No other legislation firm in the St. Augustine area has much more experience or expertise representing clients through land use, breakthrough and zoning matters.

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St. Johns regulation Group’s land usage attorneys have considerable experience v land breakthrough and obtaining entitlements, permits and approvals. Led by Douglas Burnett, our attorneys regularly help clients through due diligence investigation, contract evaluation, permitting, zoning, planned unit advancement (PUD), planned rural advance (PRD), zoning variance, non-zoning variance, distinct use, conditional use, architecture review, construction arrangement approval, breakthrough review and also often proceed that depiction through job completion. We know the local government process and work daily with clients on matters before the St. Johns County plank of county Commissioners, City board of directors of the City of St. Augustine and also many other governing bodies in the Northeast Florida area. Even if it is the Planning and also Zoning Agency/Board, historical Architectural review Board, Architectural evaluation Committee, Ponte Vedra/Palm sink Overlay Districts, Ponte Vedra Zoning & mediate Board, Mid-Anastasia design Review Board, south Anastasia style Review Board, North seaside Corridor Overlay District design Review board or any kind of other expansion of local government, we have actually the knowledge and experience to guide clients v the process.


When necessary, our attorneys can additionally litigate (appeals or petitions because that certiorari) local government denials of land usage applications. Us have also assisted clients in invoking the different dispute resolution process noted for under Florida law, including the Bert J. Harris, Jr., exclusive Property Rights defense Act.

Doug Burnett was an Assistant County attorney in St. Augustine and also served together the City Attorney because that the City that St. Augustine beach for seven years after forming St. Johns law Group. For more than a decade, Mr. Burnett has actually served as general Counsel for the St. Augustine – St. Johns county Airport Authority. Mr. Burnett is intimately acquainted with the inner-workings of local St. Johns county government and stays up-to-date top top the recent trends and case law.

Due come the inherently political nature of land usage work, the certain has broadened its representation of clients on sensitive advancement projects to also include representation of clients on federal government contracts and also requests for proposals.

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REPRESENTATIVE MATTERS:Developments of regional Impact (DRI)Planned Unit breakthroughs (PUD)Planned Rural breakthroughs (PRD)Zoning and RezoningsSpecial use PermitsConditional use PermitsComprehensive plan AmendmentsTransportation ConcurrencySchool ConcurrencyDevelopment AgreementsProportionate same Share AgreementsUtility AgreementsImpact Fee credit transaction AgreementsAppeals that Land use Denials

St. Johns legislation Group’s attorneys have actually been instrumental in obtaining approval for plenty of of the Concurrency Agreements and advance Agreements authorized in St. Johns County, including agreements the creatively overcame challenges and also set brand-new precedent. We understand traffic and also school concurrency issues and have extensive experience drafting and also negotiating proportionate same share agreements.