SacAnime Winter 2020 in ~ Cal Expo welcomes Steve Blum and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Both will be participating in SacAnime’s totally free Autograph Sessions.

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SACANIME is being organized on Friday, Saturday and Sunday January 3rd – 5th, 2020 at CAL EXPO. For an ext information, inspect out ours website at:


With literally hundreds of V/O credits come his name, Veteran Voice Monkey Steve Blum is best known as the voice that “Spike Spiegel” from Cowboy Bebop, “Wolverine” from several incarnations of X-Men (animated movies, games, the Wolverine and the X-Men TV Series, The at sight Hero squad Show, X-Men Anime and also more), “Orochimaru,” “Zabuza,” and others indigenous Naruto, “Green Goblin” native the Spectacular Spider-Man series, “Heatblast,” “Vilgax” and “Ghostfreak” native Ben 10, “Grayson Hunt” (Bulletstorm) “Grunt” (Mass effect 2 and 3),”Zoltan Kulle” indigenous Diablo 3, “Abathur” from Starcraft 2: love of the Swarm, “Tank Dempsey” (Call that Duty), “Killer Croc” native Arkham Asylum, “Oghren” (DragonAge),“Vincent Valentine” (Final Fantasy VII), “Leeron” (Guren Lagann), “Jamie” native Megas XLR, “Storm Troopers” and also many others in many of the Star battles games, The voice of 7-11, dozens that Digimon and a large list the other characters from Anime, video clip Games, TV and also Film. In 2012, Steve to be inducted right into the Guinness publication of people Records as most Prolific Voice gibbs in video Games – showing up in practically 300 games (now draw close 400!)

Currently girlfriend can uncover him as “Zeb Orrelios” and other personalities in the incredible series Star Wars: Rebels top top Disney XD, as “Shoe” and “Sparky” in Laika’s The Boxtrolls, and as astronaut Quentin cutting board on hip Hop superstar LOGIC’s impressive album “The remarkable True Story,” and as Attila Buckethead and an ext in Disney’s brand-new Tangled television series!

He’s additionally appeared top top the Emmy award-winning Transformers: Prime, playing “Starscream.” “Sub-Zero,” “Reptile and also “Bo’Rai Cho” in Mortal Combat X, Several characters in Wabbit, ultimate Spider Man, Ben 10: Omniverse, The constant Show, Doc McStuffins, Uncle Grandpa, Wander end Yonder, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Scooby Doo, Guild battles 2, Peabody and Sherman, Pickle and also Peanut, Transformers Rescue Bots, Lion Guard, Star wars Rogue One, and also as the terrifying anti-bender “Amon” ~ above the hit series Avatar: The Legend of Korra!

And every Saturday night, Steve continues to take the helm together “TOM,” the robotic hold of Cartoon Network’s Toonami ~ above Adult Swim.


Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is a voice over actress, writer, singer and also director. As an actress, she is right now playing governor Pryce in Star battles Rebels, Dr. Maheswaran in Steven Universe, Zahra Hydrus in geezer & Sundry’s an important Role, Valkyrie in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, Talis in StarCraft II, Johanna in Heroes that the Storm, Queen Metalia in Salor Moon Crystal and Brooha in sparkle Force. Mary Elizabeth portrayed significant Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost In The shell Innocence, heavy State culture and Ghost In The Shell: was standing Alone complicated for which she winner the American Anime compensation for finest Actress. You can likewise hear her as the female Crusader in Diablo III: reaping machine of Souls, Kurutsu in Ghost in the covering Arise, Sei in Alpha Protocol and also Nora in last Fantasy XIII. Few of her other popular roles room Cornelia in password Geas. Kurenai indigenous Naruto, Julia native Cowboy Bebop, Zanpakuto from Bleach, Helba and also Bordeau native .hack, Jagura indigenous Wolf’s Rain, Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi and Caroline indigenous Vampire Hunter D.Mary is voice directing Tangled The series premiering in march 2017, Billy Dilley’s at sight Subterranean Summer, penn Zero: component Time Hero for Disney XD starring thomas Middleditch, Adam Devine, Alfred Molina and Larry Wilmore and also Glitter force for Saban Entertainment. She additionally directed Naruto: Shippuden for over 10 years. She has actually directed the 6 Naruto Movies and Naruto and also Naruto Shippuden the collection for i m sorry she obtained the 2008 SPJA award for finest director. Among her many other directing credits room Cowboy Bebop the series, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Tenkai Knights, Digimon Fusion, Stitch!, decaying Wars, Wolf’s Rain, Digimon Tamers, the movie Appleseed and was a co-writer for the American adaptation of Metropolis. She additionally directed the initial animated collection Boing The beat Ranger and also Gormiti: Lords the Nature .

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Mary Elizabeth has had the great honor of singing the music the Akira Yamaoka for the movie Julia X, Shadows of the Damned and Silent Hill as well as the games: quiet Hill 3, The Room, Origins, and also Silent Hill: shattered Memories and Book of Memories i m sorry she additionally voice directed. She also sang songs for top Gun, Kholat and The Journey begins from Ace Combat 5.