Sonic the Hedgehog has a history of romance, though he"s never ever been all that interested in women. Instead, Sonic should end up being an LGTBQ+ icon.

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together Sonic spins his means into cinemas, we"ve found ourselves thinking around the things we tho don"t know about him. Despite the fact that Sonic has remained in our games and our hearts for practically 30 years, there"s still a lot we haven"t been told about the ring-collecting blue blur, such as his sexuality. This has made us take into consideration the very real opportunity that Sonic could -- and we propose should -- be gay. Here"s why.

He"s never Been the Interested In Amy

Over the years, Amy Rose has made it her mission come bag Sonic as a husband. She considers it s her his girlfriend, chasing him v the games and keeping that safe. However, we propose that she"s always been far much more into him than he is into her.

While the cartoons depict much more hints in ~ romance, in the gamings especially, Amy comes throughout as having actually been well and also truly friendzoned.

Sonic plainly cares around her, but he frequently flinches or move away once she displays overt romantic affection because that him.

He additionally seems ambivalent at ideal towards the charms of an additional woman, Rouge. Regardless of her having actually a more dangerous side the contrasts Amy Rose, Sonic still remains uninterested.

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Sonic and also Tails might Become an ext Than simply Friends

While Sonic"s herbal chemistry v Amy seems to be a one-sided romantic dynamic, his relationship with Tails is something else entirely.

Tails is the boy next door and also a sweet, happy fox that brings pleasure to Sonic anytime he"s around. Sonic"s childhood girlfriend perfectly compliments that in both personality and also action. The pair have actually a natural rapport and chemistry together, effortlessly watch to recognize what the various other wants and also needs. If Amy is really much a follower, Tails is really much a partner. This begs the question, why not take this come the next level?

Tails likewise has the advantage of gift a an ext universally adored companion to Sonic, specifically in the games, 보다 Amy, who numerous find annoying. If she"s simpering and also swooning, Tails is protecting and helping, making it a far an ext equal pairing.

He has A the majority of Chemistry v Knuckles

When talking about Sonic"s relationships, it would certainly be remiss of united state not to carry up Knuckles, who banter with Sonic lends itself perfectly come a sexually-charged homoerotic adversarial relationship.

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We could see this tension leading to some issues between Tails and also Sonic as well, through some rivalry because that Sonic"s affections coming into play.

Overall, the relationship Sonic has with both Tails and also Knuckles play the end perfectly through a romantic element, arguably much much better than the "he"s just not that right into you" dynamic in between Sonic and Amy Rose.

gay Is The Way

These days over there is, fairly rightly, a most discussion concerning representation in gaming. The LGBTQ+ ar is still greatly underrepresented and presentation that homosexual relationship as every little bit as normal, valid, and fulfilling as heterosexual persons is critical in combatting bigotry and also homophobia. A much-loved symbol such as Sonic might do good things because that the community, which sadly still encounters persecution and bullying.

Also, from one more viewpoint, that would also make some significant headlines. Sega is surely absent out on cost-free publicity by not following a route so clearly laid the end for it.

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