When you run the SWTOR launcher on your PC, you might come throughout “This application has actually encountered one unspecified error”. Exactly how to deal with the error? If girlfriend don"t know, don"t worry. Friend will uncover the most effective solutions in this article from MiniTool.

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Star wars The Old Republic is one of the most renowned Star battles games. The is lover by plenty of people. However, recently, part players report the they encounter some difficulties with the game. After they begin the SWTOR launcher, enter their credentials and log in, they get the complying with error message:

This application has encountered an unspecified error. Please try this patch again.

Under this situation, you are unable come play the game, i m sorry is really annoying. How to deal with the SWTOR this application has actually encountered an unspecified error? After analyzing several write-up on exactly how to resolve “SWTOR this application has encountered an unspecified error please shot this spot again” error message, right here I have actually summarized some efficient solutions.

If girlfriend don"t know exactly how to fix the error, shot the adhering to solutions one by one.

Solution 1. Reboot her Computer

Some users reported that after rebooting their PC and also rebooting the SWTOR launcher, the “SWTOR this application has encountered one unspecified error” blog post disappears. However, castle are additionally users said that they had actually done the reboots numerous times, but it didn"t work. For this reason this solve is no so effective, yet you can still have a try.

Besides, if restarting the pc don"t work, shot performing a clean boot watch if the works.

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Solution 2. End All Bitraider Processes and also Delete the Bitraider Folder

According to part users’ feedback, the best way to eliminate this unspecified error message is to finish all the bitraider procedures in job Manager then delete the bitraider folder and start the launcher. So friend can shot this method first.

Here are comprehensive steps.

Step 1. Right-click the home windows Taskbar on your desktop and then pick Task Manager indigenous the context menu to open up it.

Step 2. Scroll under to find all Bitraider-related procedures such as BRSptsvc.exe, Bitraider.exe and also so on. Right-click on them and choose the End task choice to finish those processes one through one.

Step 3. open up the game’s installation folder. The default folder ar should be C:Program documents (x86)Origin games folder. In the Orgin games folder, find and delete the folder called Bitraider.

Step 4. Re-launch the game’s customer on your computer and also check if the SWTOR This application has encountered an unspecified error message disappears.

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Solution 2. Allow the applications in home windows Firewall

If you space using windows Defender, the is possible that the firewall block the game’s customer from updating chin properly, which could lead to “this application has encountered an unspecified error SWTOR” error. In this case, you’ll need to allow the video game in the firewall.

Step 1. type Control in the windows Cortana search box and also then click the finest match Control Panel to open up it.

Step 2. Set View by large icons and navigate to the Windows Defender Firewall option and click ~ above it.

Step 3. ~ above the windows Firewall window, click the Allow an app or attribute through windows Firewall alternative from the left side of the window.


Step 4. Click Change settings button on the new window. Situate the Star Ward The Old Republic entry native the list and also check the boxes alongside both Private and Public networks.

Step 5. Then click the OK button and restart your computer.

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After restarting, you deserve to re-launch the problematic video game through steam and check if the game can operation without report the error message “This application has actually encountered an unspecified error”.