Imagine obtaining trapped inside a video game and also the only method to get out is to beat it. Yeah, that would certainly be pretty poor news considering all the stats that indicate people don’t primarily finish the games they buy. But that conceit made the Sword Art Online light novel and anime series awfully famous, and also it’s front and center in the latest mobile game based upon that franchise, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (Free).

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SAO has had games built about it prior to, however Bandai Namco has taken an exciting and logical method via this one. Instead of playing as Kirito, Asuna or other popular characters, you take on the role of one of the many anonymous players trapped inside the game within the game. Integral Factor then retells the story many type of fans known from a different allude of watch, and because it is also an MMORPG in its very own right, it’s as close to placing yourself inside Sword Art Online as it’s possible to gain.

Well, till someone invents the NerveGear, that is.

Inside the game, you have access to NPCs and even cross courses via Kirito and also the others, but who’s going to be your overview to the game? That would certainly be us. Read on with the rest of our Sword Art Online: Integral Factor tips and also you just might make it to floor 100 yourself someday.

Getting Around Aincrad: Controls and Other Basics

Integral Factor is played from a third-perboy perspective and also the standard controls are pretty easy. In the bottom-left corner of the display screen is a online thumbstick to move your character. Anywright here else on the display, you have the right to host and drag to look around, and also pinch to zoom in and out.


Buttons in the bottom-right corner of the screen are for combat, which we’ll gain to in its very own section. The upper-right corner features a mimi-map, which marks both your area and also the direction you are currently facing. The following area you have to reach to continue on your present quest, if any type of, is noted by a crosshairs, and tapping on the mini-map expands it to a full-sized overlay.


The upper-left corner of the display screen has actually a hamburger symbol which will certainly develop a food selection (and make your character look as if he or she is accessing the in-game food selection in true meta fashion). From tbelow you’ll uncover tabs to check your character standing, equip items, check out search information, uncover your friends or party members and also access the shop.

The bar at the bottom of the display is for in-game communication. Along via emotes and also stamps, you’ll likewise discover a chat bar with 3 option: ‘Say’ is public chat to anyone about, ‘Party’ chats via anyone you are presently grouped via, and also ‘Tell’ is choose a whisper in other MMOs that sends out a message to a specific player.

Fight for Your Right to Party: An Intro to Combat

The combat mechanism in Integral Factor is easy to learn however has actually surpclimbing depth to it. The biggest of the butloads in the bottom-best corner is for basic attacks. Ssuggest walk up to an enemy — you’ll recognize them from the red crystals over their heads — and tap it to begin attacking. You deserve to also hold dvery own the switch to repeatedly strike.

Four butlots roughly the main strike switch are for sword abilities. You start the game through a single skill but deserve to have actually approximately four of them slotted at a time per weapon you have actually equipped. These abilities carry out even more damage than a normal attack, generally result a space indicated by a darkened area on the display and deserve to likewise have actually other effects on enemies. Just tap the desired ability switch to activate it; you’ll need to wait for its cooldown to complete prior to utilizing it again.


Above the abilities is a switch marked ‘Switch’ that deserve to unleash a specifically effective ability. That button also doubles as a meter that fills up via a light blue color as you damage opponents. When it’s easily accessible, the Switch button will certainly flash, and also when supplied, the meter needs to be refilled for its next usage.

Here’s wright here things really obtain fun. The button with the ovariety weapon icons next to the Switch allows you to swap in between two weapons you have equipped. This is valuable bereason some adversaries are vulnerable to various forms of weapons — for circumstances, stabbing rather of slashing — however additionally bereason swapping on the fly will permit you to use abilities from the other weapon while the abilities on the previous one are still cooling dvery own. While you won’t have to usage this strategy against the opponents you enrespond to early, it’s a cool and also beneficial tactic for bosses and more powerful foes you fight later.

