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Originally introduced in 1948, the Academy theater was a famous Southeast Portland destination until the closure in 1976. After its closure, the when charming rationalization Moderne gem dropped into disrepair, however a full-scale renovation to be completed in 2006, including cautious restoration that the glittering rounded lobby v its soaring, metallic two-story dome.

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Great attention has been paid to every detail of the project. Using vintage photos native the original opening night, also the theater’s signature marquee has actually been recreated come imbue the structure with really 1940’s charm.

The new and boosted Academy Theater attributes three theaters v Dolby sound, as well as reclining stadion seating v generous leg room. Also obtainable is a plentiful choice beer, wine and tasty offerings from paris Pie Pizzeria. On-site babysitting is offered as well, at a cost of $5 per child. There is ample free parking in the rear.

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pugcrawler top top December 28, 2008 in ~ 9:23 pm

The Academy Theater recently received a conservation in action award native the architecture Heritage Center. More information around the award, and also before & after photos the the renovation/restoration can be uncovered here: watch link


byrdr on respectable 30, 2010 at 10:04 to be

You can get pizza from paris pie pizzaria while you space there.

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cmbussmann on august 13, 2014 in ~ 12:42 pm

The pretty folks in ~ Academy allow me wander around their lobby while i was visiting Portland and also I should say that did an amazing job restoring this place. A renewal of “An American Tail” to be screening, which ns saw back at my own neighborhood theater ago in ‘86. Would’ve loved to watch it again however didn’t have the time. Will be earlier to this location for sure.

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