“Talk to Me” is the first release from operation The Jewels' third studio album, run The Jewels 3, released via the Adult swimming singles regime on the two year anniversary of the… review More 

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We return from the depth of the badlandsWith a gun and a knife in our waistbandWent to war through the Devil and ShaitanHe wore a poor toupee and a spray tanSo high now, hope that ns landOn a Thai stick, moving through ThailandOn the radio, heard a airplane hijackGovernment did that favor they cooking crackI move in a people of conspiraciesObey no rules, I'm law meSmoke kush, move to the airportCustoms found a share in mine passportPulled cash and I offered him what that asked forGoddammit, it's a motherfucking miracleSmall bribe, made it earlier into AmericaHit Uber and maneuvered out the areaRhyme animal, pit bull terrierRap terrorist, terrorize, tear it upBrought gas and also the matches to flare that upMilitant Michael might go psychoOn any ally or rivalBorn Black, that's dead top top arrivalMy project is come fight because that survivalIn spite of this #AllLivesMatter-ass white folk

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This is spiritual war that you have actually been dealing with. This is not a fight the you have been taking care of flesh and also blood yet this is a fight against principalities and evil doers and also unclean spirits(RTJ3, motherfuckers)Brave males didn't die confront down in the Vietnam muck for this reason I can not layout on youI didn't go uphill both ways to the booth and ago to no wile ~ above youYou think infant Jesus killed Hitler simply so I'd whisper?And you're safe and sound and these crooks tapped her phone come not have a paper on you?What, me worry? Nah, buddy, I've shed before, for this reason what?You don't get it, I'm dirt, motherfucker, i can't it is in crushedFuckers, open up the publications up and also stop bullshitting the kidMy dick got a Michelin star, I'm on par through the ideal ever took the gigI'm a supervisor cat, native don dada come dusk, don't bother to touchI gained firm clutch ~ above the grip and also the bucksI could ghost drive a tank, take a ride come the bankI'm the boy of rick Rubin rushing full-thrustDon't speed weak shit to the Shark Tank judgeTalk real good 'cause I'm smart and also stuffWe a great crew come fuck with, far better to loveI told y'all suckers, i told y'all suckers. I told y'all ~ above RTJ1, then ns told ya again on RTJ2, and also you tho ain't believe me. So below we go, RTJ3Talk to me(RTJ)Talk to me