Star Trek is lover by legions of people from every ages, go of life, and origins. However for the unfamiliar, starting on Star Trek because that the very first time can be overwhelming through 700+ hrs of TV, over a dozen movies, and novels and comics come boot. Wondering whereby you should gain started? If she looking to kick points off by the town hall Enterprise, below are part pointers.

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Star Trek: EnterpriseAired 2001-2005 —4 Seasons, 98 EpisodesStarring Scott Bakula, man Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park, Connor Trinneer


Star Trek: Enterprise required to the air in ~ the finish of a decade and a fifty percent of consistent Trek programming. 21 seasons of Star Trek had actually aired end a duration of 14 years thanks to overlap of the three collection that came prior to it. By the time it was Enterprise’s rotate to hit the little screen, the public’s desire because that Trek television was reaching its saturation point. Rather of airing the sheets because that a few years and also encouraging people to get back in the atmosphere for much more space-based adventuring, producers stack Berman and also Brannon Braga determined to produce Enterprise, returning the franchise come its Original collection (1966) and also Next Generation (1987) root by adhering to a captain and also his crew together they check out the unknown. The distinction is they did so there is no the diversity, intelligence, and creativity for which Star Trek had actually been known.

Deep space Nine (1993) courageously explored dark stories, interpersonal conflicts and also political struggles through serialized storytelling. Voyager’s artistic strategy to Trek applied the many fiction come the science fiction franchise, with stories and technologies that propelled the boundaries of believability. Enterprise called back to the format of Picard (Patrick Stewart) and also Kirk (William Shatner) journeying top top a mission the exploration—except Enterprise’s Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) was collection before one of two people of those males were born. The new series charted the adventures that the enterprise NX-01, the an initial ship bearing the companies name, simply after the creation of warp drive, well before Kirk’s Constitution-class NCC-1701 was also conceptually possible. The series is set in the mid-22nd century, a long time before everything else in Trek television, but still much into the future. A an excellent premise? Maybe, perhaps not—audiences never really uncovered out.

The an initial bit that trouble came from the principle itself. Launching in 2001, Enterprise’s manufacturing quality to be much much more visually appealing 보다 Roddenberry’s Original collection from 1966. Yet, the brand-new show was to take place much more than a century prior to its oldest brethren. In an initiative to make the enterprise NX-01 look less progressed than Kirk’s ship, as would certainly be logical, Archer’s Enterprise may be richer in color and modern-day aesthetic but lacks a holodeck, a talk computer, and a innovative transporter. The crew members use treadmills and also generally communicate in behaviors more common to present day, and also less prefer the futuristic regimens audiences had seen on various other series. Still, the was challenging for civilization to wrap their minds roughly the idea the this ship and also its nicely-costumed crew to be inferior to Kirk’s high-colored, retro vessel. And also the casting of Quantum Leap’s (1989) Bakula together a Starfleet captain was (and remains) a decision rife v heated controversy. If human being can’t rally behind the captain on a Star Trek series, the problems will only grow from there.

Enterprise’s later on two seasons are better received 보다 its very first two, as the collection never accomplished a consistency in storytelling or structure which has marred its lasting legacy. The an initial two seasons tend toward thin execution of episodic drama indigenous TNG or Voyager, there is no Voyager’s advanced concepts or TNG’s philosophical insights. The 3rd season examines the results of a war and plays akin to DS9’s battle stories, while the series’ 4th season discovered new an innovative personnel figured out to inspection the show’s foundation as a prequel to everything else in Trek canon. That was its many intriguing premise, after all, yet unfortunately it to be squandered till the botched series was prepared to be traction from the air. The structure upon which the collection was built was never really utilized.

Enterprise’s personalities remained underdeveloped and also hard come sympathize with, its an imaginative instincts never found their footing, and also too regularly its affable story feel choose bland echoes the the several series that came before. Enterprise’s design template song, “Where mine Heart will certainly Take Me,” a pole Stewart cover initially written because that the spot Adams (1998) soundtrack, more or less sums up the series’ puzzled sense the identity. The display wasn’t even referred to as Star Trek: enterprise at first—simply titled Enterprise, the Star Trek didn’t show up until season three. On optimal of whatever else, Enterprise had the misfortune the premiering simply a few weeks ~ 9/11, in a time when Gene Roddenberry’s initial vision for a utopian, harmonious human society felt an ext impossible than it had actually in decades.

With all that, companies is best taken in together Star Trek comfort food—the big, fat, Star Trek brownie following the main course. That unlikely any kind of Trek pan is going to recommend a beginner introduce themselves to the expansive civilization of Trek through this series. Starting with any other surroundings is a much better option, and also Enterprise must only be consumed after a love for Trek will permit one come look past its weaknesses. The said, here are several of its better moments:

Crucial Episodes:

Dear medical professional (Season 1, episode 13)Arguably the series’ first great episode, this facility story sees the enterprise withholding a cure native a culture that has actually been stricken by a planet-wide plague, all in the name of fostering genetic superiority. Anthony Montgomery calls it the finest episode that season one.

Star Trek: companies - Carbon CreekCarbon Creek (Season 2, illustration 2)Jolene Blalock plays she character’s own Vulcan grandm in this Enterprise-era period piece. It tells a story around acceptance and alienation using 1950s America together a backdrop because that comparison—for obvious reasons. Over there is Vulcan humor and also a good story, which contribute to among Enterprise’s much better early efforts.

Cogenitor (Season 2, episode 22)The enterprise encounters the Vissians, a race that includes a 3rd gender past male and female recognized as “cogenitors,” and also who are treated as second-class citizens. The episode poses difficult questions and also offers even tougher answers, make it straightforward standout in season two.Similitude (Season 3, episode 10)Enterprise to be never great at developing thought-provoking storylines, yet Similitude comes as close as any kind of episode does to attaining the allegorical toughness of vault series.Affliction/Divergence (Season 4, episodes 15 & 16)A fourth season two-part rate aimed in ~ hardcore Trek fans, Affliction/Divergence finally explained the an altering appearance the Klingons—one that Star Trek’s biggest continuity concerns.

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Star Trek: enterprise - In a Mirror, Darkly

In a Mirror, Darkly (Season 4, episode 18)The first of one more two-part episode, command Archer mutinies against Captain Forrest in bespeak to catch a future planet ship discovered in Tholian space. The episode provides use that the winter universe first established in The original Series, and also technically serves together its prequel.

These space the Voyages… (Season 4, illustration 22)At the end of Enterprise’s run, that finale paid some fan business with a cool ide episode that placed William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) back on Star Trek together he utilizes a holodeck simulation the Archer’s enterprise for research. Rick Berman described it as “a Valentine to the fans,” and is an undeniably fun piece for fans of earlier generation Trek television. That is no really a great finale (Jolene Blalock was highly vital of it), but is a fun throwback.Notable mentions include Demons (Season 4, illustration 20) and also Terra element (Season 4, illustration 21), if the mass of Enterprise’s 4th season was multiple-episode stories many thanks to a mini-arc format developed by Manny Coto, Demons and Terra Prime stand as an additional memorable combo; very first Flight (Season 2, episode 24) within Archer reflects on his days in the NX test program; Shuttlepod One (Season 1, illustration 16) during which Tucker and Reed are encouraged that Enterprise has actually been ruined and shot to confront their own deaths; The Andorian incident (Season 1, episode 7) a routine episode with a substantial ending; and Broken Bow (Season 1, illustration 1), the collection pilot.(Looking for a similar guide because that The initial Series, The following Generation, Deep room Nine, or Voyager? look at no further.)