Rimuru’s many loyal servant, Diablo. Gift summoned after ~ Rimuru had become a Demon Lord, Diablo was immensely impressed through the strength of Rimuru. Friend could nearly say that is i heard to a degree, and he does nothing yet everything he can to offer Rimuru. Diablo has also gone as far as going to Hell, fighting every demon he could, and bringing lock to offer under Rimuru; thus establishing the black Numbers as the leader.

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Diablo loves fighting, because that centuries he’s to be fighting. Any kind of chance he have the right to prove himself and show his abilities will certainly be taken. And also the same have the right to be claimed for Diablo’s enemies, if that feels together if the doesn’t need to be serious, he’ll take a couple of hits. However, if Diablo has no time come waste and also must destroy a threat, hell waste no time and do so. Diablo has actually a relatively ominous aura around him, and it fits, Diablo is a scary human to face. Even among allies.

Age: Unknown

Race: Demon (Demon Lord)

Affiliations: storm | black color Numbers | 4 Heavenly queens | Twelve Executives

Enemies: None detailed (besides anyone who crosses Rimuru)


Magic Essence - Magic energy.

Otherworlder - who that has come from an additional universe and was either carried over through a summons or, in Rimuru’s case, reincarnation.

In-Verse Tiering - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken has actually some in-verse scaling the is referred to a lot in ~ the series. Personalities are divide by ranks varying from F, D, C, B, A, and also S.These ranks also have ‘+’ and ‘-’ values used to them. An ext here . It uses to magic energy quantities , and additionally power in this verse as well as a rank A would not be able to beat 10 A- beings, yet a location A would conveniently crush a A-minus rank being. .


SoL - speed of Light.

SoS - speed of Sound.


- Feats and also the thing # (number) the they come from. These room WN feats.

- feats that come native scaling.


Was originally an Arch Demon before he was named .

Arch Demons room threats to entire towns, and also sometimes countries.

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Decapitated Footman with a an easy hand grip, and then flung his head to the floor .

have to be Superior/Comparable to the black Numbers’ Generals

have to be similar to Chloe O’Bell


1,000,000 - 10,000,000x perception because of Thought Acceleration. Contrasted to Rimuru, Diablo should be able to react to SoL come FTL assaults

should be Superior/Comparable to the black color Numbers’ Generals

Ultimate Skills:

- an ability that stops time because that Diablo and also his opponent(s) and they space the only one mindful in a different world. Just Diablo can use abilities in this domain -