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Virginia Kublawi | Mar 10, 2019 | 0


“Curses!” starts with Rapunzel and also the corridor crossing Lombard’s Pass as soon as her telescope, a gift from she father, drops down the mountain. Rapunzel, Eugene, and also Hookfoot rise down, and they do discover the telescope, however it’s with Vigor the Visionary Monkey and also his owner, madame Canardist. Rapunzel take away the telescope, however Vigor lays a curse top top her that she’ll never have actually luck or success until it is returned. In ~ first, the group tries to brush that off together an empty threat, but soon misfortune does find them. It escalates native Rapunzel falling in a puddle to the caravan gift plagued by speed floods. Hookfoot finds a recipe to dispel curses, and also Rapunzel performs the ritual. Eugene looks for Rapunzel in she room, however only Cassandra is there and also wearing a horseshoe for luck. Eugene states that the curse talk has gone far enough and asks wherein Rapunzel is. He finds her and Hookfoot dismayed, as their counter-curse has actually just turned into a huge mess. Rapunzel resolves come return her telescope to madame Canardist in the morning. Simply as she’s about to leave, Eugene supplies her his lucky charm: a moose tooth. The team resumes cross Lombard’s Pass, and things are going well until Shorty speak Rapunzel the it’s his tooth, fairly than the of a moose. Eugene observes the Rapunzel never had bad luck until she assumed she was cursed and also had an excellent luck once more when she believed the problem was resolved. Rapunzel decides to proceed with a confident attitude, and also they make it safely across.


It seems strange to bring earlier characters native an earlier episode and under-utilize them so. Mam Canardist is a little too lot of a caricature because that my taste too, and her voice and attitude space irritating. Honestly, in ~ the end of the day, i’m not sure why Vigor and also his disagreeable owner necessary to it is in re-introduced at all. The plot that “Curses!” doesn’t relate to the series’ as whole story arc, and also I don’t think we should be diving headfirst right into filler episodes through the present fresh turn off of a months-long hiatus. As I discussed last week with “Max and also Eugene in peril on the High Seas,” a lack of emphasis is what largely led to mine disinterest in Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure transparent the an initial half of season two. I was cautiously hope the mid-season premiere to be a sign of great things come come, but it doesn’t appear that that will be the case.

Another thing that bothers me about “Curses!” is the the routine Rapunzel and also Shorty perform has actually no lasting result on the characters or story. It seems favor it should have some type of backfire effect, and it also looks choose it will at an initial as that bubbles and starts paris away, however the totality thing is only ever mentioned again at the really end as soon as Rapunzel uses a comparable spell to propel the caravan across the bridge. As a small nitpick, i still dislike it when Cass phone call Rapunzel “Raps,” and also this time Eugene go it when too!


However, the voice exhilaration is good in “Curses!” together it constantly is, and I love the interplay between Rapunzel and Eugene. Eugene it s okay some good one-liners in this episode, and also effective severe moments too. Hookfoot it s okay a couple of funny lines as well. Shorty is annoying, and Cassandra doesn’t acquire to carry out much, yet there’s no surprised there. Lance is usually a non-entity in “Curses!” Rapunzel’s scenes are largely good, yet the one where she decides to believe she isn’t cursed is a small silly. The computer animation is miscellaneous I’ve constantly appreciated about this show; they do a great job at meshing the hand-drawn tool with the personality designs and also overall aesthetic native the original film. The original score by Kevin Kliesch is bouncy and fun, harmless however nothing as well memorable. “Curses!” doesn’t feature a brand-new song, yet being a filler episode close to the center of a season, I’d it is in surprised if it did.

Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure doesn’t seem to know just how to balance the characters; ns don’t have actually an problem with one episode concentrating on one or two characters, but the trouble here is that they often tend to offer the others nothing to do. Lance and Cassandra have both been useless in this and the last episode, with Shorty simply providing unfunny jokes. I don’t think it’s fair to blame the runtime of the episodes, either, as big Hero 6: The collection and Star Wars: Resistance space both Disney Channel TV mirrors with similar episode counts and runtimes, and they don’t have actually this issue. Admittedly, i don’t treatment much because that Cassandra or Shorty in particular, for this reason this is somewhat simple to overlook, yet it would be better to do them likable 보다 to sideline them. It seems odd to have this big group travel together and also ignore many of lock week-to-week.


“Curses!” is complete of youth humor and also annoying distractions. However, it also features beloved visuals and great voice acting. It’s not the worst episode Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure has ever put out, however it’s not quite the ideal either. Ns will provide credit wherein it’s due and say the this show’s worst illustration are simply mediocre, rather than being fully unwatchable. What really bothers me is that this collection is based on such a great movie, and also even the an initial season was vastly premium to this one. That feels favor they don’t know precisely what to do with the characters and story, yet I’m not sure why, together they outlined a clear narrative route in “Beyond the Corona Walls.” i wish that if this series were going to it is in a slice-of-life adventure/comedy, lock would have made the clear from the beginning. Season one had actually filler episodes, but it also had an overarching narrative that it followed through come the end. Eventually, season two is walking to need to reconnect through the main plot; surely castle wouldn’t have actually a entirety season the side-quest filler episodes.

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As much as that kind of thing goes, “Curses!” is nice good. I just would have actually liked to see much more of an epic quest toward Rapunzel’s destiny similar to what season one and also “Beyond the Corona Walls” set up.