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“Rapunzel and the good Tree” beginning off v a flashback to the dying king presented at the beginning of “Beyond the Corona Walls.” Adira and also Quirin bicker end whether to locate the Sundrop and use its power to combat the spread of the rocks as soon as a mysterious 3rd figure says that if Adira does pursue the Sundrop, he’ll end her because that being a traitor. In the existing day, Rapunzel and also Cass room on a recon mission that turns into a race. Versus Cassandra’s advice, Rapunzel and Maximus jump throughout a canyon, barely make it. As soon as they reunite through their companions, the number from the earlier flashback is follow them. Adira intervenes, conserving them, and also they decision to intentionally crash the carriage into a ravine to escape. Adira reveals that the man’s surname is Hector, and also he’s a member the the Brotherhood, an company that also includes Adira and keeps the an enig of the moonstone. They enter the good Tree, an ancient, enchanted route to the Dark Kingdom. Lance and also Eugene obtain separated native the others and also encounter some hallucinogenic plants. Max tries to conserve them, yet gets intoxicated himself; Pascal frees the three and reassembles the group.

Meanwhile, Rapunzel and friends discover runes ~ above the wall that enhance her map to the Dark Kingdom; one is the Sundrop heal incantation us all know, and also the other is one incantation because that the Moonstone, the resource of the rocks. She possessed and begins repetitively chanting the Moonstone’s incantation. Adira manages to release Rapunzel and end the deadly spell, prompting jealousy and guilt native Cassandra. Cass motivates Rapunzel to command the team out that the tree and away from Adira, a pointer that angers Rapunzel; she lashes out, saying that nobody is gift left behind and that’s final. The confrontation salt Cassandra’s wounds, and also she muses on her memory of mirroring Rapunzel around and becoming friends as soon as she an initial arrived in Corona. Eventually, Rapunzel apologizes for snapping but says the she will have to make big decisions and also needs Cass come understand and support her. Hector finds the team yet again and also manages come incapacitate Adira. Just as he’s around to strike in ~ Rapunzel and also Eugene, Cassandra jumps in through a parry. Eventually, he overcomes her as well, and versus Cass’ advice, Rapunzel again supplies the dark incantation to avoid him and also save everyone. Cassandra reaches out to relax Rapunzel native the spell: she succeeds, however her eight is scarred in the process. Hector lives however falls into a deep cavern, right into which Adira adheres to him, encouraging Rapunzel to stay on her course to the Dark Kingdom. Rapunzel apologizes profusely come Cassandra, who simply remarks that it won’t take place again. Rapunzel decides to proceed pursuing the rocks to the Dark Kingdom and also her destiny.


“Rapunzel and the an excellent Tree” seems favor the type of illustration I was expecting rather of “Happiness Is” or “Max and Eugene in peril on the High Seas.” This is the first episode I deserve to remember opening with a “previously on” segment, and also it’s fitting, together it’s the first one because “Beyond the Corona Walls” to really affix with the show’s as whole plot. Many TV series have part filler, yet this is open minded ridiculous. These mirrors usually have in between 20 and also 26 illustration in a season (last season to be 21), therefore resuming the plot from episode 1 in illustration 14 is a little of a stretch. I normally appreciate shows (and movies) that have the right to handle both irradiate comedy and an ext serious drama, however I don’t like exactly how Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure balances the two; special, it no balance them in ~ all. Quite than having comedic moments in a an ext dramatic illustration or evil versa, this series had one serious, plot-driven episode, and also then twelve largely comedic next adventures prior to returning to the overarching story. Season one balanced comedy and also drama, as well as plot and also filler, much much better than this. However, that’s a problem with this season as a whole, no this week’s episode. Let’s take a look.

