Texas Institute for Clinically complex Care is a larger-sized nursing home facility in Houston, Texas (Harris county). The Nursing home Site profile for Texas Institute for Clinically facility Care includes: Pricing, resident Health and also Wellness, Ratings, Activities, Comparisons, Directions, Surveys, and CMS Reviews.

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They have actually 202 beds and also a daily average that 69.5 residents (which would leave,on average, 132 bed available). Texas Institute because that Clinically facility Care participates in Medicare and Medicaid and also are classified together a For benefit - minimal Liability company ownership. They offer residential councils. Lock are not situated inside a hospital. Lock do not belong come a continuing treatment community.

Texas Institute for Clinically complex Care received an all at once rating native CMS of 1 stars contrasted to the TX median of 2.71 and a National median of 3.32. Ratings indigenous residents, family members members, and also visitors to our website are obtainable below. We encourage you come leave among your very own if you are acquainted with your services. We additionally recommend giving them a call to resolve any additional an elderly and nursing treatment questions friend may have actually after reviewing their Nursing house Site profile.

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Texas Institute because that Clinically facility Care
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Cypresswood Tx health care Llc
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(281) 955-4100
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Phone, Directions, and also Map

They are situated at the following address: 10851 Crescent Moon Dr in Houston Texas 77064. In search of directions or wish to watch the neighboring area? monitor this link: Maps and Directions.They deserve to be reached by phone at (281) 955-4100.

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Prices and also Length of Stay

The average length of stay at Texas Institute because that Clinically complex Care is roughly 28.5 days. (this may include both short and long-term treatment (LTC) visits).According come our latest documents from CMS, the average day-to-day amount billed by Texas Institute for Clinically complex Care to Medicare is $593.10 per day (compared to a Texas average the $681.07) and Medicare reimbursed lock an mean of $445.18 every day (after any kind of deductible and also coinsurance). The is worth mentioning that Medicare pays for what they deem as "medically necessary" skilled nursing care. You have the right to learn an ext Here.Please note that the pricing above is the median billed come Medicare. Each person and case is unique. (Supplemental insurance money / Medicare advantage Plans, solitary or twin rooms, etc). If you space interested in this basic you should contact Texas Institute for Clinically facility Care directly for precise pricing and also what options are accessible for you or your loved one"s an individual care needs.

Health and Demographics

The average age at Texas Institute for Clinically complicated Care is roughly 72 years old.

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The critical time this data was collected they cared because that at least 25 men and 20 ladies in a one year period that got Medicare benefits. This number fluctuates v each brand-new resident.

Percentage of patients at Texas Institute because that Clinically facility Care through the adhering to conditions: