The ABC reality dance competition"s first little human blogs about her DWTS experience specifically for

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New mommy of two and also Little ladies L.A. star Terra Jolé made history as the very first little person to contend on Dancing with the Stars, and she blogged around season 23 specifically for Follow Jolé, 36, and her partner Sasha Farber, 33, top top Twitter!

Well, mine Dancing with the Stars journey may have finished last week, but I feel ns really went out on top.

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Getting to perfect scores was such a high because that me. Ns really left with my heart out on the run floor. Referee Carrie Ann Inaba had actually me in tears and also it to be an honor to it is in judged one critical time.

It was additionally the an initial time I have actually danced through someone other than Sasha, so hearing hopeful remarks to be encouraging. Mine trio dance was a one-of-a-kind one. It was challenging in the most incredible method and it was my method of proving that I’ve come a long method and I deserve to dance!

When you’re a week away from the finale, the last thing that you want to perform is go home. I wanted to prove something to everyone that being various was a great thing! I want to prove the same to myself. Never did ns realize I had these insecurities prior to joining Dancing through the Stars. I feel choose we were able come showcase the being different was a an excellent thing v dance.

The only part that damages my heart was that ns wasn’t able to learn every dance that you might have to do on DWTS and also to speak Sasha and also I do the finals. Yet I’m still super proud that this journey and also wouldn’t have actually done noþeles differently. I don’t think anyone witnessed us gaining this far.



To Sasha: over there will never ever be an additional experience favor this because that me, so say thanks to you. You room the main reason I was able to persevere and grow together a dancer. Every time ns felt like giving up, you were there to overview me to save going. I had the finest pro ~ above Dancing through the Stars and your following partner is walking to be super happy to embark top top the run journey through you. We ended up being brother and also sister, and also I’m looking forward to a lifelong friendship. Constantly rooting because that you! Love ya! keep asking me “What’s next?” Well, taking care of me is most important. Due to the fact that being got rid of last Monday, I uncovered out I had actually three hernias and I’ve ripped the facility of my abdominal wall, i m sorry is placing me in surgery beforehand December.

Getting ago to household is additionally at the top of my list. Spending more time through my husband and also our 2 one-of-a-kind children is going to feeling great.

Last but not least, there room so countless things keep going in the Little Women franchise. This following year is going to it is in a stunner whirlwind of brand-new shows and Los Angeles drama. So numerous things have happened in our stays these previous months and also I’m looking forward to see what’s next!

Thanks come the fans and all who voted because that EVERYTHING. I now carry you all v me in whatever I do.

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Dancing with the Stars‘ finale week kicks turn off Monday and also concludes ~ above Tuesday, both at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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