kids in Bardstown, Kentucky when she went missing.

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Other than these facts, tiny is known around Ms Rogers' personal life beyond the fact that that all came crashing come a halt top top July 5, 2015. Ms Rogers' boyfriend Houck was reportedly the last human being to watch her, and in The disappearance of crystal Rogers, one investigator insurance claims that ~ above questioning, he told officers, "she to be on she phone playing games" in ~ their house when he visited bed.

The mother-of-five was 35 year old as soon as she disappeared. (9Now)

Houck woke the next morning to uncover she was no longer in the house, and also her automobile was no in the driveway. Even if it is or no Houck was concerned at this point is unknown, but he did not reach out to authorities because that the following two days to let them know she was missing.

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However, on July 5, multiple sclerosis Rogers' 2007 Chevrolet was discovered abandoned on the Bluegrass Parkway v a level tire, according to the documentary. Her tricks were discovered still in the ignition and also her purse and also mobile phone to be inside, untouched.

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When multiple sclerosis Rogers' mother, Sherry Ballard, heard the auto had to be located, however Crystal was i do not have anything to it is in found, she reported she daughter lacking the exact same day.

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This basically is where the instance goes cold. Nobody to know the situations under which the vehicle had obtained a level tire, or why it had actually been abandoned, and also stranger quiet why ms Rogers would have left her purse and also phone in the auto when she left it... If she had actually left it willingly, or also alive.

Crystal Rogers through her friend Brooks Houck, and her mother and father. (9Now)

Many of multiple sclerosis Rogers' family members members suspected Houck, citing that he available no assistance when the investigation was launched, and also often action cagey, or as though he had actually something come hide, when officers attended their home.

Even more mysterious quiet is the truth that the adhering to year in November that 2016, multiple sclerosis Rogers' dad Tommy was acquisition his grandson hunting on his exclusive property, when the young boy decided to walk earlier to the pair's parked automobile to retrieve something he had left.

At the moment he reached the car, a gunshot rang out and he assumed that his grand had shot part game. When he returned, however, he uncovered Tommy on the ground with a bullet hole in his chest, native which that had passed away immediately.

A forensics team later determined the death had not been brought out by suicide, as Tommy's gun had not to be fired, and there were no other firearms present in the vicinity, lending credence to the notion that multiple sclerosis Rogers to be murdered along with her father.

For what reasons, however, investigators space still unsure.

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