“Rapunzel and the an excellent Tree” feels really much choose a season or mid-season premiere. The the first episode since the break to feature a musical number (three counting Eugene and also Lance’s “Buddy,” Cassandra’s “Waiting in the Wings,” and also Rapunzel’s “Hurt Incantation”), and at least the many serious in tone because “Happiness Is…” Visually, this episode is quite interesting, and also I love the design and concept that the an excellent Tree. I additionally quite favor Hector’s personality design, and Kim Coates’ voice is perfect creepy. Honestly, ns wish they had actually introduced Hector in the flashback opening of “Beyond the Corona Walls;” if he’s supposed to it is in the brand-new main antagonist or also just a recurring one, I’d have desired if we had seen the at the very least once before. And that would have made perfect sense, as King Edmond, Adira, and also Quirin were every featured/introduced in that episode. The musical score by Kevin Fleisch really gets come shine in “Rapunzel and the great Tree,” particularly when the group an initial comes upon the tree, and at the an extremely end as soon as they continue their journey. Together for the songs, as a group, lock analogous to the series’ songs overall: a blended bag. “Hurt Incantation” is an reverse of “Healing Incantation,” and also for the many part, I choose the concept and also execution, though i would have actually maybe gone v “Harming Incantation” or something the sounds less awkward for the title. The animation on Rapunzel once she i do not care possessed is likewise really creepy and also effective. Ns really favor “Buddy” and the interplay between Eugene and also Lance before and also during the song. Its sound and also visuals room over-the-top silly, however it fits due to the fact that of who’s singing and because those flowers basically got lock high.


The worst of the three is absolutely “Waiting in the Wings;” it’s supposed to be this vast character moment for Cassandra, but it doesn’t feeling justified by what’s come before, and also honestly, it’s just not a very an excellent song. As soon as this sequence came on, my dad asked native the other room why we were listening to a poor Celine Dion ripoff. The track does give one more rare moment of spotlight to Eden Espinosa’s beautiful singing voice, but it’s really type of a waste. If it to be a better song, this could have been an emotional minute in the episode, and also even more so if it was earned through what had actually come before in the episode and the season together a whole. Cass sings about wanting glory and also being a hero, but she’s had actually plenty of avenues to display off and typically take away those chances. If anything, she normally gets to be “right,” through other personalities apologizing come her, also when it doesn’t seem same to the viewer. I must confess the I additionally find it complicated in basic to feel sympathy for someone who’s basically saying “Boo hoo, sorrow is me, Adira was much better than me at something and I didn’t obtain showered in praise for once.” ns don’t uncover Cassandra to be a really likable character in general; she treats Rapunzel v condescension, and also often the present treats her together though she’s right and Rapunzel is wrong as soon as the opposite feel true. She knocks heads v Adira, Eugene, Lance, and pretty lot everyone the troupe encounters. It is a badass minute in the really end when she emerges clad in armor after she hand is injured, and I guess the is admirable to threat such an injury to save Rapunzel. But all points considered, she’s just not an exciting character, and also it feels choose this large Broadway-style “I Want” track is unwarranted and unjustified. I don’t recognize why she keeps make the efforts to eliminate Adira anyway; she speak Rapunzel the Adira is a threat and must be working against them, but come on, she’s only saved all her butts choose three time now! ns don’t also like Adira much, yet Cassandra’s habits toward she is entirely unnecessary.

Speaking of Cassandra, she flashback come Rapunzel showing up as the lost Princess is intriguing. This is the sort of thing I live for; ns love backstory and also character motivation, and also this was their explanation the the friendship in between Cassandra and Rapunzel. In this flashback, Cass gifts Rapunzel through a purse to save her provides in, and also I think it’s an effective moment, as well as them deciding to address each various other with their an initial names instead of titles. This is yes, really a nitpick, but similar to what i said about Hector, I just wish we had actually seen Rapunzel transporting this bag before. It feels like some facets that “have always been there” are emerging out of the blue in “Rapunzel and the good Tree” come make things seem an ext meaningful than they are. I likewise don’t recognize what this flashback needs to do through Cassandra’s tune that ultimately amounts to a self-absorbed, whiny temper tantrum. Regardless, the an efficient flashback and also a advantage to the episode and also story overall. I frequently find myself wonder why these two are even friends, so I evaluate this small moment.

Overall, “Rapunzel and the great Tree” is a good special and also one of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure’s finest episodes in a while. This illustration (finally!) proceeds Rapunzel’s personality arc and also the series’ significant plot, while also developing Cassandra and also Adira, and introducing a brand-new villain. The visuals and also musical score are excellent, and also the illustration does have an epic feeling for the most part. The three new songs differ from great to cringey, and “Waiting in the Wings” doesn’t yes, really fit with what we understand of Cassandra, other than that she’s annoying and unlikable. I also would have liked for some plot aspects to have actually been hinted in ~ or foreshadowed before this episode, yet in all honesty, i would discover it simple to think these writers simply don’t think ahead choose that.

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This was a an extremely enjoyable episode, and it warrants the longer runtime.