Lucasfilm and visionary director J.J. Abrams join pressures to take it you back again come a galaxy far, far away together Star wars returns v Star Wars: The force Awakens. The film stars Harrison Ford, mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, john Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Max Von Sydow. Catalen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams and also Bryan Burk are developing with Tommy Harper and also Jason McGatlin serving together executive producers. The screenplay is by Lawrence Kasdan & J.J. Abrams and also Michael Arndt.

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Special Features

Secrets of The force Awakens: a Cinematic Journey-for the very first time, uncover the complete story behind the do of The pressure Awakens, revealed through detailed footage and also exclusive interviews through the actors and also filmmakers in this full-length documentary.; The Story Awakens: the Table Read-cast members, familliar and also new, reflect top top the memorable job they all very first came with each other to review the movie"s script.; building BB-8-see how J.J. Abrams and also team brought the newest droid to the screen, creating an instant fan favourite in the Star wars universe.; crafting Creatures-watch movie magic together the filmmakers lug a actors of new creatures to life.; Blueprint the a Battle: the snow Fight-go deeper into the epic, climactic lightsaber fight between Rey and also Kylo Ren.; john Williams: the seventh Symphony-the legend composer shares an individual insights that his occupational on Star Wars and also The force Awakens.; ILM: the visual Magic that the Force-an insider"s look into the amazing digital artistry that the movie"s visual effects.; Plus-deleted scenes; (Bonus features obtainable on Blu-ray only)

Performance Credits
Domhnall GleesonGen. Hux
Harrison FordHan Solo
Mark HamillLuke Skywalker
Carrie FisherLeia
John BoyegaFinn
Kenny BakerR2-D2,R2-D2 Consultant
Anthony DanielsC-3PO
Daisy RidleyRey
Adam DriverKylo Ren
Oscar IsaacPoe Dameron
Andy SerkisSupreme Leader Snoke
Max von SydowLor san Tekka
Peter MayhewChewbacca
Lupita Nyong"oMaz Kanata
Gwendoline ChristieCapt. Phasma
Pip AndersenLead Stormtrooper
Joonas SuotamoChewbacca Double
Simon PeggUnkar Plutt
Kiran ShahTeedo
Sasha FrostJakku Villager
Pip TorrensColonel Kaplan
Andrew JackMajor Ematt
Rocky MarshallColonel Datoo
Greg GrunbergSnap Wexley
Emun ElliottBrance
Brian VernelBala-Tik
Yayan RuhianTasu Leech
Sebastian ArmestoLieutenant Mitaka
Maisie Richardson-SellersKorr Sella
Warwick DavisWollivan
Cailey FlemingYoung Rey
Mark StanleyKnight of Ren
Ken LeungAdmiral Statura
Iko UwaisRazoo Quin-Fee
Anna BrewsterBazine Netal
Harriet WalterDr. Kalonia
Tim RoseAdmiral Ackbar
Erik BauersfeldAdmiral Ackbar
Mike QuinnNien Nunb
Kipsang RotichNien Nunb
Michael GiacchinoFN-3181
Nigel GodrichFN-9330
Judah FriedlanderBar Patron
Victor McGuireBar Patron
Miltos YerolemouBar Patron
Francesca LongriggBar Patron
D.C. BarnsBar Patron
Matt JohnsonBar Patron
Billie LourdLieutenant Connix
Leanne BestMin Sakul
Crystal ClarkeEnsign Goode
Claudia SermbezisLema Eelyak
Gerald W. AbramsCaptain Cypress
Jim McGrathVice Admiral Resdox
Philicia SaundersTabala Zo
Morgan DameronCommodore Meta
Jessica HenwickJess Testor
Tosin ColeLieutenant Bastian
James McArdleNiv Lek
Stefan GrubeYolo Ziff
Dixie ArnoldResistance Soldier
Hannah John-KamenFirst stimulate Officer
Tom EddenFirst order Officer
Kate FleetwoodFirst order Officer
Richard RiddellFirst order Officer
Jefferson HallFirst order Officer
Thomas Brodie-SangsterFirst stimulate Officer
Jack LaskeyFirst order Officer
Brian HerringBB-8 performed by
Dave ChapmanBB-8 carry out By
Bill HaderBB-8 Voice Consultant
Ben SchwartzBB-8 Voice Consultant
Technical Credits

