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There space 7 intercity buses every day from State university to Harrisburg. Traveling by bus indigenous State university to Harrisburg typically takes around one hour and also 52 minutes, however the more quickly Fullington Trailways bus can make the pilgrimage in just one hour and 30 minutes.

Distance62 mi (101 km)
Shortest duration1h 30m
Cheapest price$24.00
Trips per day7
Most regular serviceFullington Trailways
Bus lines3

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Pros: It to be a great ride I only feel that the WiFi wasn't working like it was claimed to. Cons: Please shot to come on schedule. Tips: None.

Pros: It was a great ride I only feel the the WiFi wasn't working choose it was an alleged to. Cons: Please shot to arrive on schedule. Tips: None.

typically $24.37 is the mean price you have to expect come pay for a bus ticket come Harrisburg. At this price a bus pilgrimage is a cheap means to travel from State university to Harrisburg. It’s straightforward to uncover a bus ticket in ~ this price or reduced when you use digitalrecordersreview.org to book your pilgrimage online in advance of your travel date.

over the next 4 weeks, the typical ticket price of a bus from State university to Harrisburg is intended to selection from $24 come $30. If you room looking to travel to Harrisburg in ~ the following week, friend can discover bus tickets beginning from $26. The cheapest bus ticket in the following month are $24 and can be discovered on December 2, 2021.

Traveling from State college to Harrisburg by bus will price you about the very same throughout the year. In general, bus ticket prices because that that path are fairly consistent, so suppose to pay approximately $26 at any time you decision to travel.
many bus suppliers charge higher ticket prices the closer you publication to the date of travel, for this reason it’s a good idea come buy your bus ticket as early as possible. The best method to uncover cheap bus tickets is to publication at least 28 work in advance. By law so, you have the right to expect to conserve $3.95 on her bus ticket compared to booking in ~ the last minute.

There space 3 bus lines native State university to Harrisburg accessible for you come search and compare top top digitalrecordersreview.org. V 3 day-to-day trips, Fullington Trailways usually has the most buses to run on any kind of given day. Here are part time and also price compare for every the accessible options:

BusDaily TripsAvg. TimeAvg. Price
Amtrak Thruway21h 50m$26.00
Fullington Trailways31h 56m$24.00
Greyhound21h 50m$33.16

Book Fullington Trailways indigenous State college to Harrisburg native $24. There room 3 trips every day readily available by Fullington Trailways indigenous State college to Harrisburg and also you deserve to expect on median to pay because that a Fullington Trailways ticket to Harrisburg. In State College, Fullington Trailways departs to Harrisburg indigenous Bus Terminal - 152 N Atherton St . In Harrisburg, Fullington Trailways arrives at Harrisburg Transportation facility .

An typical trip ~ above Fullington Trailways native State college to Harrisburg bring away 1 hours and also 56 minute , while the fastest obtainable Fullington Trailways pilgrimage will acquire you to Harrisburg in 1 hours and 30 minute .

On weekends, Fullington Trailways offers 4 trips per day. A one means ticket expenses for a weekend trip to Harrisburg.

Greyhound is the biggest nationwide bus transport in the unified States, providing cheap, safe and reliable service across the country. Greyhound has come to be a family members name, serving end 16 million passengers per year with daily trips to over 2,400 destinations. Greyhound performs about 2 bus trips native State college to Harrisburg every day, with the median journey taking roughly 1 hours and 50 minutes to complete. Bus tickets because that Greyhound trips to Harrisburg usually start from $23.

Our bus partner have enforced several different policies to store you safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Indigenous limiting car capacity to improving cleaning protocols and also upgrading air filters, bus carriers are committed to preserving a for sure environment. Because that details on what each firm is doing to ensure their fleet continues to be safe because that travel, click here.

In addition, federal regulation requires all bus passenger to stay a face covering for the entire duration that the trip. Please make certain you are wearing a confront mask or you may not be allowed to plank the bus.

please visit our COVID-19 Travel overview for an ext information on every carrier policies and the latest travel advisories approve by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and also European country.

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The bus take away an average of one hour and 52 minute to sheathe the 62 miles from State university to Harrisburg. However, the faster bus just takes one hour and also 30 minutes. You'll have actually just enough time for a tiny nap top top this relatively short bus trip. Store in mind that your yes, really bus may arrive previously or later than scheduled, relying on whether over there is an ext or less traffic 보다 usual.