Is anyone else having issues? I called Tech, and also they really had no idea what to do; stated they are having some concerns with the app, but wasn't certain if the was mine issue.

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It simply will not find my automobile on the app.


I just got off the phone through a an extremely knowledgeable T-Mobile tech. He explained that the application server has actually been slammed ever due to the fact that the SyncUP launch. He even read off a organization bulletin the was sent out to him this particular day stating the the application server had to be completely restarted because of the high website traffic from everyone's brand-new devices.

Basically, every we deserve to do right now is hang on till they beef up your servers.

I obtained my SyncUp journey today. So far the Motion app will not attach to it, also after driving around for virtually an hour. I do see the green LED lights (LED 1 is solid and LED 2 is blinking). Do you males see a brand-new mobile web line in your T-Mobile account for this device? ns don't see one on my account. Ns wonder if maybe it is not activated properly.

I pressed the restart button on the SyncUp Drive and also it connected nearly instantly after it rebooted.

The application is crap rn so you gotta wait unfortunately periodically it works great and occasionally it doesn't

This product to be released 5 work ago. Isn't the a tiny soon to make those statements? I've been making use of it because that 2 months and this morning to be the very first time I've had any kind of issues.

I'm in the same boat. Was functioning perfectly yesterday, yet today nothing. The application down at the bottom still says data recieved yesterday, even though I have actually made many trips this particular day in my linked car.

For what that is worth, the WiFi Hotspot part of the device is tho working also today.

Yeah the hotspot works, though I have actually been not successful in transforming the SSID or password.

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I to be in the same boat that information still states yesterday. I suspected that was their servers gift slammed, so i guess we have the right to just wait for them come beef up your servers to handle the load.


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