J.J. AbramsDirector,Producer,Screenwriter
David AcordSound/Sound Designer
Amanda BeggsSound Mixer
Maryann BrandonEditor
Alastair BullockArt Director
Bryan BurkProducer
Ben BurttSound/Sound Designer
Rick CarterProduction Designer
James CollinsArt Director
Chris CorbouldSpecial effects Supervisor
Bill CorsoMakeup
Robert CowperArt Director
Filippo DattolaAnimator
Peter DormeArt Director
Jordana FinkelArt Director
Darren GilfordArt Director,Production Designer
Nina GoldCasting
Tommy GormleyAsst. Director,Co-producer
Tommy HarperExecutive Producer
Mark HarrisArt Director
Mark HarrisArt Director
E.J. HolowickiSound/Sound Designer
Jill HornbyMakeup
Zaini JalaniAnimator
Kevin JenkinsArt Director
Michael KaplanCostumes/Costume Designer,Makeup
Lawrence KasdanCo-producer,Screenwriter
Kathleen KennedyExecutive Producer
Atsushi KojimaAnimator
Andrew KramerSpecial Effects
Ashley LamontArt Director
Dave LoganAnimator
Mary Jo MarkeyEditor
Claire MatthewsMakeup
Stuart McCowanSound/Sound Designer
Jason McGatlinExecutive Producer
Daniel MindelEditor
Dan MindelCinematographer
Jessica NeedhamMakeup
Sharon NicholasMakeup
Andrew PalmerArt Director
Michelle RejwanCo-producer
Stuart RoseArt Director
Ben RosenblattCo-producer
Lee SandalesCostumes/Costume Designer
Hayley Easton StreetArt Director
Stephen SwainArt Director
John SwartzCo-producer
Gary TomkinsArt Director
April WebsterCasting
Alyssa WeisbergProduction Designer
John Williams Score Composer

Disc #1 -- Star Wars: The pressure Awakens 1. Opening logo design <:00> 2. The force Awakens 3. The an initial Order approaches 4. Town Raid 5. Kylo Ren 6. FN-2187 7. Rey 8. Niima outpost 9. Rey at Home10. Saving BB-811. Interrogation12. Unkar"s Offer13. Jailbreak14. TIE Fighter Escape15. Marooned ~ above Jakku16. Cross Paths17. Marketplace Chase18. The Falcon paris Again19. Introductions20. Kylo Is Updated21. Resolving The Falcon22. "Chewie, We"re Home"23. Corellian Standoff24. Rathtar Mayhem25. Supreme Leader26. "It"s all True"27. Conference Maz28. Discussions the Destinies29. Visions In The Force30. Starkiller31. An initial Order Invasion32. Resistance come The Rescue33. Kylo find Rey34. Reunion35. Resistance Base36. Rey Imprisoned37. Resistance Briefing38. Starkiller Landing39. Base Infiltration40. X-Wing Attack41. Rejoining Rey42. Right into The Oscillator43. Father and Son44. Dark Forest45. Oscillator Breached46. Woodland Duel47. Cataclysm48. Made Whole49. Recognize The Master50. End Credits

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Disc #1 -- Star Wars: The pressure Awakens pat Scene selection Set Up language English 5.1 Dolby Digital English 2.0 Descriptive Audio Français 5.1 Dolby Digital Español 5.1 Dolby Digital Subtitles Subtitles: nobody English Subtitles for The hearing Impaired: ~ above Français Subtitles: on Español Subtitles: On

