In this flashback episode Greg go his ideal as a solitary dad and the Gems struggle to accept Steven.

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A many the feeling in this episode is obtained from the Gems not understanding just how babies work and if that was every there was, this episode would be simply fine. The illustration takes the takes one step further, as the gems would quite desperately scramble for any type of possibility of rose still being alive then just accepting she death. Pearl, the course, has actually the many trouble through this and also it’s comprise she’s all set to rip the gem the end of Steven to obtain her back.

Even if Rose’s whole goal was for the gems to have cost-free will and an outbreak of your societal constraints, the the toughest because that Pearl. Her entirety existence was to offer others and also with the love of she life gone, so is she purpose. It’s only as soon as Garnet tells her their new purpose is to aid Steven is when Pearl is maybe to gain some level the comfort.

This puts a whole new spin ~ above Pearl’s dedication to Steven. If we had actually assumed the was the end of loyalty and also love because that Rose, one could now interpret it to be she life dedication. That also if she’s straight serving Steven as she go the Diamonds, she still needs to swear she alligance to who so why no Rose’s son?

All that the jewel refuse adjust and that the inferior human, Greg, who helps them through it. The humans flourish and change and it is okay. Together Steven grow up and as we’ve checked out in the collection proper, it’s only by observing him that the Gems at some point move past Rose and also start to define who they are outside of her.


As happy together I’m certain Steven is to be that catalyst the change, it does wear thin for him at times. As he says in the shows complete opening theme, “I will fight to be every little thing that everybody desires me to be when I’m grown.” His whole purpose in life is to be prefer Rose but if the jewel are growing out the their require for her influence in your life, wherein will that leave Steven?

For any type of other show I’d think i was analysis too deep right into it, however for a series like Steven Universe? This might potentially it is in foreshadowing for things to come.

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While the series should never become too reliant top top flashbacks, it’s constantly nice when we gain one. Seeing how the Gems supplied to be just magnifies the impact Steven has had actually on your lives. Plus we acquire a lot of of great physical comedy from the little baby Steven and also we acquired to briefly watch Ruby and also Sapphire again. Every in every a hard episode, precisely what you’d expect from Steven Universe.