Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005) join the rise of Darth Vader’s upstream 501st Legion that Stormtroopers together you fight through an all brand-new story-based saga where every activity you take effects the battlefront and, ultimately, the fate of the Star battles galaxy. Capturing the drama and also epic dispute of Star Wars, Battlefront II brings the struggle online. Attention to detail and also scale do this video game a happiness to behold, with 16 incredible new battlefronts such together Utapau, Mustafar and also the room above Coruscant, and the fatality Star interior and also Tantive IV.

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If it"s urgent, climate please. Weekly EventsDayWishlist WednesdayWednesdayFriend FinderFridaySithpost SaturdaySaturdayBug Reports and also Tech SupportSundayImportant Links.Related subreddits. I have a concern trying to find out if us where having actually the same difficulty would your video game black display screen right together you launch it? reason mine will certainly launch windowed climate it tries come go complete screen however goes into windowed full display at a resolution to huge for mine screen, I"ve currently tried adjusting the resolution and windowed and also full screen, it will present me all the branding on start up then reflects me the STARWARS BATTLEFRONT logo design then instead of the start menu it goes to a black screen which i can communicate with and it have the right to be perceived if i alt tab out of the video game you have the right to see that in a small window in the back ground.

Tried what you said which made the so currently the game will kinda flash what ever display screen it"s ~ above briefly but is still black the bulk of the time, Game functioned perfectly in beta this is beginning to obtain annoying. Simply bought the game and also the Black display screen is likewise a difficulty for me. Ns hear you guys that this notepad v the text will help, however what"s the order of this steps? ns registered by Origin. I assumed I can play the game. Climate the game showed up with the music yet without screen. I only saw the cursor.

I make a paper named user.cfg and wrote the lines. Then I saved it in the same file as the game and other documents that belongs to the game. I began the video game again however no succes. Can someone help me? I"m a desperate StarWars fan. I even don"t know if my case is the exact same as you all. I"m not that good in PC"language.

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It took numerous days because that gamers to start complaining about optimization problems, different crashes and bugs in Star Wars: Battlefront. Among the main and also mostly important difficulties is black display in Star Wars: Battlefront. That usually appears after game launching and also in this instance nothing can help. Allow us existing you the first solution!How to fix Black screen in Star Wars: Battlefront?Go the video game settings and readjust Star Wars: Battlefront format to 16 bit and 96000 Hz the is also so-called as “Studio recording”. Push “Save button” and enjoy the game. If the game starts in window mode, please, press Alt+Enter combination and proceed to play.