Rapper/producer/artist T-Pain (born Faheem Najm) is earlier and much better than ever, premiering his new video, “Look in ~ Me”. He command the video himself v his phone in a pitch black room.

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He tells Buzzfeed about the video,

We shoot the video in finish darkness with only a couple of cue points, such as the sparklers in the VIP section scene, So we didn’t dice trying to take it a selfie lol. This may really well be the many dangerous music video clip I’ve shooting in a minute. I got kicked a few times. Fell once. Not my best moments.

On the song, the sings:

All that ass girl you gotta give me somethingHow friend fit every that right into them leggingsWinter time functioning out for the summerWith a face that look favor it simply came native heavenYou ain’t short article nothing in a minuteI should see you, infant you acquired fifteen secondsI watch you with Sincere, that’s my niggaYou always up a society in his sectionSnapping, snapping, snapping, snapping

See the video below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams
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