Last but not leastern, the button that looks like a facemuch less Barry Allen in action at the extremely bottom renders your character dash. However before, once involved in combat, that dash is actually a backaction that have the right to instantly aid you stop incoming strikes.

Partners Are People Too

As you progression with the game’s story, you will certainly accomplish and also befriend a character that becomes your partner on all your adendeavors. Her default name is Koharu, though you deserve to rename her as you like. Along via serving a narrative objective, your companion aids you in combat, attacking whoever you are targeting and also joining in when you use the Switch capability.

While you don’t have to worry about controlling or issuing regulates to your companion, you do desire to remember to equip them with a weapon (or weapon and also shield), armor and also skills of their very own. You deserve to find their stats and also devices by going to ‘Partner’ under the major menu.


One last note about partners: When you are in a party through various other players, your partners won’t be available because you have various other world to watch your earlier. Wbelow perform they go throughout their downtime? That’s a great question.

Order Up: How to Get More Sword Skills

Integral Factor doesn’t make you chase personalities to collect, so it demands an additional gacha-style element. This is a free-to-play game, after all, and Bandai Namco demands to make money from it someexactly how. In this case, it’s through Orders, which you have the right to find in the ‘Shop’ tab of the menu.

Orders permit you to purchase Skill Records that teach and also enable you to equip brand-new sword skills. They are based upon different personalities from the Sword Art Online and also come in different rarities. Some Skill Records likewise are particular to a particular course of weapon, of which there are six: sword, rapier, shield, club, axe and also spear.


To purchase Orders, you’ll need the game’s premium money, which is dubbed Arcana Gems. You’ll achieve these in a range of methods, consisting of as login rewards, for completing achievements and also for finishing particular quests. You’ll likewise obtain Skill Records as rewards from time to time too.

Not to be puzzled via sword skills, you deserve to likewise achieve and also equip approximately 4 abilities, the slots for which you will discover in your character’s armor tab. Abilities sell passive stat increases, damages buffs and the like, consisting of bonsupplies against specific kinds of enemies.

How to Improve Everything

Improving your character’s base stats is pretty simple, as things like HP and also assault value go up eexceptionally time you level up. Just store fighting enemies and also completing pursuits and also this most basic create of progression will take care of itself.

Everypoint else you have actually, including your tools, sword abilities and abilities, deserve to be enhanced making use of materials found on your adendeavors and also the common money of the game, called col. To boost your equipment or skills/abilities, you’ll desire to visit an NCOMPUTER Blacksmith in any kind of town. Pretty easy menu alternatives will certainly display you what stuff you have actually that have the right to be enhanced and also any kind of materials you have actually that can be provided to that finish.


Selecting the materials and also item to be amplified will certainly then present you the specific result of the enhancement and the price in col. Then one tap and also your stuff is instantly much better.

If you have an item that is at its max level, you can also perform a procedure dubbed transcreating to bump it up to the following rarity tier, making it also even more effective still — unless it’s maxed out tbelow also, Skills and also abilities will have actually empty stars if they deserve to be transformed beyond the tier they are currently at. The procedure is much the very same an enhancement yet needs different products and also a lot more col.

Party Up

Though we’ll grant you that Kirito preferred solo play as soon as he initially stepped into Sword Art Online, it’s not a lot fun to play alone all the time in an MMO. Integral Factor renders it easy to create parties and also tackle pursuits with various other players.


From the main food selection, ssuggest tap the fourth icon down, which looks favor 2 world, to open up the Party food selection. There you’ll be able to use ‘Party Search’ to find parties searching for members, or usage ‘Party Recruit’ to start your own party. When doing the last, you have the ability to set the level selection for prospective party members, the size of the party (approximately 6 players) and also collection a password if wanted so that not simply any ranperform can join.

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Assuming you’ve remained through us this much, you currently have a base of knowledge a lot much better than most of the bad souls in the Sword Art Online series when they initially learned they were stuck there. Good luck in getting to the 100th floor and also beating that final boss.