ns Ignored my Destiny Once: 10 Thanos Quotes, defined Thanos is conveniently the many memorable rogue in the MCU, and also his kind & regularly quite deep present of dialogue are a main reason why.

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Thanos had many an excellent lines throughout Avengers: Infinity war and Avengers: Endgame. Gibbs Josh Brolin"s voice acting rung out with an imposing and also thunderous baritone that made the foolish Titan even more intimidating than his hulking purple form already made him. Thanos easily came to be the many memorable rogue of the MCU films in these two cosmic epics, and his thoughtful & regularly quite deep lines of dialogue room a main reason because that that.

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That said, several of Thanos" lines to be a small cryptic and also may even confuse a viewer on the first viewing. The MCU is a large universe v deep great of lore that haven"t been totally played out yet top top the silver screen. But we"re below to assist clear that up with 10 Thanos lines, explained.

The complete line is: "I ignored mine destiny once. Ns cannot do that again. Not also for you. I"m sorry, tiny one."

This is in reality referencing what taken place to his house planet, Titan. Thanos didn"t take the drastic measures he felt essential to save Titan. Instead, he let points go on the course they were already on, and also the world apparently consumed itself. In fact, it was damaged to such an level that the heaviness was distorted, as audiences witnessed throughout the fight between Thanos and the Avengers top top Titan.

This line, talked to Thor and Loki aboard the Asgardian ship. This is also referencing the tragedy the befell Titan. However, it can likewise be broadened to his trusting the retrieval of the Infinity Stones come beings like Loki and also Ronan the Accuser. They to be both to win by the likes of the Avengers and also the Guardians the the Galaxy, prompting Thanos to "Do that myself," together he claims in the post-credit scene of Avengers: age of Ultron.

This is claimed to Iron male on Titan by Thanos. This is a line that in reality puts Tony distinct on Thanos" level, and also the foolish Titan reflects a measure up of sympathy in the statement. Iron man did something excessive to execute what the felt was important to protect the world in developing Ultron and signing up through the Sokovia Accords.

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Thanos is likely mindful of at least the former action considering it connected the mental Stone, and it renders Thanos think that he and also Iron guy are kindred spirits– at least to a point. It likewise shows just how committed Thanos is to his systems of wiping out half of all life in the universe.

7 ns Hope castle Remember You

This further increases on Thanos" respect because that Iron Man. Distinguishable fights Thanos come the bitter end, and also Thanos would have simply eliminated Iron Man had Doctor Strange not intervened. However, this commitment and mettle made Thanos respect iron Man in spite of the two being adversaries.

Thanos says this ~ above Titan upon meeting the Avengers and also Guardians that were wait for the there, after they expose that the Ebony Maw is dead. Thanos is mostly referring to Gamora, yet he clearly has some sympathy for the fatality of the Maw. This is in reality a huge departure native Thanos the Marvel Comics, who sees the black Order just as soldiers and doesn"t care whether lock live or die– so lengthy as they offer him.

5 Everything

The famous and heartbroken "Everything," talked by Thanos in ~ the end of Infinity battle is said to the childlike spirit of Gamora in what appears to be the human being within the heart Stone. Again, this line describes the heartbreak felt by Thanos not only by the death of Gamora it s her but also by the death of the whole Black Order. That lost all of his closest pendant in his quest for the Infinity Stones, and Thanos feels it.

Thanos is numerous things, but deceptive and dishonest are not amongst them. Thanos is upfront through his intent and action. The is a guy confident in his very own mission and also in himself. This heat is stated to Gamora board Sanctuary I, and also it come off together deeply disappointed. Gamora is Thanos" favourite child, and also she lied to him to keep the Soul stone hidden. Corrupt isn"t a top quality Thanos desires to see in any type of of his children.

3 I will Shred This cosmos Down to Its last Atom

The intent of this heat is actually pretty clear, yet it"s an exciting one due to the fact that it harkens back to the Thanos of Marvel Comics. The Thanos of the films is a dispassionate nihilist that thinks things deserve to only be boosted if the totality of sentient life has a course-correction.

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In the comics, Thanos is a sadist who enjoys nothing more than spilling blood in the name of his lovely Lady Death, and he has actually attempted to reshape the identity of the really universe to suit his quest several times.

This one also references the tragedy the Titan, together Thanos seems to it is in the only survivor that the world (as far as we know). He views it together a tragedy there is no equal, and he is conscious of exactly how it has shaped him. Again, Thanos knows who he is, and he is sure of himself. Furthermore, the is conscious of his own power, as Infinity battle and Endgame show how difficult Thanos is come kill.

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1 ns Am Inevitable

This speak to Thanos" ego and likewise harkens earlier to the Marvel Comics variation of the character. He views himself as a universal constant. The is a need to correct the universe. In a way, he see himself prefer entropy– a farming black cloud top top the horizon the will just swell in dimension until the storm comes. In the comics, Thanos made himself an emissary of death and destruction v his very own dabblings in inhumane science and also the many profane magics. He is akin come a god, and also he is inevitable. The will ruin all points one day and will never ever stop trying to make the day today.