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So I spent a while going over topics on just how to advanced the the atmosphere of one NPC for pillow talk to occur. I"ve run into obstacles, bumps, and also so on every the while. One such thing being the ever-annoying blissful status...BUT NO LONGER!Without acquiring into too much backstory, I have essentially figured out the way to get any NPC come the "Intimate" mood easily. This mood is just one of the two simplest moods to gain the pillow speak event, with the various other being "Playful". You deserve to of course get it v Blissful in some cases, yet for many it appears to have actually not worked.Prerequisites:In bespeak to execute this properly, girlfriend will should ensure the following.1. The wanted NPC is beginning at a "Normal" mood. You might do this through "Connected" but this might or might not job-related out depending upon the NPC, together each seems to respond v some difference when applying this method.2. The preferred NPC need to be at the very least Level 3 Affinity before heart conversations will certainly work. You likewise must reach a details point in the game before such conversations come to be available.3. If you want Pillow Talk, the NPC certain MUST have actually Level 4 Affinity as a bare minimum.If you should reset the mood come normal, fail a hand hold (R1) or bridal bring (Circle after ~ hand hold). The easiest method to cause a fail is come initiate the in a populated area. If you"ve already maxed out the NPC"s affinity, that is difficult to fail either of these, so you can just start a "heart conversation" and then end it immediately. This should additionally reset the NPC"s mood.As for increasing the affinity, it"s time to obtain into the an initial bit that this guide...Easy Affinity:If you"re choose me, you"ve probably found this technique already. However, I will briefly describe it.1. Initiate a love conversation.2. As shortly as the begins, zoom in until you check out the "Kiss" option and also press square. (If it fails after this, you one of two people zoomed in too lot or didn"t push square ~ above time. Stop zooming as shortly as you watch "Kiss" with the prompt.)3. Respond five times as required with a correctly or no. The heart in the facility should adjust from blue to purple.4. Zoom out, pressing square at every of the prompts.5. Finish the conversation generally by responding come the remaining prompts for nods or head shakes. Be certain to zoom in as necessary so the heart becomes purple.This will always yield +12 to your affinity progress.Easy Intimate Mood:Now that we"re all on the same page of just how to execute easy affinity, we can move ~ above the easy intimate mood. For pretty much every character, if you do step 4 of the basic affinity guide to the letter, it will constantly end v a "Blissful" mood. This atmosphere is no necessarily right to initiate pillow talk, and you cannot adjust it without resetting the via among the techniques above.I went ahead and also tested this through Strea in ~ Level 4 Affinity, and will be trial and error it v the other girls soon after. (I"ll keep everyone posted on how that goes, provided that I have no life.) In any case, from my monitorings of Sinon, Asuna, and Strea, I think that this need to work for any kind of character.1. Follow the simple Affinity guide up to step 3.2. When zooming out, execute NOT hit square ~ above smile. Otherwise, the NPC"s the atmosphere will adjust to blissful.3. Execute step 5 of the simple Affinity guide.With Strea, she start "Excited" ~ above the very first conversation, "Romantic" on the second, and also "Intimate" ~ above the third. If a girl happens to hit "Blissful" top top a prompt before smile, that is as soon as you have to stop zooming out. Reset mood and also repeat from action one indigenous there.~Continued in next post.~
Pillow Talk:Now that the NPC is in the intimate the atmosphere (and level 4)...1. Walk through them to her room at the inn.2. Host their hand.3. Initiate bridal carry and take castle to your bed.4. Finish the conversation as outlined in the basic Affinity Guide. Perform not worry about the mood, as it cannot adjust from Intimate to any other mood.Enjoy her CGs!Notes:-The "Connected" the atmosphere will occasionally appear. Do not worry around this, as it should have actually no influence on the progression.-If you deserve to no longer talk v your NPC anywhere, rest in her bed until daytime. This resets the quota.-It"s only a rumor, however supposedly buying food at any type of of the vendors will boost the chance of pillow speak initiating.-If pillow talk will not initiate, finish bridal carry, and then sleep until daytime. The mood will more than likely reset, yet just monitor the overview above.That said, ns have more NPCs come test. Hope this works!
You just need to offer the appropriate answer and likewise got +12 Affinity girlfriend dont need to Zoom,Kiss or poignant the Lady (jeez that sounds weird xD )But is there a surprise mood multiplier or something? Or a alternative to get an ext than +12? I talk to Asuna because 2 Hours and only got 20% that lvl 5. I just want the Affinity Trophies. I dont want to rubbish 50-60 hrs just because that the Affinity Trophies. Hollow Fragment was Pain in the ass however this is Doom.
New Info/Regurgitation of stuff we know:From my own personal experiences, it appears +12 is the max girlfriend can acquire on any type of heart conversation. I haven"t checked out any greater yet therefore for currently it seems +12 is the highest possible growth per convo.As a tip, something uncovered by King-X, there is a great spot right external your room in ~ the inn that permits you to acquire a many conversations (between the counter and also the railing, it"s literally just to the left the the enntrance gate to her room), However, this might or may not be accessible right away, as some girls have provided me the alternative to talk there, while rather haven"t, however I think that it may just be that i didn"t position them right. (My other theory states it"s bound to either mood or affinity.)In any kind of case, if that spot go activate, you can gain at least three conversations in there. For Strea in particular, girlfriend can also get one conversation at every food stand in the Lakeside Park. Sinon has most of hair by the water (so fountains, the flow in the Market, etc.) Asuna and the others have tendency to work approximately the other locations. These are various other things that I"m going come be searching for in my coming tests.However, what girlfriend did allude out is correct based upon some new tests i did, you require only give the right answer to acquire the +12 affinity, while every square prompts influence the mood. Ns have had actually a few instances whereby I acquired +11 instead of +12 from simply talking, but I"m not certain what influenced this offered that I detailed all the exactly responses.List of Upcoming Info-More test on the miscellaneous NPCs.-Seeking out every place for love conversations and listing them.-Counting the number of conversations and nod/shake prompts every mood level to recognize whether that is continual or variable. (Level 4 shows 10 prompts during a conversation.)
5 years ago#5
How many CG deserve to I acquire per character in pillow talk?
Nazha 5 year ago#6
Do you obtain affinity for pillow talk? it acts like the conversations however doesn"t seem come tell you just how much points girlfriend gained.
I"m still unconvinced this is the fastest way too acquire affinity, even in battle.

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im 85% into Asuna"s rank 5 exclusively using her because I got the game and also based on this mathematics , if i were too play the game 8 hours a day each day, 7 work a week id acquire each affinity trophy when a week, making it 14 or therefore weeks also unlock simply them......Other benefit of grind affinity in fight though is being able too unlock every the other fight oriented trophies and also sword skills.