Which is your preference once all are obtainable to pick from?I"m a big fan personal of the edged weapons and spec, although dull has had actually a good improvement due to the fact that SoD1.Close Combat is pretty great too yet I haven"t been able come max out someone yet in that spec to check out its full effect.Edged weapons do seem come break means to rapid though IMO, so I constantly go because that the Rebar Blade when I get a chance.Blunt spec has that "Grand Slam" thing that I"m not really a large fan of...

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Edged has the edge for me due to the fact that it"s so fun to use, the final ability to prompt kill v a sword, in addition to the capacity to reduced legs off way I deserve to toy roughly in the little scale combat and also I gain taking zombie to pieces.But Blunt seems to keep you safer, the animations because that swinging it right into the challenge of zombie creeping increase on girlfriend in the large melee"s is quick, the cool Slam controls the huge fights and also with you tending to knock them under alot its an ext about regulating stamina rather than needing to earlier out and dodge prefer with blades.I"m waiting to gain to the last skill on CQC for the curb stomp, yet it"s a fun different otherwise. I wish we might get organize of CQC blades and also such to boost it a little. Just seen one for sale ~ above my very first save.
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CQC. Being able to take out 8+ Zed"s in secs with the immediate execute from any type of angle is awesome.Also, CQC+Acrobatics is amazing. The running knee come the confront is pure enjoyment.
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can"t call which one is good for all. If good for all, possibly edged weapons will be a nice choice. However now i "ll select close combat +powerhouse v a dull weapon . Since blunt is really useful to feral and also juggernaut. Near combat and edged weapons just for regular zeds.
I always take CQC through marathon for the lightest load feasible and Swordplay with various other builds when available. I love edged weapons, even if they do break quickly.
Blunt tools are good for crowd control as you can knock them under a whole lot less complicated when friend max out.Bladed tools are good for decapitating zeds together they"re comes one by one.CQC is good with stealth, and also if you can grab them indigenous the front, you have the right to just instakill them.
In this game I seem to end up making use of both...where before I"d speak edged. It just that edged tools break for this reason fast and also blunt seems better when fight groups.
I loved hefty in SoD. Yet for SoD2, blunt. They just work far better whenever through a follower. And also I"m always with a follower.
I loved hefty in SoD. Yet for SoD2, blunt. They simply work much better whenever with a follower. And also I"m constantly with a follower.
In terms of effectiveness, I"m torn between all three...however, judging exclusively on just how satisfying the combat and also kills are, I have to offer the nod to Close soldier Combat. It"s simply so vicious looking...
Real question is, what"s the difference?Yes both heavy and blunt call for two hands at most, ns figured blunt was more bat, pipe, wrench, the light stuff, at the same time the heavy is a breaching hammer a long axe, etc.
Till we obtain Heavy weapons earlier in game and Heavy skills. Climate we room stuck with straightforward Blunt.Edged is because that cutting and many times... With right skills... Walk right into a bar and also the infestation dies virtually instantly.
Real question is, what"s the difference?Yes both heavy and also blunt call for two hand at most, i figured dull was more bat, pipe, wrench, the light stuff, at the same time the hefty is a breaching hammer a lengthy axe, etc.
The biggest different is strike mode. Hefty weapons attack mode will present it lengthy distance attack range, and blunt...damn no matter just how long the is, it strike mode will constantly let you know how short is its attack selection and actually slow than heavy weapons.

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Close Combat is no good unless girlfriend pair that with other specialization skill. Nearby Combat alone is simply bland however with Acrobatic and Stealth? That just madness. Work-related ok through Powerhouse too because of frontal grapple however it shines the many with Acrobatic.Blunt is less powerful compare come SOD1 yet it synergy effect well through Edged and Close Combat user. Blunt knock every little thing down with Grand Slam (Thank Christ SOD2 AI use unique move) that setup anyone else for straightforward execution. It not that good to usage alone unless you walk for maximum affect weapon yet it functions damn well through the other.Edged is strongest, nuff said. High opportunity to instant kill. Fast attack. Use small stamina. The only problem it has is durability is fairly low for most weapons. Back Edged still having trouble fighting zed hoard. Girlfriend shouldn"t stand and also fight lock head-on but run roughly climbing over wall or vault over small object to break-up zeds up is a nice means to fight them.