Cast: Ewan McGregor, mrs Horrocks, Colin Salmon, man Salthouse, Willie Ross, man Kassir, Peter Lee, Alan Liu, and also Nigel Fan

Composer: J. Peter Robinson


Following a botched bolt attempt, the beautiful Cammy (Jane Horrocks) abandons her companion Ford (Ewan McGregor) because that a guy named Jimmy Picket (Colin

Salmon). ~ above bringing Jimmy residence with her, Cammy learn the hard method that she and Ford—both of who share a morbid connection—are produced each other.

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Combining campy humor through cringe-worthy dialogue, “Cold War” have to be avoided by audiences of a vital mindset. Vampire enthusiasts and zombie movie buffs may, however, evaluate the twist finishing of this episode.


“Cold War” deserves praise for its gory one-of-a-kind effects, i beg your pardon will most likely appeal to pan of visceral horror. Illustration highlights include stabbings, shotgun wounds, a compound fracture, and raw flesh hanging indigenous a mutilated face—all that which benefit from the gruesome talents of Magdalen Gaffney, the primary make-up artist because that season seven of Tales from the Crypt.


This episode is marred by annoying and also contemptible characters: Ford, an idiotic financial institution robber; Cammy, a stereotypical dumb blonde; and the lustful Jimmy

Picket, who bigoted remarks—though clearly written v a tongue-in-cheek article in mind—border on the offensive. Viewers may thus struggle to attach with Scott Nimerfro’s narrative, which stops working to incorporate a single protagonist v sympathetic tendencies. (Season three’s “The wake up Vampire,” in contrast, attributes a key character who, regardless of his ghoulish behavior, comes throughout as a likable and down-to-earth individual.)



Concluding Comments

“Cold War” offers an funny rivalry in between two of the most well-known creatures in supernatural horror fiction: vampires and also zombies. Nevertheless, this season-seven entry should be criticized because that its abysmal execution.

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Overall Quality: 2/10

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