Editorial Reviews

Spoiler alert: George Lucas to be the ultimate spoiler because that his very own creation. His prequels to the initial Star wars trilogy (with the exception of the personality of Darth Maul) stripped all of the an enig out the the saga and regurgitated it as a condescending CGI mess, like corn flakes spritzed with vitamins so that it approximates healthy food. Nonsense around midi-chlorians, the origin of Boba Fett, the petulant "romance" of Anakin and Amidala, and also the genesis of Darth Vader stole what should have belonged to playground debates and instead locked it away in joyless, orthodox "canon." but here comes director, screenwriter, and general reboot architect J.J. Abrams v candy and flowers, stop the door open with a landspeeder idling external like a gentleman, promise he"ll make it all as much as us, that the negative man is gone and he"ll never ever hurt united state again. And also it"s a patient wooing: The force Awakens doesn"t fight the soil running, yet instead opens on the junk world of Jakku, wherein the bleached desert see is littered through the hulls the grounded imperial Destroyers -- as if Abrams is conceding ideal from the opened frames that this franchise has actually been strip-mined right into oblivion, and he won"t shot to ~ pretend he"s not building on a graveyard. What you need now is the comforting and familiar, and also he"s brought every one of your favorite points to spruce increase the place. Remember exactly how you preferred that charming smuggler rogue? the feisty princess? the short, wrinkly alien through wise things to say? The cute small beep-boop robot? The pseudo-Triumph that the will certainly pageantry that the Empire? the crazy bar through the extraterrestrial band? that scary guy in a black mask? We"ve got every one of them here. It"s clear that Abrams was preferred for the job of shiver the dust turn off of Star wars for Disney since of his reboot that Star Trek. Yet that reboot was more successful because the source material was a TV show, which means it to be designed therefore that all of the personalities could it is in reset to your original areas at the finish of 50 minute plus advertising in stimulate to execute the very same thing following week. Star Wars, top top the other hand, is a neo-Joseph Campbellian myth, and myths don"t have actually sequels -- there is no Theseus and the Minotaur returns or Icarus II: wings of Fire. Resetting the very same archetypes and putting them in conflicts we assumed were addressed the first time around -- you know, ~ the fatality Star was blown up, double -- provokes one "oh no, not again" weariness usually scheduled for the endlessness the real-world conflicts. The Skywalker family members drama start its 3rd generation right here (as if they were galactic Corleones), and as usual, the dispute is about how a facility through the pressure comes as a package attend to an attraction come its dark side, together if Skywalker DNA contained genes for some kind of mystical bipolar disorder. Yet that squabble lays the groundwork because that two great performances, the an initial of which comes from Daisy Ridley. She is much much more than just a spunky Keira Knightley clone or a aptly photogenic face for Disney to placed on an activity figure: She has actually the very same grace, fire, and also presence as Carrie Fisher in the initial Star wars -- and then some. The various other is courtesy the Adam Driver, whose portrayal of rogue Kylo Ren is both thrillingly magnetic and also shot with with sadness. Once both he and also Ridley space onscreen together, in 2 unforgettable pas de deux scenes, the waiting crackles with electrical menace. Critics are an alleged to be impartial, yet this film, a Star battles reboot imbued through the hopes of billions of civilization hoping to go back to the innocent, enthralled state of wonder they felt with the initial movies, is difficult to evaluation impartially. That gravitational traction is too strong on ours culture, and also it"s imprinted as well deeply on our cumulative childhood memory. Nobody can dispute that, thanks to countless dollars and the (now Disney-owned) talents of industrial Light and also Magic technicians, The pressure Awakens includes thrilling moments, and also beautiful moment hearkening back to Star Wars" now forgotten new Hollywood roots (like a shoot of three TIE fighters backlit through a blood-red sun, as if they were helicopters in Apocalypse Now), and also heartbreaking moments, and the welcome visibility of beloved, long-lost friends. Yet the spark is gone. Han Solo may declare "We"re home" upon setting foot inside the Millennium Falcon as soon as more, but there"s never a moment when this critic thought the same. The pressure Awakens" under-the-wire inclusion on the American movie Institute"s list of the finest pictures of the year was premature, and probably motivated an ext by relief than admiration. It"s nowhere close to as an excellent as other AFI pick Mad Max: rage Road, and also it"s definitely not better than other worthwhile movie released this year and also overlooked by the organization, prefer Trainwreck or Welcome to Me or cut Cobain: Montage the Heck. (The more interesting parlor video game is, now that Lucas has handed end the reins, which other directors worthy a shot at a Star wars film? man Lasseter? Steven Spielberg? God forbid, David Fincher? Disney would never ever go for it, however who"s come say it shouldn"t happen?) So few movies deserve to be choose the initial Star Wars: loved by almost everyone, yet still feeling like a personal dream made simply for girlfriend (maybe this much anticipated sequel should have been the one subtitled "A brand-new Hope"). Abrams has listed the next ideal thing through clearing the end the dead wood and laying the foundation for the next chapter that what used to be a saga and also is currently demoted come a franchise. As a stand-alone movie, it"s enjoyable yet not extraordinary. As a extension of a franchise, it requirements a "Warning: Under Construction" sign. But the craggy deals with of the original cast offer this realistic platitude because that audiences pains by elevated hopes: also if it"s true the we"ll never be young again, there"s always room to begin over.